I have always stated that the wrongdoers in Malaysia – those, who break the laws of the land, know the government policymakers psyche far too well!

It goes like this and it is a SOP that is today entrenched in our lives, sadly.

There is disaster, structures collapse, road caves in, train accidents, bus lorry plunges a ravine kills many, it can be fatalities on Malaysian highways, or the road carnage when overloaded heavy vehicles, many with retread tyres, drivers tired speeding to make repeat trips or others who have traffic violation and pending summons, many among them addicted to various forms of substance abuse are on our roads!

We must also take into account, the illegally modified vehicles speeding on the same stretched undeterred!

If one wants to analyze the reasons for these accidents, they could be any of these:
1. Urbanization
2. Poor safety standards
3. Corruption & lack f enforcement
4. Distraction/fatigue/substance abuse/drunk driving/speeding
5. Parental Negligence or recklessness!

The statute – the Road Transport Act has enough provisions to address and curtail this menace but there is a big ‘If’ on enforcement!

And because they are still on the road, they are a threat to life and limb of every law abiding road and highway user!

And immediately after fatalities, the SOP is, we have ministers, politicians the media falling or pushing and promising change, fearing public backlash, but, the change does not come, because of lobbyists and sitting politicians pussyfoot on the change needed, because they then speak not for the country but for the various interest groups and base they actually represent!

The latest is the issue on child car seats and the uncompromising need for it!

I congratulate the efforts of the Ministry of the Transport, for spearheading this development, and the Women, Family, and Community Development ministry for the proactive statements coming from them on the same!

There are still idiots attacking its implementation, which I found out when I was on a live television talk show, this week!
In many global jurisdictions, the laws pertaining to child car seats have been tabled passed and enforced without compromise!

In the US alone, between 1975 and 2008 more than 9000 children were indeed saved because of its non-compromising implementation!

Malaysia is home to about 32 million and perhaps a few more millions of both documented and those undocumented.
We can safely say that one third of the population is made up of children.

Malaysia has made great strides in reducing child poverty, eradicating diseases, legislation protecting children and access to education!

But what are we doing about child safety issues?

As far as accidents are concerned Malaysia is the third largest in this part of the world behind both Thailand and Vietnam.
Globally, we are among 25 most dangerous countries for road users.

We are advised that for every child that dies of dengue 30 die on the road.

Dangerous road stretches include those in Selangor, Johor, Kuala Lumpur, the national highways and several rural roads.

In several countries there is no argument against the introduction to child seats to protect children but sadly here in Malaysia there are silly, stupid statements made by many quarters and among them:
1. I have far too many little children, so must I buy seven seats and where do I put them in my small car?
2. I cannot afford a child seat.
3. You must give us more time for its implementation!
4. I trust God and if God wants my child dead it will happen even with child seats!
5. If the government wants to implement this ruling they should subsidize its costs as well.

No one wants to know that in 2016, accidents were the 4th cause of death after, heart disease, Pneumonia and Cerebrovascular disease.

Currently, I acknowledge that there is no laws mandating the use of child car seats, and, the announcement that January 1st 2020 will see its advent to me is hilarious, as I foresee a delay in its no compromise implementation, like all other implementations which includes the No Smoking Drive in public spaces,because of the hypocrisy and double speak among those expected to protect the public interest rather than that one of political expediency and self-interest!

Some scream out, we need more time – seriously?

I have been in the service of consumer interests for over 40 years and we have always pushed for the 5Es!
1. Education
2. Enforcement
3. Engineering for Social and Legal policies for child protection
4. Initiating an Environmental Eco-System for Child Protection.
5. Evaluation to audit that we keep up with the latest and current universal standards without compromise.

But we cannot continue if there is neither political will nor courage by lawmakers and enforcers to walk the talk!

With helmets, wearing seat belts and child seats, one’s risk of death is reduced, so forgive me, if I find those obstructing its strict implementation to be a bunch of hypocrites, idiots and morons, whose negligence and recklessness would be taken to task without fear nor favor, in any civilized law abiding country!



After a quiet and ‘under the radar’ walk-a-bout at ground zero, I had shared with a media friend, on location that the incumbents are in for a trashing instead, of a speculated win by 7000 vote margin!

Being a seasoned journalist and one at many power epicenters, she agreed.

And the incumbents nightmare came through, as we had predicted when the BN, represented by MCA’s Wee Jeck Seng, won by a whopping 15,086-vote majority against Harapan’s Karmaine Sardini, who is from Bersatu.

