Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)


Gosh! And Holy Heavens!

What shocked this writer is his claim that he is a relative of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Hon’ble CM Dr Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi through marriage ties (claims the CM’s daughter Kanimozhi is married to his nephew G. Aravindan a Singaporean) and through these claims is alleged to have been brokering various project contracts in Tamil Nadu!

To date we have alerted New Delhi, the Tamil Nadu government of this matter and seeking their clarification on these claims!

I have personally alerted the Chief Secretary of the Tamil Nadu government!

Next week there will be major media blitz on this matter which will rock both Chennai city and New Delhi!

I have already written to India’s Minister of Railway, HE Mamata Banerjee (above left) who I respect very much – to share with her and hand over all relevant documents so that an internal probe could be conducted in Delhi – India, – Dr Jacob George


Baladevan Theaiveniram is on the run now.

Not only him, but others associated with him, those who provided transport, those who assisted in the various fabrication and especially those in Chennai and Delhi are living in fear when they will be called for questioning by the authorities!

Their hand phones are turned off as they resort to pre-paid lines out of fear!

Chennai and certain Indian officials are totally embarrassed how they allowed an unemployed trickster and conman to come into contact with them and to hold those private lobbying for the 3G telecommunication license where millions of under table monies were promised for ‘introductions’ and ‘lobbying!’

Baladevan Theaiveniram played out not only his family but close friends and others who gave him an opportunity to come clean and good in his 58 miserable year of birth but ‘old habits’ die hard what more how can a pathological liar, trickster and conman change from an habit he has so grown to be accustomed to – cheating people!

But these questions need answering:

1. Who gave him that confidential letter of award between Malaysian and India?

2. How did he get control of the total specifications, drawings, pricings of the entire Seremban to Gemas project which he attempted to sell at RM5 Million at one time but had no takers?

3. Who gave him the two letters claimed to be Ministry of Railway’s Railway Board letters? (see Blog posting part 4 on this subject)

4. Who gave him that recent letter written by Ircon International Managing Director to Malaysia’s Transport Minister?

5. Who is A.P. Misra and what is his role in all these allegations? Is he also a victim or a player? I will be meeting AP Misra soon perhaps he will reveal all so that justice is done!

I am certain in the course of police investigations both here and in India all these matters will be pursued and revealed leaving no stones unturned!

Delhi must do its part and seriously too if she does not want to lose out on future deliberations!

In the meantime, scumbag and rascal Baladevan Theaiveniram will celebrate his 58 birthday living a miserable life and one cheating innocents on 14 June 2010!

But the possibilities are there too that he may spend that day in a Malaysian jail!

 Our campaign against RACISM AND GENOCIDE of all forms!

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Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)

As far as I am concerned, the setting up of the Home Ministry’s special panel monitoring investigations into the police shooting of Aminulrasyid Amzah was a big mistake!

Each and every statement made and each of their moves were being monitored by all Malaysians and their verdict is a big slap!

You do not need a panel to confirm that there were major ‘inconsistencies’ and the manner it was distastefully spinned by mainstream media before the deceased family hit back with repeated home runs with the Malaysian demography behind them speaks a thousand volumes about how distrustful of the official version we are today!

After more than 27 years of media doctoring and ‘iron fisted’ – it has dawned on all what is truth and what actually is fabrication and others half truths or worst blatant lies!

As far as this very sad episode went it was badly managed from the onset!

And if the ‘brickbats and commentaries of condemnations’ were not enough the public display of insensitivity – displaying neither remorse nor sadness as they are pictured smiling here – gleefully smiling from ‘ear to ear’ as if this was a glamor shoot was distasteful!

Must I point out that the family of the deceased child are still in a state of loss and mourning!

It hurts to realize how far from the tree of sensitivity and care we have fallen – all for political expediency?

When I meet dear friend, the Home Minister and Prime Minister Najib, I must share with them these observations from the grassroots!

I am certain they are also monitoring the issues therein!

We continue to uphold the mourning family!

By the way guys & Pak Seman – what is that big smile for?

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Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)

‘It was an opportunity to defuse ‘heightened anger and public shock’ at yet another needless loss of life!

Residents of Selangor have yet to regain their composure after the controversial deaths of Kugan and Teoh!

Then comes, this young lad Aminulrasyid Amzah whose young life was taken!
In these tragic incidents and deaths, we are truly 1MALAYSIA!’ – Dr Jacob George


Millions are spent to try to win over ‘hearts and minds’ of voters!

