‘To be honest it is also stupid to place our speed custodians under bridges, trees, over overheads and down hill slopes after the area is tagged at 90KPH to catch the even slight overrun of speed!
That is not addressing speeding that is plain entrapment!’ – Dr Jacob George


As far as I am concerned, it is extremely stupid to have 90kph stretches along the North South Highway unless the particular stretch is cutting through densely populated areas of human, cows, dogs and cats!

It is also stupid to fine the maximum fine of RM300/- if one is driving just at say, 100kph in a 90kph zone!

I have no problems with the said fine if the said driver was doing 180kph because that shows a ‘men’s rea’ for speeding!

To be honest it is also stupid to place our speed custodians under bridges, trees, over overheads and down hill slopes after the area is tagged at 90KPH to catch the even slight overrun of speed!

That is not addressing speeding that is plain entrapment!

And so it is time we re-look at the speed limits after all I like other lobbyists are arguing for an increase in some speed limits to curb boredom and road rage.

And as far as I am concerned, it has been a mantra all drivers learn from the time they first slap on L-plates: the faster you go, the greater your chance of a serious crash.

The reasoning is simple. The greater your speed, the less time you have to react to a problem, the greater the braking distance required and the greater the forces involved in any collision.

But is it always this clear cut?


My foot!

Not according to pro-speed campaigners, who are agitating for governments around the country and around the world to raise speed limits, particularly in rural areas and on stretches of high-quality highway.

They passionately argue boredom and frustration, rather than speed, are the main killers when people are traveling between isolated rural communities.

With the entry of high performance cars and car safety rapidly improving, I see the need to substantially increase speed limit. Some advocate the total removal of speed limits on these types of roads as a way of reducing the road toll.

Take the case of US activist Chad Dornsife.

As the executive director of lobby group the Best Highway Safety Practices Institute, he is pushing for the removal of speed limits in his homeland on the grounds it will lower the number of high-risk overtaking moves and reduce trip time and fatigue.

He believes drivers are at their safest (suffering from less stress and impatience) when they are in their comfort zone.

Like many pro-speed campaigners, he points to Germany’s often speed-limit-free autobahns as a shining example, saying they have recently recorded an all-time-low death toll due to their “emphasis on flow management rather than speed limits”.

I agree, having driven on the autobahns that they are a successful model, which has become a political embarrassment for every other EU country and also Malaysia!

Then let us look at Australia, where another lobby group the National Motorists Association of Australia (NMAA) has called for higher limits on appropriate stretches of road as a way of lowering fatalities.

The debate over speed limits has also recently been put into focus by comments by NRMA Motoring & Services on plans to lower the speed limit on the NSW section of the Newell Highway. (Footnote: The NMAA and NRMA are similarly named but not linked.)

In August the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) completed a review of safety on the highway, which runs through the outback and links Victoria and Queensland via NSW. In it the authority announced plans to lower the 110km/h limit to 100km/h, citing problems with “road geometry [and] traffic volumes”.

This prompted a heated response from the NRMA, which argued in this case speed would save lives.

The president of the NRMA, Wendy Machin, said a 100km/h limit would add an hour to the travel time between the Queensland and Victorian borders.

“Fatigue is the major factor among casualties on the Newell Highway, with around 26 per cent of casualties in 2007 involving fatigue,” she said, citing the RTA’s own research. “This figure is higher than other country highways [15 per cent in 2007].”

So are there indications that a raised speed limit could save lives?

The National Motorists Association of Australia for is skeptical of the sums and favors an increase in the speed limit in some cases.

But let us have a look at two very persuasive arguments from abroad namely:

1.     The autobahn

German autobahns are often cited as a model by advocates of higher speed limits in Malaysia! And with good reason: they seem to work.

Despite having no speed limit along much of their routes, these massive roads account for 31 per cent of road travel and just 3 per cent of the road toll.

Moreover – a 2005 study by the German interior ministry found sections with unrestricted speeds had the same crash rate as sections with a variety of speed limits imposed.

But can Germany be compared with Malaysia?

I must agree that the undemanding license tests that apply in Malaysia create problems where new drivers are concerned!

It is not a ‘suka suka’ test!

It must be noted that German motorists must pass a challenging regimen that includes high-speed highway driving competence in varying weather conditions.

Perhaps comparing Malaysians and Germans is like comparing apples with oranges?

2. The Montana highway

Did you know that the US state of Montana was paradise for pro-speed advocates from the end of 1995 through to mid-1999 when there were no specific daytime speed limits. Motorists were required simply to drive at a “reasonable speed”.

The state eventually introduced a top speed of 75mph (120km/h).

A subsequent study by the US National Motorists Association revealed the safest period on Montana’s interstate highways was when there were no daytime speed limits or enforceable speed laws.

When speed limits were reintroduced, fatal crashes initially doubled, which was attributed to decreased road courtesy and a rise in “flow-conflict” crashes.

