Consumerist: Leave Najib Alone to do His Job!

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So my prayer is the political shenanigans and adventurers, should just leave Najib to do his job and if they cannot, then be ready to challenge in the next general elections, after all, we are a Parliamentary Democracy!

Till then, shut up and let him do his work!’

Consumerist: Leave Najib Alone to do His Job!

A pity that a day does not pass these days without some fabrication, some spin, some exaggeration, some lie being initiated and made viral by political operatives working on an agenda of destruction!

Even the body language, private moments between husband and wife, clothes, jewelry make-up and gestures put through massive spin and exaggeration by political voyeurs, who are devoid of a life!

But, why so much attention on Najib?

What has he really done wrong that there is this extended plan of action to bring down a man who has always propagated an open door policy, available for any discourse privately or officially and who makes time despite a tight and heavy schedule, and on the move to continue to make the Malaysian community one that is respected by a global community?

He is certainly not one unqualified, by any extend of any imagination, to take political office and leadership!

For the record, Najib was born into the family of politicians and was given a chance to lead the people quite early in life, when his father passed away.

If my memory serves me corrected, he was just 22, when he became the youngest member of the Malaysian parliament and the youngest Menteri Besar!

His rise in the political circle was mercurial and in all positions, that he served, he did it with professionalism and dedication!

He was always popular!

So when he was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister, in 2004, which was exactly 47 years after his father had been appointed at the same post, I was not the least surprised!

As a political leader, he has addressed various issues from uplifting our youth, bringing development of rural areas under the concept of making available housing, investments and economic projects, in the modernization of our armed forces, and various transformation programs that will create a level playing field for our urban and rural communities and divide but make Malaysia a nation competitive, an international hub for all things from tourism, education, health, investment and growth hub!

With his leadership, the landscape is quickly changing making us a very attractive to all and sundry!

Our relationships with the growth and economic giants like India, China, the emerging economies, or military superpowers have also entered a new dimension of friendship, mutual respect, admiration, interfacing and development!

My recent discussion with ASEAN leaders only highlighted a great deal of admiration of Najib’s leadership!

This is despite the mountains of lies, deception, and viral fabrication that gores on air and in various unregulated online media with the malicious comments by agent provocateurs and trolls, making defamatory and malicious statements devoid of any truth!

Even as I write this piece, I am informed of the interest of several US based MNCs, desirous to meet him to confirm their interest in increasing their role, presence and investments in Malaysia!

I am entrusted to look into this by these MNCs!

I do not know about the political morons and idiots out there manipulating and distorting each and everything good being initiated but I know they are only hurting and harming our nation with each and every malicious lie that is uploaded!

All I know having known this man Najib, for such a long time – is that each and every time, I approach him for a consumer or social need or necessity or a community cause, he has never turned away, but has gone further to see that issues are addressed speedily and following up, if more needs to be done!

Is he a reformer?

Yes he is, in his own way, where his desire as he one’s shared with me, so long ago when I visited him at the Ministry of Defense, to address the flood situation in Shah Alam!

I still remember his words:

Dato, I just want to empower and to unshackle Malaysians from the past upbringing, to bring the nation of many people, races, religions, together – where people appreciate the meaning of the word freedom, a higher standard of living, unity despite our diversity, religious tolerance, goodwill and happiness, so that the global community will respect us!

Dato, my dream is that the government must not be a Jurassic government of the yore, a fascistic administration and suppressive regime but one in constant pro-active engagement!
I am sure you understand as a British trained Lawyer, to do so, we must have rules, legislation that we have to live by and abide, by to ensure multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia will flourish.

I do not know what some political idiots obsessed of political power think, but, to me as the leading Consumer Advocate in Malaysia – Najib is a true gentleman, a good leader, listener, sensitive, caring, not flip flopping but yes, taking time to consider all things, as he should in a political context as Malaysia with its rich diversity!

Ultimately, the well being of our nation and its people matter to Najib and there is no two ways about it!

So my prayer is the political shenanigans and adventurers, should just leave Najib to do his job and if they cannot, then be ready to challenge in the next general elections, after all, we are a Parliamentary Democracy!

Till then, shut up and let him do his work!


Consumerist: Are We Serious About Safeguarding Our Environment?

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“This madness is everywhere, the West, East, North and South!

Shockingly, again despite the existence of a plethora of statutes and legislation and the consistent rise of environmental activism over the last few decades. “

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Consumerist: Are We Serious About Safeguarding Our Environment?

It is the same everywhere!

And it is shocking as I was discussing with my two kids both legal eagles and very concerned about social economic , public policy issues, development, human rights and environmental issues!

Is it not true that that the present popular mindset points to a very disturbing and disappointing feature which, inter alia, consists of a conspicuous apathy and callousness in so far as issues involving protection or conservation of wildlife or saving environment are concerned. This is terribly a unique trend in the third world countries and emerging markets as their Western trained or financed intelligentsia push for quick fixes and policies that does not take cognizance of our responsibility to protecting our environment for the present and future generations?