Millions are spent to show we are a ‘mesra raayat nation!’

Every day politicians and mainstream media quoting them fall over each other with mainstream bloggers and cyber troopers doing the same!

But in one single stroke my friends in blue when given the golden opportunity to apologize to the family of shooting victim Aminulrasyid Amzah, who was shot dead after a high-speed car chase in Shah Alam on April 26 refused to do so!

It was an opportunity to defuse heightened anger and public shock at yet another needless loss of life!

Selangor has yet to regain its composure after the controversial deaths of Kugan and Teoh!

Then comes this young lad whose life just was taken!

In these incidents and death we are truly 1MALAYSIA!

Since then many comments were made and some ingenious legal intelligentsia even claiming that apologizing is tantamount to accepting liability!

As one learned in the Law, I find this extremely stupid and distressing!

They have claimed possible ‘legal complications’ with the ongoing case of a police corporal who was charged with culpable homicide for the shooting of the teenager!

But a child whose life was taken in the most brutal manner was also called ‘a criminal!’

Was he? And by the same vulgar argument and proposition – the deceased companion, a child of another police officer in the state of Selangor?

Is it so difficult to apologize for at least labeling the lad in such derogatory terms?

Does not by implication also mean the other young lad with him who is a police officer’s son also a ‘criminal’ by the same vulgar notion which has yet to be proven!

As far as I am concerned not just as the nation’s lead consumer advocate, a political and public policy analyst but as a father of two teenage children and a former member of the PIBG of the school young Aminulrasyid Amzah studied – I feel extremely sorry and saddened!

I will not be surprised or shocked if in the next few days my Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and dear friend, the Home Minister Hishammuddin Tun Hussein Onn (above left) apologizes to the mourning family from Shah Alam and to the shocked and angry Malaysian demography!

This apology coming from these two leaders who are also parents of young children and two political leaders who truly care and are equally shattered at the present tragedy!

I am deeply sad and sorry and extent my sincere condolences to the mourning family!

 Our campaign against RACISM AND GENOCIDE of all forms!

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Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)


Do you know that if within 8 minutes the fries are not served they must dump it?

At some fast foods it is just 7 minutes.

Cold fries should not be served! But they are being served.

Do you know that if the burgers have gone cold or the chicken hard it should be replaced?

Or the bun containing the meats if they are not ‘fresh!’

But no as I found out recently walking into both the KFC and McDonalds outlets on receipt of feedbacks and complains from irritated consumers on the same matter and observation!

Dining or purchasing McDonald burgers and KFC is certainly not cheap neither is the portions so large here in Malaysia!

Are the really value for money? Nay!

And KFC and McDonalds are not doing national service – ‘kebajikan’ (handouts) Malaysian consumers are paying for the food and it is expensive!

In addition to the cost factor – We will have to also tolerate counter staff who seem to be untrained or having bad communicational skills as I found out!

But in Malaysia like others abroad – It is a billion dollar industry!

It has grown so big throughout the world that there are many issues arising.

But who is trouble shooting, who is monitoring quality and standards and who is addressing dress code and attire and presentation and the nine full yards of other issues?

Yes – fast food success has drawn much attention to the industry and the food itself.

I am not an animal rights advocate and neither a health buff (I love food –ale Penang boy Maa!) but from a health standpoint and as a consumer advocate I cannot but criticize fast food on its effect on the health of its consumers and the health of the globe. Not only is fast food proven to be bad for the health because of its high fat content and the probable health hazards fast food chains are prone to, but also its effect on employment and agricultural concerns.

Let us look at some basic issues real basic!

1. Fast food affinity is equated with bad eating habits. A typical meal from a fast food restaurant, say a serving of fries and a cheeseburger, amount to about 1,000 calories. This is about half of the recommended dietary allowance. This is mainly because of the large portions that fast foods are accustomed to serving. The tendency is for people to enlarge their appetites by eating beyond their limit, because of being afraid for the food to go to waste.

2. Fast food is everywhere. It is available from main commercial blocks, in housing estates, hypermarkets, on highways to gas service stations. In short, it is available and accessible. This partnered with the biological propensity towards food high in fat and sugar, leads to widespread obesity.

