‘Of course, on the other end of the coin – I know one private hospital which went overboard of retaining a senior management staff from the finance section from one race despite repeated alleged sexual in proprietary with a staff from the same hospital and within the confines of the institution – that’s the way they care and serve?’ – Dr Jacob George

(Above) Example of a good corporate advertisement!


I just could not believe my eyes lately as I monitored the various advertisements put up by various private hospitals in the country!

Something was certainly wrong and it was clear that a private hospital can boast of its state of the art infrastructure and technologies, many multi disciplinary tertiary care facilities and services!

They can have mind catching slogans and claim that they have trained and qualified staff to provide a comprehensive and professional healthcare delivery system!

They can also boast of highly qualified administration staff to manage a tertiary care healthcare institution but all this claims can fail as they have in my book when you look at their well published advertisement in the public domain!

But – they missed a major mark!

Their advertisements give the impression, rightly or wrongly that they are here to provide a healthcare service just to one race!

But that is what their advertisements are saying!

The huge photographs used all are from one major race in the country and I cannot but wonder who their corporate communications advisers were!

In house or out-sourced?

Mistake – big mistake!

(Above: Najib and Kak Rosmah pushing 1Malaysia theme!)

The Owners of private hospitals in this country must remember that they are investing and attempting to build a healthcare service which must meet the rights, needs and interest of 1Malaysia demography!

That means the photographs and images used must portray Malaysia!

In fact not only must they remember not to duplicate the grave mistakes of the Malaysian public service despite all the hype and propaganda on 1Malaysia!

They must remember they must go overboard to say that they are different from the obese, incompetent self serving public sector!

They are different when they show a corporate image of being multi racial!

They show professionalism, dedication, commitment and drive when they show that they are catering to a multi racial Malaysian population and others!

Private hospital owners and decision makers must remember it is just not about financial returns on investments, returns on investments in state of the art medical technology, having staff with brilliant academic qualifications and the skin of one’s color @in this case knowingly or unknowingly omitted but it is all about perception that are derived when one looks at the corporate image published whether in the corporate profile, website, recruitment advertisements, manuals or pictorials and images used by the said healthcare institution!

Are you here to serve one race or 1Malaysia?

When I walk in into your private multi million state of the art infrastructure – will I see a 1Malaysia there serving me?

And it must be reflected fairly in the positions filled in the corporate hierarchy!

Of course, I know one private hospital which went overboard of retaining a senior management staff from the finance section from one race despite repeated alleged sexual in proprietary with a staff from the same hospital and within the confines of the institution – that’s the way they care and serve?

Now coming back to this issue – certainly the Private Healthcare Facilities and Services Act do not say anything about 1Malaysia!

I know that as I too contributed when it was drafted!

Just as I did papers on Liver transplant, Health Tourism, Transplant Tourism, on Racism and Power Politics in Private Healthcare and several on other pertinent issues revolving around Private Healthcare Services in the Country!

I have said my piece here without fear, favor or prejudice – if you think there is merit here please do the right thing!

Some people can be very cruel despite their public and corporate pronouncements and they will not hesitate to destroy your career when you speak the truth!

And how do I know all this?

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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‘We can learn how to participate in ethical elections without racism, or character assassination, about the separation of powers, of corporate governance, ethics saying no …….. Dr Jacob George’


It was a great net result unheard and unseen in the annals of British political history but one that many can learn from!

We can learn how to participate in ethical elections without racism, or character assassination, about the separation of powers, of corporate governance, ethics saying no and having zero tolerance for racism, corruption, cronyism, valuing nation building and the contribution of all that made the United Kingdom what she is today and most importantly – upholding everything that goes against accepted and entrenched universal values and beliefs!

Instead of listening to the venom of the various voices and living monuments of racism from individuals or groupings having their own personal agenda and greed and presented under some new mantra of nationalism!

So I am pleased to see newly-minted Labor leader Ed Miliband insisting that his leadership style will be on what is best for the United Kingdom rather that parochial interest!

Brilliant thing I say!

After all he has just won against all odds the race to succeed Gordon Brown in dramatic fashion of all opponents – his brother David by just 1.3% of the vote after a hard-fought four-month contest.

Close very close indeed!

Records indicated that this was so even though his brother David won the support of a majority of Labor’s MPs at Westminster and grassroots activists but Ed’s dominance came from the strong British trade unions.

I think he won because he articulated the feelings and fears of electorate who were concerned of basic issues from public transport, healthcare, tuition for kids, their future, and issues around bread and butter, wages and housing!

I am glad they were not talking about more privatization of essential services, billion ringgit infrastructure projects, grandiose and mega monuments which will serve the interest of crony and corrupt politicians and their lackeys in the construction industry through costs over-runs, seepages, kick-backs and high powered wheeling and dealing!

It was after all simple day to day issues that touch the rights and interest of the common man and women that won the leadership for Ed Miliband!

