Dato Jacob George

‘The Malaysian Courts must now act against sham and illegal auctions carried out after misinformation fed to the courts by banks working closely with loan sharks, money launderers and counter band pirates in Malaysia!

The Commercial Crime division must now investigate and all complaints and it is their duty to seek court orders to nullify all orders for auctions until they have cleared transactions of any criminal and other wrong doing!

Victims should now make Police reports to support their contentions!

Police must immediately act against Banks, their board members, lawyers and their officers!

This net should be extended to involve those working in Land Offices who provide support for these illegal activities for a huge cut in the financial collections!’ – Dr Jacob George


Persatuan Pengguna Subang dan Shah Alam (CASSA) hari ini menggesa Kementerian Kewangan dan SPRM menyiasat penipuan oleh sebuah bank di Malaysia yang menjadi broker hartanah dengan melelong harta pemilik.

Presidennya Datuk Dr Jacob George berkata, berdasarkan laporan yang diterima, tanah yang dimiliki oleh individu tertentu dilelong oleh sebuah bank yang menjalankan urusan jual beli tanah terbabit, tanpa pengetahuan pemilik tanah.

Menurutnya, pembeli tanah berkenaan yang merupakan pihak ketiga dikenakan bayaran sejumlah RM11.5 juta sebagai harga pasaran dan telah membayar wang pendahuluan sebanyak RM800 ribu.

Namun begitu kata Jacob, setelah pembeli berjaya mendapatkan CF untuk tanah berkenaan dan ingin melangsaikan baki bayaran, bank itu memberitahu bahawa harga yang perlu dibayar kini berjumlah RM15 juta.

“Ini yang mewakili sijil penebusan asal dan mewakili kadar faedah sebanyak 100 peratus yang menunjukkan bertentangan dengan peratusan yang telah ditetapkan oleh Bank Negara.

“Pembeli juga tidak dimaklumkan bahawa tanah yang baru dimilikinya itu telah dilelong sedangkan sebelum ini proses pembelian tanah telah dilaksanakan,” katanya.

Jacob berkata lagi, hasil siasatan CASSA mendapati tanah tersebut telah dilelong kepada ‘Along’ yang dipercayai menjalankan kerjasama dengan pihak bank yang bertanggungjawab melelong tanah tersebut.

“Setelah disiasat oleh CASSA mendapati golongan yang mendapat lelongan terkini tanah tersebut adalah ‘Along’ yang menjalankan sindiket hitam (haram) yang bekerjasama dengan bank di negara kita,” katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Ketua Aktivis Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM), Datuk Nadzim Johan yang turut hadir di sidang media berkata, pihak berkuasa perlu melihat kembali proses yang dilakukan oleh pihak bank bagi urusan lelongan hartanah agar tidak ada pihak yang tertipu.

“Kita mahu pihak kerajaan, pihak Kementerian Kewangan dan Bank Negara agar melihat kembali prosedur ini dengan jelas ataupun perlu melantik ada pemantau bagi proses lelongan seperti ini.”

Menurutnya, PPIM juga turut menerima banyak aduan berkenaan dengan proses lelongan yang tidak jelas dan tidak munasabah yang menjadikan pengguna sebagai mangsa.

Sehubungan dengan itu, satu laporan polis telah dibuat untuk menyiasat perkara ini.

CASSA juga akan menghantar memorandum mengenai perkara tersebut kepada Kementerian Kewangan, Bank Negara bahagian Jenayah Kopmersial dan SPRM, Pejabat Perdana Menteri, KPN dan ahli parlimen pada minggu hadapan.


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Consumerist: Recent Controversial Rape Judgments Puts Spotlight on The Quality of Malaysian Judges?

Dato Jacob George

My take:
This is madness and an abomination to the word justice served!
The AG’s Office should immediately file an appeal as this affects the law on Rape and Public Interest!


Consumerist: Recent Controversial Rape Judgments Puts Spotlight on The Quality of Malaysian Judges?

Just weeks after public outcry and disgust of a Malaysian national bowler escaping custodial sentence
for committing statutory rape with a 13-year-old girl three years ago another Judge comes under public scrutiny!

Something is seriously distressing in these judgments of late I am told this morning at a meeting of over 500 retired Christians!

For the record, in the former case the Court of Appeal allowed one Noor Afizal Azizan’s appeal against the High Court decision to sentence him to five years jail.

A three-man panel led by Court of Appeal president Tan Sri Raus Sharif substituted the jail term with a bound over for good behavior for five years.

If Noor Afizal breached the order, his bailor will have to pay RM25,000.

Raus in his decision agreed with counsel Hisyam Teh Poh Teik, who represented Noor Afizal, that public interest would not be served if his client was given a custodial sentence when he had a bright future.

Hisyam said that Noor Afizal was 18 years old when the offence was committed.

The Sessions Court in Malacca bound over Noor Afizal for good behavior on a RM25,000 bond for five years after he pleaded guilty to raping the girl at a hotel in Ayer Keroh, Malacca on June 5, 2009.