3. Interestingly and for the record do you know that a particular man filed a lawsuit in the United States (yes only in the land of the Eagle!) against four fast food chains because, according to him, the fast foods’ greasy and salty food led him to being obese and unhealthy. Magnifying this issue, a documentary titled “Super size me” was created. This showed the life of a man who dined on fast food for an entire month. The result was tens of pounds gained.

4. Ultimately, dining regularly or almost totally on fast food will pose serious risks to one’s health. But it cannot be totally blamed for health problems. Mainly because it still rests on the person’s choice. There are plenty of fast food diners in perfect shape. The key is in moderation and smart choice.

5. Another issue in the fast food industry is the health hazards that fast food chains are prone to. A particular hazard is the E-coli bacteria that meat products are susceptible to. Because of the long supply chain through which fast food chains operate in, the handling and sourcing of the meat is very hard to monitor. This issue remains unsolved. We will work closely with MOH (above left) to facilitate audits and checks.

6. Employment issues are also abundant in the fast food industry. Mainly because working in a fast food does not require a college diploma or reasonable career experience, fast foods employ teenagers as part-time crew and unskilled adults that accept low pay. There are widespread allegations that workers were forced to work longer hours without pay.

7. The agriculture industry also suffers because of fast food chains. It has led to mass slaughters of cattle. Because fast food chains require so much meat and poultry, their demand leads them to make deals with large slaughter corporations. These deals and practices crowd out smaller businesses.

8. Fast food domination has several implications both for the health of individuals and for the health of the entire globe. Ultimately, people can exercise their power of choice responsibly. Be more conscious with what they eat and where their food came from. This is the starting point for a healthier lifestyle.

9. In this regard I am pleased with the Food and Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Health for working closely with me that the rights and interests of Malaysian consumers are not compromised. They are doing a good job – kudos to them!

10. I am also pleased that the Director General of Health Services Dr Ismail Merican is also concerned about lifestyle diseases and wants a nation wide concretization program for Malaysian consumers on good healthy eating habits and culture!

11. CASSA fully supports him and the MOH on this!

In view of what I found out at both these outlets – I am calling a boycott of both KFC and McDonalds for the next 100 days!

 Our campaign against RACISM AND GENOCIDE of all forms!

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Dr Jacob George is president and legal adviser to the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (Cassa)


Pathological liar, conman and fraud – Baladevan Theaivendiram (57) who claims he is ‘a relative’ of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Hon’ble CM Dr Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi through marriage ties (claims the CM’s daughter Kanimozhi is married to his nephew G. Aravindan a Singaporean) according to his relatives is hoping that the ‘heat on him’ will lessen so that he can emerge with another ‘new scheme’ to cheat more innocent individuals both in India and Malaysia with his far fetched claims!

According to a relative and another close associate of his Baladevan is furiously mad with this writer for this exposure as he is alleged to have said: “…why the fuss? ….its just money!”

I feel really sorry for whoever this ‘irresponsible man’ is son, brother, husband (or should I say husbands to?) and father!

What a brilliant ‘role model’ to his teenage son!

Did the above two know Malaysian Baladevan Theaivendiram?

Who is actually AP Misra? Who is that ‘Dr Singh’ mentioned by Baladevan?

Below the excepts of some of those he cheated:

1. TY (Chairman)

‘ When he arrived at my office with a lap top of classified documents, pricing specification, designs and so forth of the Seremban to Gemas stretch, which includes, the letter of award from the Malaysian government to India which we checked and found to be authentic and showing me the mobile numbers of individuals in India, I was taken in.

He reiterated that he was ‘appointed by the Ministry of Railways India and IRCON International to source out able companies to participate in the civil works and as suppliers for the Indian stretch of the Double Track Railways Project – Seremban to Gemas!

Yes – he took upfront money from us and till today has not delivered even ‘a blade of grass!’

We provided him two luxury cars to use and he smashed them up!

We gave him many expensive pictorials on the civil works which he claimed he gave to Ministry officials but we understand now they are at the store room of his rented house in SS5 Petaling Jaya!

He has no decency, ethics, he is an opportunist who does not care who he destroys or hurts!

Datuk – I am glad that you have decided to expose this man for what he really is before he cheats many more! – TY (Chairman to a Construction Company)

2.  Datuk SS’

‘There were many of them but the directors of the said company Zen Bridge Sdn Bhd was this man Baladevan Theaivendiram and another Kanakarathinam or ‘Kana’ who signed those agreements with us after payments were made!

