Consumerist: Will The Corrupt Be Exonerated Joining Pakatan?


Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Will The Corrupt Be Exonerated If They Join Pakatan?

It looks like ultimately it is all about gaining power at any cost?

There are far greater issues to deal with and nothing seems to have changed as news that an opposition leader has began to meet and court warlords and others of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) where there are again rumors that many party members and leaders are ready to jump ship in view the pending 13th general election alleging that they have again being overlooked?

They are expecting the MIC to be wiped out except for two seats!

This is not something new!

There was a joke before that list of candidates can change in the lift between the top floor and the ground floor in the former Ministry of Works building depending on how much begging and tears are spilled?

If true, this cements that in the final straw, it all comes to ringgit and sense, contracts, party appointments, senatorships and selection as a candidate not dedication, sacrifice, standing down for good of party, education, track record, clean and no baggage!

It is also rumored that there are no real surprises in the MIC candidates list which according to sources is to largely mirror the last GE12 and IF true that will mean lessons have not being learnt, transformation not taken place and despite shifts in mindsets in the political arena nationwide no real change here!

I am not surprised!

With or without phantom and bogus voters, splashing of funds, an expected all out attack in the cyber world by troopers crashing alternative views sites, racially tainted front pages in vernacular mainstream electronic and print media – I am aware that the majority of Malaysian voters have made up their minds!

Did you know it only takes 14 seconds between entering a poll booth and making a decision who to vote for despite all the ‘cash, whack, slander and burn tactics?’

I have said this before – there are no real safe seats in GE13th for the minority component parties even if postal votes are present!

Even the alleged presence of illegal immigrants with Malaysian documents will not have an impact because a large middle ground and fence sitters have moved in the wake of recent political goofs!

In fact, independent well respected NGO leaders are already on the ground and again poised to make their presence felt on the election trail the next round to ascertain that only clean, baggage free and untainted candidates win!

So my advice to all is – a seat allocation is not a confirmation of any one’s victory!
So even if one does spends RM500,000.00 or more does not assure any one a victory!

In fact, one political party head has been again pleading for seats and making incorrigible and unintelligent comments as the elections approaches!

It is hoped that a bad choice based on political expediency will not result in many historical parties being wiped out in GE13!

But that is only a foolish hope!!

And the recent moves by the opposition to move away from their safe seats and go into the heartland of the BN strongman is yet another strong indication of their present perceived strength not because they are great but because the BN is still grounded in its own outdated political mantra, double standards and hypocrisy!

The new initiated Pakatan strategy is vital for them to capture at least sizeable seats to take control of the Federal government!

So if true I am not surprised that a particular politician obsessed in wanting to be Premier is now talking to members of BN component party leaders and among them those with baggage, corrupt, abusive and certainly none who mirror transparency, good governance, accountability and ethics!

Having known him for several decades and able to read each of his political moves accurately I am saddened that he has not changed his political tactics and manoeuvrings and that the end justifies the means?

He made colossal political mistakes in the past and the truth is only the entrenched anger and disappointment with the BN has facilitated this politicians continued survival.

If the BN truly changes and takes a leaf from some of us – and embraces holistic change and distancing themselves from the political shenanigans, opportunist, political adventurers, brokers, right wing elements and fascists and discredited past politicians that they are directly, indirectly or by proxy courting- I am certain the political outcome in GE13 will be different!



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Consumerist: Lynas Sending Boys to Do A Man’s Job!


Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Lynas Handled All Wrong From The Onset!

So there will be another peaceful gathering and protest against Lynas!

I am advised that tomorrow the 24-hour occupy event is yet another grassroots protest against the Lynas rare earths refinery in Gebeng, Pahang, despite the parliamentary select committee (PSC) giving the green light for it to operate.
NONEInterestingly, there will be a slew of activities catering to the young, including a green fellowship, two rounds of concerts and an exhibition on the former Bukit Merah Asian Rare Earth (ARE) site and camping.

I am certain another prominent feature in the activities would be prominent NGO leaders and politicians!

I am specially keen to know that there will be a 11km march on Sunday morning, from Balok beach to Lamp in Gebeng members of the civil society and local residents are encouraged to join in from any point along the route, using any mode of transportation.

The organizers have done another important thing that is to inform the police by sending the Kuantan police station the itinerary of their programme.

So the pertinent question is whether the alleged world’s largest radioactive dump where a lot of monies changed hands will be stopped by international sanctions and boycotts of Australian goods and services?