Jeck Seng garnered 25,466 votes to Karmaine’s 10,380 votes.

In the run up to the by-election, at Tanjung Piai, which became the epicenter of activity from the quiet town it is, with ministerial and politicians visits, and the “coincidences” of funds for various developments projects in quick succession!

Even the family of the late Member of Parliament, was brought into the narrative with messages, which bordered on emotional blackmail?

Nothing was sacred!

It was obvious to us that PH were copying the same script, which they spoke and preached against prior to GE14!

While those expected to act as guardians of elections, were alleged to be silent when million ringgit goodies were announced.

While this was going on, the irony and hypocrisy was there were many articles written by the DAP elites continuing the blame game, talking about kleptocrats, corruption, the abuse of power when the same perception was felt in this run up.

Generally, premiers do not go down to help, by-election candidates, and, in this case, one that is certainly not critical or threatening the balance of power of the incumbents!

Thus the pertinent question asked, post this humiliating thrashing, is why despite the Prime Ministers presence and his undertaking a personal campaign to the extent of writing a personal letter had failed miserably to change the outcome.

However, it remains to be seen, if this is humbling enough, to initiate resignations, a cabinet reshuffle, or a new leadership line-up, which follows a PH spring cleaning exercise with the critical need at the removal of dead wood politicians, ministers and one spearheading holistic policy directions.

If no systemic change come, will we see the once outspoken and committed to social and natural justice platform DAP leave the PH coalition?

Or will the DAP and PKR elites now enjoying the perks of GE14 victory delay and pussyfoot to protect personal and private interests to that of the grassroots and Malaysian community who voted them into power?

Whether right or a wrong analysis, it is currently viewed that the whole PH narrative seems to be dictated by Bersatu and Tun Mahathir, to the detriment of the whole reform agenda of the other allies.

And the elegant silence of the elites in the DAP and PKR causing grave anxiety to voters!

The fact is this is a humiliating and crushing defeat for a Mahathir nominee!

It is a strong signal of dissent by voters against the form and substance of both Mahathir and the PH!

There is room for only one decision to be made.

And that is a demonstrably genuine return to foster and promote the aspirations of PH as declared during its inception and prior to GE14!

It is also time for that father-son apologist’s combo to stop in view the trouncing PH got at the hands of the voters!

The result is not because voters love kleptocrats, the abuse of power, and those peddlers of the 3R, corruption and corrupt politicians!

Voters are still committed to making Malaysia a leading nation of integrity regardless of race, religion or region!

And I believe that even former Umno vice president Hishammuddin Hussein when commenting on BN’s landslide win in the Tanjung Piai by-election exceeding expectations stated quite clearly that while the result was overwhelming, it was time to get back to the right track and not be arrogant!

So basically this is a wakeup call to both the incumbents at Putrajaya and those who lost power at GE14 to seek holistic and not cosmetic change!

For this to happen, both the PH and BN will have to show their commitment to Malaysia as a leading nation of integrity regardless of race, religion or region!

I am certain there will be by-elections coming soon, which will again send messages to the recalcitrant, and, let us pray that the rights, interests and real needs of all Malaysians are taken instead of the political shenanigans, race and religion baiters and foreigners/outsiders who have no right to be here muddling in our country’s affairs!



If any of us had thought that the season of making false Police reports was over, post GE14, we were wrong!

In fact, the number of such incidences seems to be gaining momentum, as police report making, has become a political tool and weapon to attack, undermine and defame one’s political, racial and religious opponent!

This is the sad state of affairs we experience domestically, while some of our politicos preach with hypocrisy on the rule of law and of human rights with a forked tongue abroad!

It would not be an error to say, that today police reports are being weaponised, to initiate criminal intimidation, fear and threat!

And as such, it is about time, action is taken against anyone initiating one, for such a purpose.

We do not deny that public interest encourages that a police report with regard to any crime that comes to his or her notice should be made.

And as a lead consumer activist and Attorney with over 41 years of track record and service, I am well aware that such a report is important to set any criminal investigations into motion so that any alleged crime may be investigated and the perpetrator be brought to justice through due process!

But here, there is a clear difference when political Police reports are made, immediately followed by a press conference and demonstration with banners outside the said Police station which is clearly an abuse of due process, and shows to the world at large the real intentions of those making the said reports as they viral the entire happening using social media even before the authenticity of the allegations are ascertained by the authorities!

And it is despicable, that despite provisions for prosecution for lodging a false report, under s.177, s.182 or s.203 of the Penal Code, it has yet to curtail such calculated and planned abuse.