They also had a ‘hard seller’ by the name of ‘Rajan’ and they had an office at Bali in Sunway where we were invited and “kana’ gave the presentation on the project and he showed us several documents purported to be pre-selection of contractors on IRCON letterheads if I remember carefully.

They were going for a consortium approach then!

Privately he also told us he was a high powered corporate Chief Executive Officer who resigned and sold his luxury cars, which includes, a Mercedes S class and properties and invested in this company ZEN BRIDGE SDN BHD – to see this through.

That Baladevan was a ‘highly connected’ corporate figure whose brother worked for the then Minister of Works Datuk Seri S Samy Velu!

It all looked legitimate!

He continued that the monies collected were used to organize vehicles for IRCON staff and Ministry of Railways officials that they even brought expensive gifts like watches, pens and jewelery, ‘covered their expensive bills here and away and so forth.’

We asked questions and he answered intelligently so we had no reservations then.

But we did not realize neither did we check only to find out later this was a RM2.00 company!


So much for Kana’s bullshit!

It is very embarrassing today after more than 9 years that this has come about but I can understand the reasons why you have decided to go public with this!’

‘Datuk SS’

3. CEO – MK

‘I guess I was the lucky one who got away. Yes, they did come to my office and performed like you claimed in your blog postings.

Yes, they all made claims and I did accompany ‘him’ to Delhi where I met this ‘AP Misra’ a Ministry of Railways official no doubt but I was sure that there was ‘more at play’ here!

You see we have extensive multi million dollar projects in India currently and also during ‘those years’ and I am quite well versed with Indian Officials and I was convinced something was not right!


You see these ‘fellas’ – wanted luxury cars, allowances, appointments as Directors and all those agreements, they had mention of ‘payouts’ to third parties in India even before anything happened.

You got me there – Yes, as a ‘corporate predator’, I was tempted, we all look for business openings but I was ‘put off’ with the upfront monies asked and so forth!

This was against my rules of engagement!’

Baladevan was angry with me and promised that he would ‘destroy our presence in India!’

For his information, we are now doing bigger and better projects there!


3.  TH – Businessman

‘He approached me to facilitate a telecommunication 2G License!

He claimed that he was Tamil Nadu Chief Minister’s relative and that they had a ‘relative’ minister in the federal cabinet that could facilitate a telecommunication 2G license for us.

He asked for upfront monies and there was payments to be made towards politicians post award!

Yes, he named names in India and they sounded perfectly authentic.

Baladevan gave us an impression that he was a politically connected corporate high flyer by the manner he smoked cigars, stayed in posh 5 Star hotels in India, especially the Taj Suites and the manner he created his persona!

We did not know that this was a unemployed conman living on innocent people’s monies!

We are today embarrassed.

In a way, I am glad that this matter has come out in the open and I hope India does the right thing in going public on this matter and putting out an advertisement in the Malaysian newspapers!

I am not bothered whether it is the Indian government, Ministry of Railways or IRCON International, the Tamil Nadu government – it should be done!

You have done right and I wish you all the best in bringing this rogue to justice! You have my support all the way’

‘JJ – MD’

Singapore police will be alerted!

This is not the first scam he has orchestrated throughout his miserable life of 57 years!

As this ‘low life and scumbag’ Baladevan Theaivendiram runs and hides – I am advised that several police reports have being made.

Among the names that may emerge is that of his RM2/- company – Zen Bridge Sdn Bhd, a several others names of Indian nationals!

According to sources, one name that keeps coming up repeatedly is that of one ‘AP Misra’

And several others in Tamil Nadu?

It is in the Indian authority’s interest to shed more light on this soon?

And in this age and time – with the electronic DNA, I am aware that the links, if any, will be made!

As requested by the Indian authorities – Malaysian Baladevan Theaivendiram (57) hand-phone numbers were – 919840940243 (India) and Malaysian then – 0122825799!

Go get the electronic DNA print outs!

If you need help this ‘side of the border’ – my friends in Bukit Aman can help!

And get to the truth! Protect no one!

*Interestingly, there is now an ongoing scandal expose on the 2G Telecommunication License with Tamil Nadu’s AIADMK chief Jayalalithaa slamming Tamil Nadu Chief Minister  – M Karunanidhi!

Check out this link: Jayalalithaa slams Karunanidhi on spectrum issue

 Our campaign against RACISM AND GENOCIDE of all forms!

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