Well done my dear friend Ed – will be watching over your various moves with eager and profound interests from this part of the world!

God Speed!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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Dato Jacob George

I am certain there are guideline to follow in situations like this and if there are none it is time we undertook one and not fan the spirit of arrogance and utter stupidity for today there will be a price to pay in the court of public opinion! – Dr Jacob George


Six Rottweilers, two Dalmations and a bulldog were put down by lethal tranquilisers at the poultry farm in Sungai Gadung, believed to the scene of a quadruple murder.

The officers were seen entering the farm at 8.15am and left about two hours later with the carcasses in a pick-up lorry.

There is no doubt in my mind that it was barbaric, thoughtless, and inhuman, devoid of any compassion and showed the world how stupid those expected to act on behalf public interest indeed are!

Were these dogs going to be charged for participating in the gruesome murder @pun intended!

I am referring to those who made the decision to kill the dogs and others who simply carried out the order without dissent and questioning whether there would be an outcry on our streets!

Of course worst – the tasteless photograph that was carried showing the dead dogs were carried live across the globe and to date several international non governmental organizations are ‘up in arms’ how and why such a barbaric act was allowed to be carried out?

One writer Natasha Fernz could not hide her shock at the way we handled this situation!

I cannot but agree with her that yet again our local authority @local council have shown their true colors of stupidity, arrogance and incompetence when they carried out the destruction of the dogs that were at the farm in Sg Gadung.

This whole matter including several officers trying to rope livestock as if they are in the Wild West again reveals a lot of them and their superiors who ordered such a brutal act!

I am certain they thought that the gruesome horror of the murders would grant them immunity in the court of public opinion or even result in them being lauded!

To me this was simply a ‘kerja bodoh!’

I fully agree with Natasha that these poor animals were in a heightened state of anxiety from being ‘abandoned’ by their owners!

These dogs were there to defend and protect their turf and with so many ‘outsiders’ in their compound it was perhaps what they did!

Now in my mind this is what these idiots should have done:

1.     Called for expert opinion and advice from the Malaysian SPCA or the Department of Veterinary Services!

2.     They could have had the intelligence to contact the family of the accused to assist in their removal to their home or to another place of abode! For their information the dogs were not being charged at this material time with any offenses under the Malaysian Penal Code! (Pun intended!)

3.     At worst remove them to a holding ground till this is further deliberated and discussed with State Government Official responsible for Local Authority for a collective decision!

4.     Just remove them to a holding ground while the alleged murder site was being combed for evidence!

I am certain there are guideline to follow in situations like this and if there are none it is time we undertook one and not fan the spirit of arrogance and utter stupidity for today there will be a price to pay in the court of public opinion!

It is now pertinent that our legal intelligentsia address this lacuna and review guidelines, protocols, laws and legislation with regards to animal welfare!

Perhaps, while doing that we can also initiate a higher duty of care of officials undertaking these acts and impose stiffer and heavier penalties on those who violate this duty of care!

I cannot but sustain that friend Natasha Fernz has put it right when she quoted the great saying of Gandhi-ji when he once said and quite rightly that ‘the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated’.

Res ipsa loquitur!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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Dato Jacob George


The Attorney-General has returned the investigation papers on the murders of Sosilawati Lawiya and three others on the same day it was handed to the AG Chambers!

Reports indicate that there are several specific instructions for the police to investigate and follow-up!

You can spin this each and any way you want it!

But we must be fair and reasonable.

The Police have their work cut out for them and the last thing they need is for politicians, political parties and news seekers trying to complicate matters by making wild allegations against the Police or seeking political mileage by high-jacking these gruesome murders for a political end and agenda!

So I am glad that Selangor chief police officer (CPO) Khalid Abu Bakar has warned politicians from interfering in investigations and that there was no reason for them to become investigating officers.

There is no need for political parties to make media statements that they will offer legal assistance or hold a watching brief, there is no need to drive around widows and co-ordinate press interviews let alone making claims that one is being appointed to act for families who have made missing person reports unless you are a Solicitor appointed by the grieved party!

Malaysians are already fed daily dosages of lurid stories creating fear, dismay and revulsion.

Reports indicate eight other missing person reports are believed to be connected.

There are also media reports wildly claiming that there may be as many as 20 others who could have met the same grim fate.

All I can say is with so much publicity, spin, media maneuver allegations of missing persons, criminal breaches of trust, fraudulent land deals, assaults and suspected murders – the last thing we need is for our predator politicians messing around with Police investigations and in the corridors of public opinion!

But these gruesome murders have raised many a question which I related to the management of Police reports in my earlier blog postings!

Banting Police Station is an embarrassment but I am certain there are more ‘Banting Police Stations’ in the nation and it is time we weed them all out!

We have heard many an allegations and it is pertinent a hotline be initiated for public feedbacks to a neutral Police body coined around the American Internal Affairs division.