Is this because action is not being undertaken against these mostly politicians and others masquerading as alleged NGOs?

A person who lodges a false police report, if charged in the first place, and if convicted, may face imprisonment up to six months or fine of RM2000.00 or both, which I state herein, should be increased in view current abuse!

But based on the manner it is abused, it is obvious, current penalties are not a deterrent!

Perhaps, it is also time that victims of such fake Police reports should initiate their own reports followed by legal proceedings!

After all, the political shenanigans who lodge such frivolous and politically-motivated reports do so at the expense of Malaysian taxpayers and undermine our stretched and hardworking Police force, whose resources are really needed to address spirally crime, law and order issues and terrorism, rather than be waylaid by fake reports!

Our men and women in blue, should be accorded due respect and not be abused and treated like a political tool and conduits to intimidate and frustrate one’s political opponents!

It is my humble appeal that in the weeks to come, our no nonsense Inspector General of Police, will address this issue of much public interest in a comprehensive manner.



The current population of Malaysia is 32,491,091 as of Monday, August 5, 2019, based on the latest United Nations estimates!

I am quite certain, it does not take into cognizance the alleged 5 million or so undocumented and illegals in the country!

With that in mind, how does Malaysia address food security issues to protect all stakeholders resulting in food available and affordable for everyone here?

Farming has been a major part of civilization for millennia and today, despite challenges, loss of farming land, human resources, operational costs and hurdles, dedicated and passionate farmers, continue that legacy.

Farmers have also worked alongside scientists, who have guided them in the development of new crops, created new tools, and pioneered new techniques.

Advances in plant breeding, crop protection, and farming technology have made it possible for farmers to produce way more food on the same amount of land, boosted the nutritional content of food, improved taste, and extended shelf life, all while keeping costs down.

But more need to be done.

We cannot deny that farming is also what most Malaysians consider “dirty, difficult and demanding”.

It is no wonder that young people are not interested in this sector!

And food production in agriculture is one of the most essential sectors but also the most criticized, under-appreciated and threatened in 2019!

This is why I find the act of destroying active farm land in Cameron Highlands, despicable, an offense of the highest degree, even treason, and in this case since, our food security situation in Malaysia is extremely fragile and vulnerable!

I was at the UN’s World Food Security Summit in Rome in the 90s and had the opportunity to monitor, present opinions with the IGO (international governmental organisations) and NGO communities as well as the government-to-government sessions face-to-face courtesy of our Malaysian ambassador to Italy during that period!

But my concern today is not at the global optics but to ascertain where Malaysia’s food security is benched at and most importantly, at Cameron Highlands!

For far too long farmers and food production centers in Cameron Highlands, have not be accorded special privileges and protection in order to preserve continued production, technical and technological advances and generational experience.

After more than 60 years of high intensive construction and development, the farming environment has greatly suffered severe reduction of good farming land.

Worse, there was never a strategic long term plan planned and rolled put to seek alternate sites to replace ecologically sensitive areas.

Despite the setting up of government agencies to spearhead a strategic plan to food security, most if not all, have failed despite billions been allegedly, spent over decades.

That leads me to ask whether, we have now a 20 year plan of action, which will be a paradigm shift, not just for farmers but farming land in and around the nation and most importantly, at Cameron Highlands?

Is there strong export and import oriented policies in place so that vicious price fluctuations are addressed to maintain a decent pricing for the crops to protect the rights, interests and needs of our farmers?

Do we have cash crop insurance for farmers?

Or are prices now controlled by cartels and monopolies and the underworld?

When will we have a policy on cluster farming, as it cuts cost of production by at least 40%?

When will we have agricultural inputs channeled as directly as possible to the farmers, so that production cost is mitigated?
As any reduction of operational costs to farmers cutting off the middle men, seepage, gravy train hunters and cronies, will reduce cost to consumers.

I do not deny that many of these issues have been raised and processes implemented, by the former Ministry of Agriculture then renamed, Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry, but have they been really effective?

If so, can the results or audits of those processes, the effectiveness and delivery of these initiatives be made public?

What were the bench mark set and have these been achieved?

Who can vouch for these ‘achievements?’

It is embarrassing, that with billions pumped in through related agencies which include, Mardi and a host of agencies, we have yet to produce basic cash crop seeds.

On the other hand, fertilizer manufacturing is fragmented, thus the actual cost to the farmers is market based and not incentive based.

For example, composting all chicken manure and enriching it, will bring down cost tremendously.

But it is done more as small private initiatives and thus, there is no cost benefit to end users.

