Presiden CASSA terima ugutan kerana bela nasib penduduk kondo

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Presiden Persatuan Pengguna Subang dan Shah Alam (CASSA), Datuk Jacob George bercakap pada sidang media mengenai presiden CASSA terima ugutan bunuh di Lake View Club Subang Jaya, Selangor. foto IQBAL BASRI 31 JULAI 2017

Presiden Persatuan Pengguna Subang dan Shah Alam (CASSA), Datuk Jacob George bercakap pada sidang media mengenai presiden CASSA terima ugutan bunuh di Lake View Club Subang Jaya, Selangor. foto IQBAL BASRI 31 JULAI 2017

SHAH ALAM – Gara-gara membela nasib penduduk Kondo Bunga Raya Saujana di sini, presiden Persatuan Pengguna Subang & Shah Alam (CASSA), Datuk Dr Jacob George menerima ugutan dari perbadanan pengurusan kondo tersebut.

Dalam sidang media yang diadakan, Jacob memberitahu dia telah dilantik oleh beberapa penduduk di situ bagi mewakili mereka dalam urusan undang-undang.

Namun kerana tidak senang dengan kehadiran Jacob, dua lelaki menaiki motosikal untuk mengugutnya.

Kejadian berlaku pada awal pagi 27 Julai ketika Jacob baharu sahaja meninggalkan kediamannya di TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam.

Jacob yang memandu kereta ketika itu pada awalnya terkejut setelah cermin keretanya diketuk salah seorang penunggang motosikal tersebut dan memberinya amaran.

“Jangan masuk campur hal Bunga Raya Kondo ini, sebelum Datuk diapa-apakan,” ujar Jacob sebagai mengulangi apa yang diperkatakan oleh salah seorang penunggang motosikal tersebut.

Ekoran kejadian, Jacob membuat laporan polis berhubung kejadian berkenaan.

Menerusi sidang media yang sama, Jacob menerangkan, dia mewakili penduduk di situ bagi urusan undang-undang berkenaan ketidakpuasan hati mereka terhadap perbadanan pengurusan kondo tersebut.

Penduduk di situ berasa tidak puas hati dengan perbadanan pengurusan terbabit yang telah menebang pokok-pokok besar yang menjadi hiasan landskap di kawasan kediaman mereka.

Pelbagai aduan telah dilakukan termasuk kepada Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) dan Kementerian Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan.

Meski pun aduan berpihak kepada penduduk namun pengurusan kondominium itu tidak melayan hal tersebut dan meneruskan kerja-kerja tersebut.

Salah seorang penduduk di situ, Charlotte Lee, 70 tahun memberitahu, mereka telah meminta mesyuarat jawatankuasa penduduk diadakan bagi membincangkan hal tersebut namun usaha mereka sekadar sia-sia.

Wakil penduduk, Charlotte Lee bercakap pada sidang media mengenai presiden CASSA terima ugutan bunuh di Lake View Club Subang Jaya, Selangor. foto IQBAL BASRI 31 JULAI 2017

Malahan Charlotte telah membuat laporan polis setelah dia dikasari salah seorang wakil perbadanan pengurusan tersebut.

“Pada 27 Julai lalu, mereka telah mengunci kerusi-kerusi rehat di kawasan kondo, ketika saya bertanya kenapa mereka mengunci kerusi tersebut saya telah dikasari mereka,” ujar Charlotte lagi.

Aduan telah dibuat di Balai Polis Ara Damansara pada hari yang sama. – MalaysiaGazette


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Above: Residents hand over petition for an EGM & Stop Work Order to the COB!


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Strata Management ACT 2013 (Malaysia) – ACT 757 – Is It Serving Its Purpose?

Are you aware that the Strata Management Act, 2013 received its Royal Assent on 5th February, 2013 and was gazette on 8 February, 2013.

In the marketplace it is known as Act 757!

With the gazette, ACT 663 (BUILDING AND COMMON PROPERTY (MAINTENANCE AND MANAGEMENT) ACT 2007  or popularly known as JMB ACT  and Strata ACT 318 are automatically abolished.

