Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)

‘Why allow them and their newspapers/magazines to be used as tools for someone’s personal and private agenda under the guise of ‘medical breakthrough’ without first checking with senior medical professionals’ – Dr Jacob George


Really I find it just vulgar and degrading of the noble profession – when these doctors just cannot these days (thanks to amendments on advertising) lay off making a nuisance of themselves by making repeated press statements and other publicity stunts  on so called ‘one discovery or another!’

From the claimed non invasive cure for sinusitis or heart surgery to various ‘detox procedures’ using coffee or what have you to various cosmetic face, breast and ass lifts – all which these days are carried in our mainstream media under ‘health columns’ with these individuals posed photos and of all things some in – that vulgar bow ties!

No one wants to be let out!

Just scan some of the local mainstream newspapers from time to time or ‘raki’ several private hospitals, clinics or health clinics mushrooming in several malls nationwide or ‘pushing and pimping’ some argument on ‘wellness!’

Worst, these days – they have also vulgarly gone into revealing the names of organ donors and using that to canvass for more funding!

All this to me is a criminal breach of one’s privacy and highly unethical!

But the same idiots would not call the same press to tell them that the recipient has died days after that so much media hype!

Even if that is done it will get a two liner in extremely small fonts and in the back pages!

Is this all part and parcel of how the medical profession should carry themselves?

Is this because our ENT fellas and others do not have much work anymore that they need to join the long queue of our medical practitioners who just cannot let their work and skills speak for themselves like the many doctors, lead surgeons and specialists that I know of who shy away from the media but just work themselves to the ground without any media hype or the usual song and dance!

Most importantly, allowing their dedication, commitment and sacrifice to speak for itself!

In fact, in my last meeting I shared this concern with Malaysia’s proactive and no nonsense, Director General of Health Services, Dr Ismail Merican who himself also is a dedicated and committed practitioner who has not forgotten his medicine nor the volumes of professional ethics that comes with it!

Dr Ismail always welcomes constructive criticism and any feedbacks that are conveyed to uplift standards, professionalism and ethics!

He has assured me that he will do something about this!

Let me just address one of the issues!

As far as I know from my sources abroad this non invasive procedure for sinusitis is nothing new!

In fact, if you remember our former premier also went for such a procedure and returned Australia – without anyone making a fanfare or fuss of that!

I just cannot understand the media fellas either!

Can they not address the many issues that need be in primary health care?

Why allow them and their newspapers/magazines to be used as tools for someone’s personal and private agenda under the guise of ‘medical breakthrough’ without first checking with senior medical professionals attached with our Ministry of Health on their claims before running any story!

Why give so much publicity to individuals, certain private hospitals and private profit and egoistic operatives – so much exposure?

How is the ordinary man/woman going to benefit from that story?

Is this concretization?

My foot it is!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of our beloved Sultan Iskandar Al-Marhum Sultan Ismail of Johor!

I have only fond memories of my encounters with him during my undergraduate/post graduate and initial working and hockey days both while in Taman Iskandar and Taman Skudai Baru Johor, prior to and after graduating from University!

Some of those cheerful moments were certainly alongside the late Mohamad Rahmat (Tok Mat) and late Dr Tibbs Fernandez in company!

As far as I am concerned behind that ‘strict and deep voice’ were a very2 kind and loving Sultan and a man who just loved sports and his subjects!

He was always encouraging, benevolent and extremely generous!

My deepest heartfelt condolences to newly crowned Sultan HRH Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Iskandar and the royal family for the deepest loss!

God Bless!

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I am deeply saddened to hear that beloved Sultan Iskandar Al-Marhum Sultan Ismail of Johor is gravely ill and has been warded at the Putri Specialist Hospital in Johor Bahru today.

Let us all hold a prayer vigil and uphold him in our prayers praying for his speedy recovery!

He is a very loving and caring Sultan!

Let us also pray for HRH Crown Prince Tunku Ibrahim Ismail Sultan Mahkota (above left) who has been appointed as the regent of the state!

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‘But there was certainly that ‘pound of meat’ there as well that gets my mind and that of my financial intelligentsia all excited with repeated mental orgasms in suspicion!

Is this another brain child of the ‘insurance mafia and lobbyists’ in the country?’ – Dr Jacob George


Yesterday Ms Alice George raised several pertinent questions pertaining to the possibility of drastic changes to the present structure of Mandatory Insurance coverage and payments!

And I was glad she did as it should be discussed on a wider platform than it has been done at the moment,

It was mind boggling and troubling – therefore I called up my intelligentsia to look at the issues, Alice raised.

In fact, only several days ago another friend, also a practicing lawyer had brain stormed on the same issue and its implications for consumers and law with me!

I am referring to the subtle attempt by the ‘back door’ to re-introduce drastic changes to various insurance schemes in Malaysia which includes the controversial – ‘no fault claim!’

Which of course is the brain child of the ‘insurance mafia and lobbyists’ in the country I am certain?

Charge high premiums but pay out less and claim it is done all for the sake of the consumers to save time, money, solicitors costs and prevent continued backlog of cases!