The Sessions Court, on July 5 last year, in binding him over considered several factors including that there was a consensual sexual relationship between him and the girl.

The public prosecutor successfully appealed to the High Court on Sept 20 last year and obtained a five year jail term.

Noor Afizal, now 21, represented Negeri Sembilan between 2004-2010 and at the same time he represented Malaysia in the National Youth Category for five years between 2004-2008.

He is expected to represent Kedah in several up-coming tournaments such as the KL International Open Championship 2012.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Nadia Hanim Mohd Tajuddin appeared for the prosecution.

In the latest case in Penang another judge Zamani Abdul Rahim’s findings that the child screaming rape was dismissed as “imagined” or “fantasied” also runs contrary to legal findings in other countries.

I presume the learned Judge is aware of these?

For example various legal commissions in Australia, Europe and Ireland have concluded that children do no consistently confuse reality and fantasy.

On the contrary I am advised of one such report that specifically states that it is very unusual for children to fabricate a series of events or to fantasize about a sexual assault!

And again in this latest case – the bench has come under public interest scrutiny!

Perhaps, as part of the much boasted transformation program we may now need to re-look at the quality of prosecutors and judges to prevent further disillusionment?

Most importantly, it is now clear that there seems to be a huge lacuna in the quality and professionalism of investigations, effective prosecution and a proactive, vigilant, and proactive sensitized judiciary!



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Dato Jacob George

‘I am certain BMF was not the last heinous crime and bank scandal in Malaysia!

Recent news reports and complaints show clearly that Malaysian banks may not be insulated from abuse, insider dealing, banking misbehavior, inappropriate behavior, ‘special treatment given to politicians,
VVIP, corruption, working with the underworld, criminal gangs, debt collectors, syndicates, money launderers FAKE AUCTIONS, MISLEADING THE COURTS…….(and the allegations can go on and on)

The pertinent question is whether we have the political will, ethics, accountability, and human dignity to order a clean up whether the said bank belongs to a VVIP Tan Sri or a pauper!

Dr Jacob George


It’s been a tense summer in the City of London as one bank after another has faced allegations of massive misbehavior.

Bankers in the British capital, which has for centuries been a center for global business, fear its reputation has been tarnished indelibly and that a heavy-handed regulatory crackdown is looming.

First came U.K. bank Barclays. Its chief executive, Bob Diamond, was forced to step down last month after U.S. and British authorities fined the bank $453 million for manipulating a key market interest rate. Other banks are being investigated for their part in the scandal.

Then there was HSBC, another big London-based bank. It faces fines of up to $1 billion after the U.S. Senate issued a damming report last month alleging it had failed to stop the laundering of Mexican drug money.

Back in May, JPMorgan Chase & Co. disclosed a surprise $2 billion trading loss — later upgraded to $5.8 billion — racked up by its London office in a portfolio designed to hedge against risks the company takes with its own money.

“It seems to be that every big trading disaster happens in London,” U.S. Representative Carolyn Maloney told the House Financial Services Committee as it investigated JPMorgan’s losses.

And now Standard Chartered, that most predictably profitable of British banks, has been accused by a regulator in New York of laundering Iranian oil money for years.

David Buik, an analyst at brokerage firm BGC Partners, says he’s never seen a worse summer in the City.

“Never, not in 50 years in the marketplace. I don’t recall anything like it at any time,” he said. “Our banking sector is probably under greater stress than in 2008,” he said, referring to the year when a global credit crunch caused several banks around the world to collapse.

“We will get out of it, but it is a blow that means regulators will have a greater say in life, which means that economic growth will be slower.”

The City’s current banking culture began in 1986, when Margaret Thatcher’s government introduced the “Big Bang” deregulation that ended the earlier, clubby atmosphere based on individual relationships. That brought investment banking to Britain, with its culture of risk-taking, big bonuses and a focus on short-term returns.

Since the financial crisis broke out in 2008, that culture has come under attack for costing taxpayers billions in bank bailouts and for resisting reform of executives’ huge bonus schemes.

An informal survey of 314 global finance professionals by the London-based Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment on Tuesday found that two-thirds have little or no trust in the British banking industry. Only 2 percent rated the banks totally trustworthy.

“The scandals and greed never stop,” was one comment. “The actions of a few have … undermined the reputation of the U.K. as a global standard-setter,” said another.

The Barclays scandal in particular damaged the reputations of both the British regulator, the Financial Services Authority, and the Bank of England.

Barclays admitted in June that some of its traders had made false submissions of interbank borrowing rates, which are used in calculating LIBOR (London interbank offered rate), a key index for pricing some $500 trillion in global financial contracts, including mortgages.

One Barclays executive, Jerry Del Missier, said he had thought the Bank of England had ordered them to submit false data on those interest rates in order to appear financially healthier. The Bank of England refuted that claim, as did Barclays’ CEO Diamond, who said it was due to a miscommunication.