This madness is everywhere, the West, East, North and South!

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Shockingly, again despite the existence of a plethora of statutes and legislation and the consistent rise of environmental activism over the last few decades.
Environmental consciousness is a subject which requires an awareness level that is not easily obtainable in many emerging markets where, in general, the educational level of the masses is abysmally low. However, the tradition and heritage of the country has placed empathy for other creatures and reverence to the ‘Mother Earth’ as a very high ideal to be followed in the day to day life. Yet, through centuries this noble value has been watered down thanks to endless waves of alien cultures invading this ancient land from across its cultural borders.

In more recent past, this emerging markets have been subjugated to a mighty foreign power which has been responsible for tremendous loot and plundering of its natural resources with an utter disregard for its fragile and sensitive environment. This mindless exploitation of nature has cast such an abominable indifference and cruelty in the mindset of the local indigenous population as regards wildlife as well as general environmental matters that hitherto they have failed to come out of that mental bondage and slavery.

Inexplicably, if one had thought that independence of an emerging market or nation will result in holistic change they are wrong!

Instead, with the pursuit of a goal of economic development that imbibed the models of the west relying on heavy industries, the concerns over environmental safety only occupied a back seat, if at all. If my memory serves me well, it only as late as 1972, when the first international summit conference on environment took place at Stockholm, the political authority of the land felt some need to do something in this regard. Hence, the introduction of a few statutes on forests and wildlife?
And everyone is happy?

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Even since then, the scenario did not change much; in several countries, however, in the meantime many nations had seen reaction and in others like India, where that nation had witnessed the initiation of a new brand of movement in older than the Gandhian fashion, one notable amongst such was the Chipko movement carried out in the kumaon region of the Himalayas. The later years also experienced new waves of such movements and emergence of personalities who took leading roles in them. The silent valley movement was notable among them. But sadly enough, the momentum was candidly lacking and soon the public life was getting the bad and undesired effects of such callous attitude and mindless and reckless negligence and utter disregard of social commitments and responsibilities of the big business, politicians, bureaucrats and above all, people in general. And no wonder one nation had to pay a hefty price very soon as one of the fiercest industrial mishaps in the history the environmental disasters all over the world shook the nation on the 3rd December, 1984 at Bhopal, the capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh.

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Till today the real culprits and murderers are still at large!

I have asked my two legal eagles to sometime take a look intensively at the court proceedings and the judgment of that rather disturbing case that caused the death, displacement and destruction of many things held sacred!

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The pertinent question still being asked: will we see a holistic change in the way we manage and administer and protect our environment?

The warnings are already visible from time to time, with major environmental disasters during the last decade in many parts of the world!

India, Nepal, the UK, Europe, the US, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, China, Malaysia, the earthquake that ravaged Sikkim?

It is not only the sudden disasters but also the chronic climatic changes have been contributing to many factors that may affect our lives slowly but persistently in severe ways (one may consider continual floods, droughts and consequent agricultural damages and consequent food crisis, warming in the atmosphere harming crop productivity, pestilence, health problems due to adverse climate causing lower productivity and thus loss in income and so on).

And not only the humans but also the other forms of life will be adversely affected and the resultant effect on the biodiversity will jeopardize the entire web of life in the globe, if it has not already been under threat. One may, therefore, logically wonders what type of growth in economic terms the policy-makers are contemplating and for whose benefits! Will they be able to sustain the temporary gains in the longer-run? It seems, however, that the chance is very bleak.

Unless the present trend is checked or reversed the result will be an utter mess- economically, socially, politically and ecologically.

This is why we will need a new uprising of advocates to address this degradation and destruction and to take to levels unseen before!

And conferences, seminars, and other bull-shit talk shows and cosmetics are certainly not the answer!

We have enough bull shit and professional “environmentalist” who are only interested in jumping from conferences to conferences, from one international flight to another and the bourgeoisie lifestyle that comes with that resulting in absolute nothing to the cause!

It is time to change!


Consumerist: The Indian Blockade Of Nepal A Crime Against Humanity!

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This is ridiculous!

The recent earthquake in Nepal had killed more than 9000 people and displaced over 800,000 and the incoming winter will deal another huge blow in terms of death, pain and suffering!

As such, the comatose political policies of Nepal and the insensitive and cruel blockade of the border by India over Geo-politics is barbaric!

I am sure India’s Premier, Uncle Modi can do better than stoop so low and inflict such a cruelty to an harmless nation caught in their own internal vicious games of political thrones?

We are not just talking about fuel, gas,household items, consumer supplies in fact every essential as Nepal is a land locked country!

Does India not know that blocking supplies of essential medicines is against the World Health Organization Constitution, to which Nepal and India are signatories.

The WHO Constitution identifies health as a fundamental human right.

And as a leading global practitioner of International Law, I am again upset at the double standards, war games and chest beating that goes on at the expense of human lives, dignity and decorum!