‘A win-win situation’- the proponents will say?

I am further troubled and have my reasons as I decided to read Bank Negara Governor’s keynote address at the financial industry conference 2009 on 17 November 2009 – 10 days before my birthday!

I am going to highlight the said paragraph and invite you to revert to me through emails or best call me to ascertain if you too felt the subtle maneuver of sorts taking place as we read in-between those lines?

I will go straight to the core avoiding the earlier discourse of colorful words, phrases, adjectives and references referring to ‘our financial standing as diversifies, broadened product offering, competitive, penetrative, strengthened governance, risk managed’ which may be highly brilliant in a paper presentation in our attempt to over sell ourselves but in my experience (all 36 years as a consumer advocate-gosh!)in today’s ‘market place blues’ – it is plain unadulterated poppycock!

But there was certainly that ‘pound of meat’ there as well that gets my mind and that of my financial intelligentsia all excited with repeated mental orgasms in suspicion!

That exciting paragraph is as follows:

‘In the insurance sector, greater competition will emerge from the

progressive deregulation of product rates. The current reforms in the

motor insurance sector will introduce far-reaching changes in a key

segment of the industry, with significant implications for the

business strategies of insurers and their approaches to risk

management. With the introduction of a new scheme for basic motor

insurance cover, pricing for non-statutory motor insurance will be

gradually liberalised, thus removing price distortions. This will

allow rates to adjust to underlying risk factors. This will also be

accompanied by a holistic review of motor insurance practices and the

supporting infrastructure to enable more scientific underwriting and

improve claims management. Industry groups have been formed to study

these issues and make recommendations for the smooth transition to

this new and more competitive environment, while at the same time

improving practices across the entire value chain of the motor

insurance sector. The groups have made good progress and the

recommendations are expected to be finalised for implementation in the

second half of 2010.’

Is the above paragraph very subtlety talking about the advent of the ‘no fault claims’ and other major changes changing the face of insurance protecting the industry at the expense of the victim/consumer’s long term interest?

I am of course also suspicious of the reference to the term ‘industry groups’ and clearly that these ‘industry groups’ are being formed to study and make recommendation?

Who are those in that ‘industry groups?’

Not,that I cannot suspect or speculate!

Is the wide cross section of stakeholders who will be affected also in that ‘industry groups’ that was cited?

I am referring to my friends in the legal fraternity (the Malaysian BAR), practitioners, legal advisers and consultants, members of the civil society, NGOs and most importantly – ‘a pain in the butt’ like me?

Will there be such a gathering to meet, discuss, debate, exchange price sensitive information and views in a exhaustive and comprehensive manner before introducing something as controversial as the ‘no fault claim!’

And more so – without holistic consultation and forcing it down our throats by brute force only to invite further controversy and community backlash!

Which in today’s political climate maybe destructive and embarrassing to the ruling elites and resulting in forced withdrawal in the public interest?

So to avoid such distress and embarrassment and the usual ‘roller coaster rides’ – may I suggest to the financial intelligentsia and bourgeois and my friends in Bank Negara – let all stakeholders meet – as Alice cited in a ‘open, transparent, accountable manner’ and bite, chew, peal through those contentious issues and most importantly for one – whether it is necessary and the right move in the first place to introduce the controversial ‘no fault claims’ or other drastic changes to the present insurance payout schemes in 1MALAYSIA?

Got my drift?

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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‘I am bringing this matter to the attention of the Police and the Ministry of Home Affairs!’ – Dr Jacob George


Usually I ignore letters to me that are unsigned or without the name/address and mobile number!

But in this case I am willing to make an exception!

An exception because my children read the letter and were very upset when they read the last paragraph:

‘We desperately need urgent help. Please help us. Please send the right people to advice this tenant. You are our hope, we humbly beg for your help in ending this nuisance!’

My son Reuel said:

‘Dad I know the amount of pressure you are going through, your lack of sleep and rest but this was a plea from residents who have lived in that area for over 20 years in peace before a nightmare of a  resident came to live among them creating a public nuisance!

Dad you must give them your assistance!

Among the allegations against that ‘tenant from hell!’

He had numerous ‘sub-tenants’ and visitors of all ages and sexes coming in and out, there are at times over twenty cars driven in and out, to make matters worst there are wild and loud parties, mahjong sessions, shisha smoking, BBQs, loud singing and dancing  every other day including weekends ending up in the early hours of the morning!

According to the residents who wrote the letters they have also send a similar note to:

  1. Ministry of Housing and Local Government
  2. Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya
  3. Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia
  4. Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat.

I am told there have been police reports made and police cars have visited this house on numerous times but there is yet to be a cordial and peaceful solution to take into cognizance the rights and interests of other residents along SS20/6 and SS20/9 Damasara Utama, Petaling Jaya!

So this is to comfort the said residents that I am bringing this matter to the attention of the Police and the Ministry of Home Affairs!

I am also urging the residents to make a residents police report at the nearest police station and fax us a copy as well!

I will assure you that there will be an in-depth and comprehensive investigation of your grouses and action immediately taken!

I will also inform my friends in the media to highlight these complaints!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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