But I am certain the dinosaurs in our policymaker’s institutions and other busybodies will want to keep the speed limit down and place vital manpower resources under the trees and bridges on major billion ringgit highways to entrap motorists driving high performance cars and others over speed limits that are positioned and placed without proper comprehensive study!

How else can you explain the 90kph stretch in many parts of the country just meters away from the 110 kph zones where no humans, cows, cats and dogs live and the road is straight and safe?

Perhaps, the Ministry of Transport is expecting a UFO to suddenly land on that stretch?

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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‘What else could they expect from a lead pathological liar and fraud named Bala Devan A. Theaivendiram?
A man who cheats, lies, commits deceit and betrays all who he comes in contact with!’ – Dr Jacob George


It was claimed that India had a loss of RM124 billion over the sale of hand phone licenses, thanks to the biggest corruption scandal in Indian history!

Sad that even the religious, the most dedicated and outstanding Indian Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh was severely rebuked by the Indian Supreme Court who criticized him for failing to respond to a call for an investigation into Indian Minister Andimuthu Raja’s handling of the spectrum sale.

For the record, Premier Dr Manmohan has pledged to punish anyone found guilty in the scandal, but questions linger about why he did not act sooner to remove Raja, leading some to conclude that the Congress Party will sacrifice almost any principle to hold on to its governing coalition.

But Raja resigned under pressure on Nov 14, but he has denied any wrongdoing. The Central Bureau of Investigation is carrying out a criminal inquiry.

Several months ago before Lydia Polgreen wrote that great article – ‘A familiar ring to Indian Telco scandal’ A familiar ring to Indian telco scandal, I had highlighted highlights of our investigation into Malaysia’s leading conman Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram 57 who had cheated millions out of gullible contractors and others which includes Engineers, Industry Captain, Lawyers and financiers promising then portions of the Seremban to Gemas Double Track Railway project which was awarded by the Malaysian government to India and presently undertaken by India’s IRCON!.

To date, he has gone hiding and has yet to deliver even a piece of toilet paper contract worth RM2.00 – so much to the great boasts that he controls Delhi and Tamil Nadu!

Several Police reports have been made against him and the Malaysian Police are presently conducting a comprehensive investigation!

Conman Bala Devan Theaivendiram @ Brickfield’s Kannan had dishonestly claimed that he was a relative to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, octogenarian, wheel-chair-dependent patriarch, M. Karunanidhi whose daughter Kanimozhi Devan claimed married his nephew Arvind – a claim that we have since shown was baseless and an outright lie!

These claims were made to businessman in Malaysia and Singapore as he tried to get bidders for this Telco deal claiming that he is close to the said minister Andimuthu Raja who was alleged to be close to M. Karunanidhi daughter Kanimozhi whom Devan claimed was married to his nephew!

He had used Chennai’s Taj Coromandel Hotel suite as his venue in attempting to process this deal.

But according to India based sources many were impressed seeing Devan with Arvind in that same hotel and the manner gave impressions that he was ‘connected’ to the Tamil Nadu first family as he was also a Malaysian Industry Captain worth millions and not the unemployed, pathological liar and conman he has been all his years!

That the monies he had used for all these illegal activities and that which included the purchasing of expensive watches and others gifts purportedly for Indian policymakers, politicians and senior civil servants came from unsuspecting lawyers, contractors and others from whom he had taken upfront money!

According to Chennai based eyewitness I had spoken to, Devan is alleged to have given an expensive watch to Raja to secure a Telco contract but nothing happened!

Perhaps, a Malaysian conman himself got conned!

But they also say Tamil Nadu is aware that Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram is after all a fraud and conman and several are awaiting his return to the state to teach him a lesson for abusing their hospitality, tarnishing the first family image and betraying all who trusted him!

What else could they expect from a lead pathological liar and fraud named Bala Devan A. Theaivendiram?

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My foot you can solve the problem by criminalizing the consumer!

Yes, Malaysia is a party to the Berne Convention, Paris Convention, World Intellectual Property Organization Convention, Nice Agreement, Vienna Agreement, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, and the Agreement on Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, all treaties in which we pledged to protect intellectual property!

Likewise – Malaysia is also party to hundreds of other conventions covering issues of human rights, protection of the environment, indigenous land rights and habitat policies, human trafficking, corruption, free trade but I have yet to see an editorial addressing these issues or for that matter, on issues of corruption or political abuse!

Have we seen the editorial ‘ranting and cursing’ with many beatitudes when the alleged politically connected are freed of corruption chargers or for their hand in human trafficking or let alone of taking huge bribes in approving Bangladesh and Chinese foreign workers or kickbacks in multi billion ringgit projects?

Did the same mainstream paper scream at the controversial Shah Alam Hospital which is an embarrassment?

Did they highlight the behavior of the various players behind this controversial project which is a classic monument of disgrace highlighting the sine biotic relationship between cronies and politicians and the cost over-runs burdened on to the ratepayer and voter?

Yes, the paper does highlight issues when it is politically expedient for them or when there is a political agenda!