There must be an independent body working directly with the farmers in Cameron Highlands, which cuts across red tapes, politics and bureaucracy, so that allocations to farmers are delivered.

In recent years, Cameron Highlands has been experiencing rapid development, in terms of infrastructure and real estate has be a threat to their agriculture industry, food production and its security.

It impacts the most popular vegetables planted and processed from Cameron Highlands which are cabbage, tomatoes, peas and Chinese cabbage.

They are usually supplied to many parts around Malaysia, while, some are being exported to Singapore.
Strawberries are a very popular natural produce here are being exported as well.

But a clear and present danger and problem to farmers is the need for more land, for food cultivation and to address and combat the imminent threat from food imports from China!

Farmers are suffering in terms of profit and income due to this.

Meanwhile, about 90% of those who are employed in the farms are Bangladeshis and this requiring overhead like salary, incentives and accommodation, among others.

There are also other challenges where fertile land is being destroyed by state apparatus and agents as well!

With all these factors involved, the agriculture industry is no longer as lucrative and attractive as it was before, what more with the monopoly of a certain player and the rampant land clearing activities which have been happening without control by the state government or those who are in power.

There can be no food security without security for farmers in Cameron Highlands!

This is why I am appealing to our beloved King, who is also the Sultan of Pahang, to decree that Cameron Highlands be gazette a food security zone and provided all national and state resources and protection in the national interest!




As a lead consumerist and human rights advocate, who has addressed these issues from the late 80s, I am not the least surprised neither shocked, of news reports, that the government has suffered losses of between RM3 billion and RM5 billion a year, due to revenue leakages at the country’s entry points, smuggling or of the drug threat!

And having been familiar at ground zero, it would be rather simplistic to just cite smuggling activities, negligence, and inadequate equipment, as reasons for this predicament, as one senior civil servant attempted to allude to recently!

More so, when the real reasons are, that of corruption and incompetence, by those expected to monitor and protect entry, exit and border areas!

And though, multi million ringgit “new state of the art technology” is helpful, it is still meaningless, ineffective, if the real issues staring at our faces and denied in political expediency, is acknowledging, the twin pillars of corruption and incompetence within, which undermine all efforts to address this leakages!

And in comparison, this is why, I cannot but be excited and proud to hear from dear friend, the newly minted; Inspector General of Police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador, who did not hide nor mince his words, when addressing similar issues and more so, the ‘clear and present danger’ that is brought to the nation in high powered organized drug smuggling and distribution!

The IGP stated the facts without fear or favor.

Neither, did he deny that though his officers have intensified the crackdown on drugs, the levels of substance abuse have reached “breaking point.”

To someone like me, having been in the field for over 40 years, this is the first time a sitting IGP, has publicly acknowledged that drug abuse in this country, and is at breaking point!

Worst, that if we as a nation, do not tackle it now, the abuse will be on par with Colombia!

That is shocking!

I am glad that the IGP highlighted to the nation, that just the last two months, the Narcotic Crimes Investigation Department has redoubled efforts to crack down on drugs, gambling and vice with successful raids.

And that these raids, have even resulted in police officers being hauled up.

He went on record, like no other IGP, that they have arrested no less than 30 men in blue, high on methamphetamine, since January.

If that is not honesty and transparency, I wonder what is!

But the IGP is also correct, that it is time, that we initiated a new approach, to combat drug smuggling, its marketing and distribution which are a multi-billion ringgit operation.

As a lawyer, I am aware, that laws, alone are not adequate to address the surge in these activities, which are multi and Transnational in scope and optics!

Drug smuggling, marketing and distribution, is an international activity, with an international class of players, stakeholders, financiers, cartels and foot soldiers!

As such, old tactics and responses do not work or are ineffective!

It is time that we address this international menace by a strategic approach, where it becomes a joint international approach and response, where the security apparatus and intelligence of perhaps, ASEAN and APEC coordinate, exchange intelligence, data, assets and initiate joint operations on land, sky and sea!

That the respective state departments and attorney general chambers, will initiate joint responses to blacklist players, freeze proceeds from these ill-gotten gains even if, they are deposited in banks of international reputation, conduit companies or even NGOs!

At ground zero, we may have to go back to what we initiated, in the 70’s to 90’s, which was highly successful, where members of the public, are urged to work closely as ‘eyes and ears’ of the security apparatus to combat this menace in the nation’s and public interests!

The IGP has been transparent, accountable and forthright!

On our part, the least we can do is to assist him and our ‘men in blue’ in this war against drugs!