The Strata Management is now operational nationwide from 1.6.2015

Now whose rights, needs and interests, does it serve?

Basically, it affects any person who purchases a unit in a strata development construction.

Bungaraya 7

Above: Murdering the trees?

And by which action, they enter into a three-fold legal relationship:

  1. The purchaser is the individual owner of his unit;
  2. The purchaser is a co-owner with all other owners of the common property and the land of the strata development; and
  3. The purchaser is automatically a member of the owners’ body to whom the management and maintenance of the scheme is entrusted to serve, protect with accountability, good governance, transparency, with dignity and decorum!

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Picture 1: Residents call in the Police to intervene!

Picture 2: Resident use their vehicles to block heavy machinery coming in to cut the trees which will destroy their ecosystem!

Picture 3: Residents post a Press Conference show their displeasure at the act of destroying their environment!

And harmony and goodwill among all in such situations can only be achieved if the strata development is managed properly and the common property and facilities maintained adequately and regularly and all owners work together and contribute to the betterment of the community.

There is no place for a heavy hand!

There is no place for verbal and physical abuse! Even for four letter words! But there have been and I have documentation of such attacks!

There is no place for threats, abuse of power and acts and omissions that positions one set of property owners against another or pitting one against another!

There is also no place for personal gain or for corrupt acts in running and holding office.

The office held is in trust!

Bungaraya 17

Very sadly, there are now cases where with the apparent impotence of the Commissioner of Buildings (COB) and the abuse of ACT 757 by power hungry individuals holding office, there are many cases all over Malaysia which calls for a judicial review and legislation to mandatory force an intervention by the COB by playing a proactive role when there is a crisis rocking and threatening property owners!

This is no more a legal question but a moral one!

From Penang:

A dear friend from Penang wrote the following as she has had a running battle with similar issues and with the COB!

“Penang COB is toothless tiger. Difficult to even get him to commit his legal opinion in writing and act against law breakers within my condo management committee. Very frustrating. Property managers are also a massive problem, particularly when they openly admit they are not afraid of COB who has no powers!” NW

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From Kuala Lumpur:

“Every time I raise an issue they threaten me. The last time the developer who is still in control warned me. “I have deep pockets – I will destroy you!’ He followed up by harassing me with his SUV and blocking my entrance which was intimidation…” MT

From Selangor:

In another case in Selangor, it was shocking that despite repeated letters of protest, personal appeals, Police reports, memorandum to the COB, Press Conference and media walkabout, demonstration and protest by residents, initiating a human and vehicle barricade to protect more than 20 year resort like ecosystem and environment, trees are cut without following the professional arborist advice!

According to the latest intelligence, the residents are also initiating reports with the MACC to intervene in view allegations of corruption and abuse.

Individual suits are also initiated!

One cannot but wonder what is the ‘real intention’ of the tree cutting?

Members of the visiting FRIM team believe the trees cut could well be ‘African Mahogany’ which is expensive and sought after!

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The authorities need to investigate these allegations in the public interest so that the truth is revealed in all fairness!

Meanwhile, there are rumors circulating that the cutting of the trees will commence again tomorrow despite the protest and police reports.

Meanwhile chairs kept in the common area are being chained to prevent residents from gathering and protesting!

The pertinent question is why is there no stop order?

Why is there no order for an EGM despite residents handing over a request 48 hours ago?

As an independent observer, I am disgusted at the incompetence and lack of professionalism of the government agencies!

You go to their office no one is there! (See below!)

Bungaraya 19

Speaks volumes!

You try to intervene to initiate a peaceful resolution; at the management company’s office, they turn and abuse you with threats and vulgarity!

Bungaraya 15

Who are these people? Who is protecting them?

Meanwhile I have received several photographs and recordings which are really shocking, which raises many issues!

It really shows and speaks volumes!

I intend to play it to the federal ministers who I am expecting to meet!

Part 2 to follow! – Inviting Malaysia’s first Lady who is committed to environmentalism and the professional way to protect and not destroy an ecosystem to visit the residents and hear their plight!

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