I am saddened to hear the comments by the organizers of their perception that the present Malaysian politicians and leaders of the current regime will not pay attention to the suffering and anxieties of the community of Kuantan as they are in the midst of their own political life and death struggle.

That correcting their wrongdoings is not on their agenda?

That perception is not but all true!

If you ask me on one note – I cannot but say having taken part in the same activity many decades ago against Asia Rare Earth ventures in Perak that these are all a sheer waste of resources and man-hours.

And on another – all this would have been averted had the government been more transparent right from the onset of the said venture!

Now we are crying over split milk and a community enraged by the arrogance showed by all and sundry which will cost in the votes cast at GE13!

The only exist politically is to secure a team of qualified, neutral, trustworthy group of individuals sanctioned by the United Nations to mediate in the matter.

But in that team there must not be industry peddlers who have their own agenda!


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Consumerist: Indonesian Students – Getting All Riled Up On Non Issues!


Dato Jacob George


Consumerist: Indonesian Students – Getting All Riled Up On Non Issues Again!

They are at it again!

I am referring to the Indonesians, specifically a group of 20 students from Mpu Tantular University who this time threw eggs, gave fiery speeches in the midst of a demonstration hurling vulgarities and abusive words, condemning Malaysia!

This is despite our clarification that we have no intention of claiming ownership of the Mandailing Tor-Tor dance and Gordang Sambilan (Nine Great Drumbeats) as our cultural heritage!

This was not the first time they have reacted in this manner as in the past our national flag was also burned and Malaysian thretened!

For the record, the controversy over the Mandailing Tor-Tor dance and Gordang Sambilan began when Indonesia picked up a statement by Malaysia’s Information, Communications and Culture Miniser Rais Yatim on June 14 in Kuala Lumpur that the two art forms would be recognised as Malaysian cultural heritage.

This triggered angry reactions from Indonesians, who accused Malaysia of wanting to register the Mandailing culture as its own.

It is a pity because Malaysia’s Information, Communications and Culture Ministry and Malaysian Mandailing Community Association have clarified to the Indonesian embassy in Kuala Lumpur the actual stand on the matter which was then conveyed to the Indonesian government.

Besides that, the Malaysian embassy here explained to two senators of Mandailing and Batak Sumatra Utara ethnicity that entrenched acknowledgement of the culture did not mean ownership by Malaysia.

It must be accepted that many groups in Malaysia today are not as indigenous to this country as sometimes ‘foolhardy and bitterly’ claimed as against anthropological findings!

Many migrated here from other parts of the archipelago and brought along with them semblance of the their various traditions, customs and other cultural heritage of their communities just like the Chinese and Indians have!

What is important is today they are all Malaysians and that is the essence – period!

In the meantime – there are far bigger issues to deliberate and among them, how to stop the economic migrants coming in the thousands from Indonesia and elsewhere which threatens the delicate social, economic and security needs in Malaysia!

Basically – it is silly when issues like this is played up by certain quarters!


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Consumerist: Time For 1Malaysia To Have Its FOIA!


Dato Jacob George


Consumerist: Enough Bullshit – Time We Had A FOI Act!

What is the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)?

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a law that gives you, the right to access information from the government on any issue that is of public interest!

It is often described as the law that keeps citizens in the know about their government.

For example, in India it is known as Right to Information Act (RTIA) which went into force in October 2005.

I am aware that it is probably the most ambitious experiment with transparency in the world.

That law the RTIA promises a right to government-held information to 1.2 billion citizens, most of them living in rural poverty. Its advocates say that the law could produce a “socio-economic revolution.”

But can the RTIA meet these high expectations?

A series of reports completed over the last year begin to provide an answer.

I am told of two large-scale evaluations—one produced for the Government of India by a private contractor and another by a coalition of civil society organizations, the RTI Assessment and Analysis Group!

In addition there are half-dozen smaller studies completed by government and non-governmental groups too I am advised!

The new law in India I am again advised is popular and being actively used, with an estimated two million requests filed in its first two and a half years of its passing.

Most of those requests are directed to offices of state and local government.

Many requests are intended to prod officials to deliver promised services and benefits—such as rationed food, back pay and pensions, roads and other public works, or teachers for primary schools.

Local action groups are learning how to integrate the law into their campaigns against corruption.

In one extraordinary case, non-governmental groups in Orissa used the RTIA to show that official and businessmen had stolen four million kilograms of rice intended for distribution to the poor.

Can it work in Malaysia effectively to address the alleged ‘big time runaway’ corruption?