Whose felt need and agenda and what is the urgency to enact and pass an act to criminalize the ordinary consumer for the act of buying pirated DVDs, VCDs and CDs for personal and private use?

Have we exhausted all other avenues in addressing this problem?

Why is the same self righteous puritanical media not urging the government to instead initiate a more draconian step targeted at the stakeholders and players behind the DVD, VCD and CD trade in Malaysia which is extremely organized and in my mind protected!

Perhaps, as is the Malaysian convention always hit at the soft targets and this case consumers!

The record will show that I led a campaign against the criminalization of Malaysian consumers buying pirated products!

And I am indeed thankful to the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism, in particular, Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob for addressing our plea!

Yes I am aware as a lawyer that the proposal to amend the Copyright Act would have made it illegal for anyone to buy even one pirated DVD, VCD, or CD.

The proposed penalty would be a fine of five times the price of the original product and true, it will create fear and hit the market at its fattest and weakest point — at the demand level — with strict enforcement there would have been chaos and fear but it will never cripple the multi million well organized pirated entertainment disc businesses!

It will hurt the consumers but never the highly skilled, hardcore and connected players behind this organized trade!

Yes – Piracy is stealing. Pirates are thieves who steal other people’s hard work — whether through using compact discs or the Internet. So go catch the well connected mafia operators behind it!

Once you caught them and put them all away there will be no one to organize this trade and the issue is solved!

The same with the other thefts in society through corruption, cronyism, VVIPs abusing their power and positions, when politicians and individuals live lifestyles beyond their wages!

The Straits Times should declare a war on this as well with the same conviction they show in this editorial!

But no, the truth is the war against piracy was long lost because those behind it are powerful and well connected @ like those corrupt developers, policymakers, politicians and parasite VVIPs involved in business so in this case – a weak and pathetic editorial suggests an alternative – the criminalization of the consumers who are to become the collateral damage – ‘the scapegoat’ to illustrate someone’s newly acquired sense of puritanism!

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Dear Dr George,

This is Dr Rosemary Churchill from Texas and we met when I had a problem addressing my stolen camera and other items while holidaying in Malaysia.

You were very kind in coming out of your way even while on holiday in Penang in helping us with the Malaysian authorities.

We have traveled many years all across the US, Europe and Asia and yet to find someone with such dedication, warmth and kindness in helping strangers.

On behalf the thousands of consumers you have helped over the years – I want to wish you a very blessed birthday!

The following words come to my mind as I kneel in Church of San Ignazio in Rome:

‘Make a wish….

Make it last your whole life through,

A life so far that was lived serving others,

It’s a gift from heaven

Making all your heart’s desires and dreams come true

As the light from the candles

Shine on your kind and lovely face

Make a wish…….

It’s your birthday …



Rosemary & Family

Texas, USA.

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“Are we so thick and insensitive that nothing is sacred any more?

And there is no shame any more because we are all crooks – it is only the difference in the ‘magnitude of the takings’ and the level of in competencies?’ – Dr Jacob George


Having addressed healthcare issues from 1976 I cannot refrain from raising my concerns, yet again!

First, let us address the ‘political stupidity’ in the resurrecting of a bad decision in the matter of re-employing ‘a herd of doctors’ (pun intended) from developing countries of Pakistan, India and Egypt made headlines.

This was a no go zone!

Then we had the continued allegations of political manipulation and power abuse in the sector!

Hardly had this allegation subsided – there was huge outcry from several hospitals nationwide on the allegations of profiteering in private hospitals followed by allegations of professional negligence, poor standards of service and apathy in the public sector hospitals!

In fact – Malaysia lead vernacular newspaper Utusan Malaysia and another electronic media today interviewed me on these allegations!

There is an inexplicable problem within and unless contained speedily it is going to cause a backlash from various communities of consumers depending on public healthcare!

In the meantime, I ask several pertinent questions and expect an answer from the powers that be either directly to my blog or by private communication after all, MOH Officials know how to reach me!

Let me address feedbacks from my sources in Johor Baru first!

1.     Is Sultanah Aminah hospital once a towering healthcare provider now financially bankrupt?

2.     Has the said hospital’s annual budget run out that essential treatment had been suspended for many common illnesses?

3.     Are patients now in view the financial restrain forced to buy their own medicines from private pharmacies.

4.     Has the hospital suspended basic blood tests, tests for the kidneys and liver function, thyroid hormones and blood markers to detect heart attacks?

5.     Is it true that elective and non life threatening operations been cancelled because of a lack of financial resources so that what is available for surgical procedures could be caveated for emergency operations?

6.     Is the hospital once a ‘tower of excellence’ now headed by an incompetent and totally indifferent administration?

7.     Who or what caused this mess and fiasco?

Are we so thick and insensitive that nothing is sacred any more? And there is no shame any more because we are all crooks – it is only the difference in the ‘magnitude of the takings’ and the level of in competencies?

 Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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