‘It is important that Denison Jayasooria does not forget his humble beginnings and most importantly, that he was an ordained priest in view his ‘recent walk’ with those perceived ‘elitist!’

He should apologize unreservedly to the ordinary man and women of 709 and others who attended the Sinar organized debate on Tuesday who are decent simple folks – unlike his newly found ‘elitist friends’ some allegedly ‘running with the hares and hunting with the hounds!

For these simple ordinary folks were those who stand and stood all tests and sacrifice to make the aspirations of Bersih a reality on July 9th!

The challenge for dear friend Ambiga now among other things is to make certain the so called ‘elitist’ ‘walking along the corridors of the present power circles’ do not now hijack this struggle of the ordinary Malaysians for their own agenda!’ – Dr Jacob George


I am totally shocked and saddened at reading the report by Malaysiakini ‘Ambiga-Wan Ahmad rematch on Friday!’

Most disturbed, I am at the comment allegedly attributed made by Rev Dr Denison Jayasooria, a former ordained Priest as I have known him for several decades. I considered him a dear friend!
Yes, it is true that he was with the MIC for some time running their ‘think tank YSS’ where he got ‘the breakthrough’, no doubt for ‘his present status’ before leaving them which raised issues then among the press with the then MIC president being quoted in a mainstream newspaper when questioned that ‘Denison was returning to church work!’

As far as I can gather he is currently the Secretary, Special Implementation Task force, Cabinet Committee on the Indian Community, Prime Minister’s Department and the Honorary Principal Research Fellow with the Institute of Ethnic Studies, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia which is all great!

He has come a long way – Praise God for that!

And now involved with the preterm Association for the Promotion of Human Rights who are allegedly now organizing this second sitting of the debate between the SPR and Bersih!

Now flashback 48 hours – Ambiga and Wan Ahmad then crossed swords in a debate discussion in Shah Alam organized by my dear friends at Kumpulan Karangkraf, the media group that publishes Malay language daily Sinar Harian and a score of popular magazines.

It was well attended by loving, caring and sensitive ordinary Malaysians from all walks of life and certainly, many in that hall whom I consider statesmen and women in their own right and accomplishment!

They were certainly individuals among the over 1000 there who had done so much good as well without any rewards and gratifications from the powers that be in our corridors of power!

As a simple Consumer Advocate I was proud to be among them as well!

So the pertinent question is – why did Denison Jayasooria of all people make such a derogatory statement when he remarked that the ‘crowd at this Friday’s talk would be “of a different ilk altogether” and would include “prestigious and respectable members” of society?

Hello Denison who are these ‘of a different ilk’ or ‘prestigious and respected members’ of society you are alluding to?

It is shocking that a former Priest, one who has worked for a political party, now a teacher, a government appointee and member of a human rights grouping to make such a derogatory statement which the reasonable man will find vulgar and shocking!

Interestingly Denison’s statement has received many a flak and rebuttal and has put the preterm Association for the Promotion of Human Rights is bad light!

In fact, the following comments (whether justified or not) from readers of Malaysiakini in the comments column clearly shows how angry people are at Denison Jayasooria’s statement!

‘Hey man, is it not these so called “prestigious people” whose silence enables all the corrupt practices and the fear mongering to happen? What have these so called prestigious and respectable people done to ensure the barbarism that happened on 907 did not happen? Did they condemn it? I would like someone to ask of these prestigious and respectable persons what they were doing when their fellow citizens were being battered and demonized! So, prestigious and respectable people who attend this event, please do watch out for me!’

While another alleged:

‘Jayasooria is the man behind SITF, which is a govt NGO lapping dog that is trying to hoodwink the Indians that all the stateless Indians will be given IC’s/BC’s. In his latest book “National Dev plans & Indians in M’sia”, he credits Samy Velu for his years in service in MIC . He states “ that journey (that Samy velu took), I walked the road along with you in researching, analyzing, documenting, writing, advocating,deliberating,discussing,negotiating and implementing these policies and programs”. So you see Jayasooria was behind Samy Velu all the while and as such for every dastardly evil deed Samy Velu did to the Indians, Jayasooria masterminded it!’

Denison please take it from a friend from your past and do the right thing – apologize!

One final word dear Denison, no matter how high one flies in life never forget one’s humble beginnings as a popular Malaysian proverb says – ‘Sepandai-pandai Tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ketanah juga!’

In view of the ramifications of the Denison statement and damage done, I would call upon Bersih’s chief Ambiga to humbly turn down the invitation to participate in this friday gathering!

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