Timothy Geithner, the Federal Reserve chairman, said he warned British officials of problems in the way the LIBOR is calculated back in 2008, a claim disputed by British officials.

The scandal that has engulfed Barclays could widen to other firms, both in London and elsewhere. HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland, 82 percent owned by British taxpayers, are targets of similar rate-fixing investigations as are several non-British firms.

London bankers now worry that the government and regulators could double down their efforts to control the financial sector to clean up its image and appease public outrage. Boasts of London’s
“light touch regulation,” which stopped only after the credit crisis of 2007-2008, have given way to a determination to tighten oversight.



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Consumerist: GE13 Candidates Must Not Be Criminals, Thugs, Gangsters And Those On Police Radar!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: GE13 Candidates Must Not Be Criminals, Thugs, Gangsters And Those On Police Radar!

I am certain that Premier Najib Tun Razak is ‘having a nightmare’ trying to pick winnable candidates from the lists supplied by BN component party heads, some of them political eunuchs, who have no courage to do the right thing or picking candidates who will do credit to the position!

The right candidate cannot be shrouded with gangsters or gangland activities directly, indirectly or through proxies and it is not easy to convince voters who are aware of the real background of several of the candidates whether one wants to admit or not!

The right candidate must not have political baggage that can be used to discredit not only them but others in the coalition!

The right candidate must be able to address all pertinent issues and have a track record of service among others a family man and religious!

The right candidate for GE13 presumably must have a squeaky clean, credible image and character!

I was recently with a former IGP who asked me exactly how some ‘very questionable characters’ were nominated in the past and I replied that he should indeed ask his boss who then could raise this in private discussions with the Premier!

After all are we saying that what has been picked up by the voters is oblivious to our security intelligentsia?

If indeed it is all about transformation – a change – then the candidates selected must be above reproach and that will be the difference that will garner the votes from an enlightened Malaysian voter base come Ge13 whenever it is held!

I say it again – GE13 Candidates Must Not Be Criminals, Thugs, Gangsters And Those On Police Radar though not detained for reasons that is inexplicable?


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Dato Jacob George

‘But what shocks this consumerist of late is the holding of bogus auctions, insider dealings between bank officials and company directors who had taken huge loans from banks after giving ‘kick-backs’ to
bank officials and banks furthermore illegally ‘selling’ ‘inactive loan accounts’ to third parties and debt collectors, thugs and goons without due notice to consumers.

When court proceedings are initiated it is a pity that Malaysian Judges have not yet asked that consumers affected be asked to be present to allow fair-play, fairness and equity to operate!

And refusing ex-parte applications!

What is even worse is when these third parties threaten, blackmail, ostracize loan defaulters with legal action, and of late make personal body visits to the homes of account holders without appointment!

One loan defaulter was so shocked at the unannounced visit and verbal assault of the a ‘third party’ at his home when relatives were visiting that he suffered a heart attack!

I cannot but wonder whether Bank Negara is still watching over these issues or is still in a state of comatose more so when some of these belong to politically well linked individuals well placed on many roll of honors with their Tan Sri titles and so forth?’
Dr Jacob George



In the past we have heard of symbiotic relationships between high powered politician bankers and industry players sucking up to them for million ringgit loans that often goes bust leading to bail outs leaving no one criminally responsible though an independent due diligence and forensic accounting of the paper trail can prove criminality!

But that takes politicians, politician bankers and industry leeches captive to public accountability and in some countries the political incumbents can fall!

We have also heard of other relationships where foreclosures and auctions are done with the revelation of insider information for various players to make a fast buck at the expense of house and car owners!

But we do not see the similar vigilance when it comes to facilitating draw downs of loans to developers when construction projects especially housing is concerned that has resulted in thousands of abandoned housing projects and equally thousands of house buyer victims and to date justice still eludes them in this self righteous land which some allege to have a ‘perverted definition of urgency and justice!’

But what shocks consumerist of late is the selling of inactive loan accounts to third parties and debt collectors without due notice to consumers.

What is even worse is when these third parties that threaten, blackmail, ostracize loan defaulters with legal action, and of late make personal body visits to the homes of account holders without appointment!

The new methodology is no better than what Malaysians notorious Ah Longs do where the objective is to put the loan defaulter immediate under pressure!

In a recent Port Klang case a company who is a subsidiary of a controversial PLC managed to take a loan of RM10 million on a property then cheat with the help of the bank insiders an innocent businessman who came on board to purchase that said property based on representations that were absolute lies and even peddled by a practicing senior lawyer, the vendor and Bank fails to deliver vital documents causing the breach facilitate the theft of his 10% deposit which is used to rescue the former who according to reports is notoriously infamous for the wrong reasons even in Singapore and knowing fully well that this businessman is the beneficial owner of the said property organizes a sham auction and tries to make greater ill-gotten profits!

Now more Police reports, MACC reports, commercial crime reports, litigation and memorandums will fly raising doubts that our banks are squeaky clean!


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