This is a must to protect the hundreds of good dedicated and professional officers of the law from the disgrace and corrupt behavior of a few ‘bad apples!’

There should be no compromise here!

I am glad that dear friend – Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar, who took over the command of the force from Tan Sri Musa Hassan, has admitted that the murders of Sosilawati and the three others could have been prevented if proper probes had been conducted into earlier reports of missing persons.

It takes a dedicated, decent, ethical and a professional to admit that!

It is pertinent that we have a new look at how Police reports are managed so that conman, cheats, frauds like notorious Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram 56 who cheated many is still on the loose and run though there are many police reports made against him or for that reports made against thugs, smugglers, human traffickers, individuals involved in domestic violence or grievous bodily harm even murder are not allowed to escape due administrative, legal and bureaucratic incompetence!

If only the police officer assigned to investigate the police report made by the Malacca lady lawyer (above) against Bala Devan in 2006 – BDR HILIR/002679/06 and BDR HILIR/003409/06 made at Malacca Tengah had done so with speed and professionalism, we may have had fewer victims of the scandal Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram, Identity Card number 540614-10-5729 sprung over both government contracts involving the Ministry of Works, Malaysia and the Seremban to Gemas Double Track Railway Project involving the Government of India and its contractors Ircon International!

Or Police reports (above) made against foreigners on professional work visa abusing our Women folk at work!

When the Police act on some reports with such speed and slow in others it raises many a perception in the corridors of public interest and space!

There must be consistency, clarity and speed in addressing public grievances!

The present IGP – a no nonsense tolerating man himself he has rightly and in speed set up a task force to re-investigate all missing person reports linked to the suspects and the issuance of a stern warning that any officers ignoring such reports would face severe disciplinary action!

For now let the Police do their job without any form of interference from all and sundry!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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Dato Jacob George

A nation can only be transformed when those calling for the transformation are people of integrity and political will!

When falsehood and double-talk is the key element in every kind of enterprise here – it is sheer hypocrisy to talk about transformation! Period! – Dr Jacob George


We are noted to be the perfect organizers and slogan shouters – no doubt about that!

Include dreamers, political magicians, soothsayers, naysayer and political predators and adventurers you get a great combination brew again, no surprises again!

Then we have the slogan throwing in the form of the over span ETP, GTP (Government Transformation Programme) and NKRAs (National Key Result Areas)!

If all these things had worked we will be up there and not still fire fighting and being over taken by all by our sheer reluctance and lack of political will to initiate real change – structural change!

To be honest what Malaysia needs is to pursue things with integrity, ethics, and corporate governance with serious structural changes to the way we do things!

A country I know which is the envy of the ‘Father of Malaysian Racism’ has never in their entire economic development structure gone on a media spin and publicity drive like this.

They just went and did it making sure there were no leakages; corruption, cost over-runs, cronyism,  and that the proposal would transform that nation and all its residents to enjoy its fruits and labor not selected groups close to the political elite!

Their public transport system, housing and green environment policy certainly a dream come true!

I am advised – that as a result recently they have added world-class integrated casinos cum resorts, they are working to upgrade their element in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industries and already they have a regional hub for shipping but now addressing a regional hub for aircraft maintenance and repairs.

So what can I say about the highly span open day program of the Performance Management and Delivery Unit’s (Pemandu) Economic Transformation Programme (ETP)!

In a nutshell again it was fabulous and bold attempt to give Malaysian ‘billions of dosages of high’ that indeed something like holistic transformation is about to take place.

On the surface the event certainly was a roaring success but like all former programs like this one it was flat with participants being left wondering, confused, fuzzy as even those expected to answer questions were clearly caught of the precise details and data and time lines of things!

As far as I was concerned several fundamental questions were not answered as I was aware if the proposals mooted were to see reality there was more work to be done prior from policy shifts (a sacred cow in Malaysia!), amendments to protocol, procedure and even laws which all has to still take place!

Elementary ‘Idris Jala boy’ elementary!

By nature, I am an optimist but here I could not but be utterly full of skepticism and shock that a show like this can even be thought of in present political and economical climate!

To put in a nutshell – Malaysia is in the quicksand where we are still struggling with issues like racism, marginalization, low wages, weak productivity, lack of skills and proactive visionary projections that have steered countries who were before behind but today have overtaken us like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines!

We also have an obese public sector (above) which is highly incompetent and unproductive where duplication and wastage are the norms.

If we are serious about change we should start trimming our public service immediately and get rid of the pension scheme which will financially ruin us!

We are still caught up in a time warp – despite 53 years of independence and carrying on with the ‘slash and burn’ approach of huge capital investment, obese expensive infrastructure and basically play toys for the get rich scheme proponents among the politically connected which may leave this nation on the brink of bankruptcy!

Perhaps, these ideas need to be presented and debated in the country’s highest podium – the Parliament!

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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