Consumerist: MH17 – Assaulting The Media Photographers Despicable!

Dato Jacob George

‘This is a disgraceful act! And the Police must act immediately! No one should be allowed to do this! I will have a word with both the Home Minister and the IGP!’ – Datuk Dr Jacob George

Consumerist: MH17 – Assaulting The Media Photographers Despicable!

I am truly ashamed when things like this happens!

I can understand the extreme trauma and anxiety families go through at times of loss as in MH370 and MH 17 but there is a human code of behavior worth following!

That makes us different from the animals and the laws of the jungle where in recent times the animal world has behaved far better than human beings!

Look at us humans and the on-going armed conflict and the images of broken bodies, death, destruction and devastation – the killing, rapes, debauchery, the wanton beheading, genocide and murder in the name of the ALMIGHTY who is LOVE!

Look at the manner the horrific murders, killings and rapes of innocent, non combatants, women and children is glorified by racist, religious bigots of politicians, the vernacular media!

As a learned dear friend said “where students, minders, students through play acting and dressing up their kids in black, balaclavas and purdah – and it is perfectly alright in my mind to show solidarity and organize awareness events to express our dismay, outrage and support for the Palestinian people in their time of need but there is also a danger out there!

It is a danger to romanticize armed struggles especially with young minds. Without proper education, awareness and most importantly, exposure to a lot more world events, these kids might not be able to tell the difference between rebel fighters, suicide bombers, armed extremists, jihadists and the many militants which now include those who have sworn allegiance to the Islamic State and have committed crimes in the name of Islam, a religion of peace!

I concur with my learned friends when they say:

“It is hard enough for those of us working on these issues to distinguish who is who and who is fighting for what. To answer questions such as what is right and what is wrong, who are the good guys and who are the bad.

To young minds, they might all look, seem and sound the same. I doubt you can understand the Palestinian struggle just from a two-hour lecture and dressing up like fighters, jihadists and militants.”

May the ALMIGHTY who is our creator and one full of love and compassion show us the truth!