‘The truth is, it is not a new phenomenon as time immemorial governments all over and powerful individuals have used information as a weapon for millennia, to boost their support and quash dissidence. ‘



Shockingly the term “fake news” was not a term many people used 18 months ago, but it is now seen as one of the greatest threats to democracy, free debate, law and order and the future of what we all understood as truth!

Basically, the desire is that thought that if you keep calling an orange an apple long enough then all will call an orange an apple with the difference that some do it with the state apparatus in tow!

Of course, the father of this term is none other than that president under siege at the White House, Donald Trump!

And of course, again, thanks to him, it was also named 2017’s word of the year, raising tensions between nations, and may lead to regulation of social media, the manner democracy and free speech operates or not, how governments and dictators or corrupt politicians operate and attempt to survive the world over by criminalizing their political opponents and dissent!

And the truth is nobody can agree on what it is, how much of a problem it is, and what to do about it.

The truth is, it is not a new phenomenon as time immemorial governments all over and powerful individuals have used information as a weapon for millennia, to boost their support and quash dissidence. 

But now it has become an international pandemic!

But despite that we can use perhaps several tips to spot (and stop) fake news!

Do you know where your news is coming from?

Here are a few red flags to watch for:

If it is just farfetched to be true? Do not rust it!

Is the story so outrageous you cannot believe it?

We should also ask ourselves whether known/reputable news organizations are reporting on the same story?

Sometimes this is because of media bias, but generally there should always be more than one organization reporting on an event.

Does it pass the CRAAP test?

It is certainly not a vulgar term!

It is a handy acronym for:

Currency: When was it published?

Relevance: Is it created for the right audience?

Authority: Who wrote it?

Accuracy: Is the evidence backed up with data?

Purpose: Why was this created and is there an underlying bias?

And before you share the story or news use the 3S – Stop, Search and Subscribe!

Stop and think about the headline: does it tell you everything you need to know?

Search: Do you know this publication? How about the author? Google is your friend – do some quick searches to see what you can find.

Subscribe: As far as I understand the fastest and easiest way to become media literate is by subscribing to trustworthy, quality journalism not the media that has lost a number of defamation suits and are known to be peddlers of ugly, seditious, racist, bigotry, religious and race baiting stories!

It is going to get worse and may the ALMIGHTY help us all through!


I cannot but admit, perhaps, the USA has decided that at any costs its children are expendable because of the lobbying power of a single deadly industry.

This is criminal, a dereliction of duty and honestly rather super disgusting!


Then, an American-born man, who according to reports pledged allegiance to ISIS gunned down 50 people early Sunday at a gay nightclub in Orlando!

That then it was termed the deadliest mass shooting in the United States and the nation’s worst terror attack since 9/11!

The “lone wolf” gunman, was Omar Mateen, 29, of Fort Pierce, Florida, who was interviewed by the FBI in 2013 and 2014 but was not found to be a threat?

Really, FBI?

Am I shocked – certainly No!

Then, US President Barack Obama called the shooting “an “act of terror” that served as a “sobering reminder that attacks on any American, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us.”

Then, Vice President Joe Biden “offered his prayers for all those killed and injured in the shooting and sends his condolences to all the families and loved ones of the victims,”

The Republican led Congress – any comments?

I forgot some of you guys are heavily funded by the gun lobby groups right?

Then, Hillary Clinton campaign had responded, that she has a comprehensive plan to combat ISIS at home and abroad and will be talking to the American people in the coming days about steps she would take to keep the country safe?


But, you can still contribute despite your defeat!

Donald Trump, the sitting President continues to make speeches and visits the families of the dead from such murders but has not done anything to reign in the violence nor snub the NRA lobby!

And true to form and predictable, and certainly, according to the Donald Trump playbook?

To President Donald Trump, I have just this to say:

“Stop acting stupid in order to protect the NRA. This gun should be banned as should every gun similar to it. This is certainly not against the outdated and outlived archaic 2nd Amendment!

It is against mass murder!

As for CNN – they are doing what they do best push for serious amendments and gun control!

And keeping them politicians honest and exposing the hypocrisy of the current administration, their supporters and keeping the pressure on!

Thank you CNN!

Meanwhile the gun lobbyists and their stakeholders, are silent perhaps, awaiting their communication experts and spin masters to prepare their narrative in response to this US deadliest shootings?

As a Western trained Consumer and Human Rights Lawyer and Political Analyst, I am baffled how on God’s earth can someone who has already been on the FBI and Terrorists watch lists able to purchase the heavy weapons as he did?

And this is not the first time it has happened!

The shooter in this incident, Omar Mateen of Port St. Lucie, Florida despite the watch was able to purchase an assault-type rifle and a handgun and these weapons he used in the carnage at the crowded club at about 2 a.m. Sunday.

In addition to the 50 people who were killed, an additional 53 were injured!

And sadly this death toll makes the attack deadlier than the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, in which student Seung-Hui Cho shot 32 people to death before killing himself, and the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown!

When the last shooting at Las Vegas in 2017 took place I asked on talk show media and my blog postings – has America learnt any lessons from all these tragedies?

Obviously not from what I read after this Florida murders!

To add salt to injury, now the infamous FBI has acknowledged it did not follow its own investigative procedures after it failed to act on a tip about the suspected attacker in this mass shooting at a Florida high school that left at least 17 people dead this week.

I cannot understand why, when this is the US OF A, where and when they received a report through a public tip line in January about the suspected shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, whom a caller said displayed a “desire to kill people”, “erratic behavior” and “disturbing social media posts”.

By their own admission, the FBI stated that the said information came from “a person close” to Cruz on January 5!

Now post the murders we are told the said protocols were not followed!

Without shame perhaps even remorse or wanting to resign as expected to take accountability, instead US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered a review into FBI and Justice Department procedures following the announcement!

After deaths again more paper work and pencil pushing?

Seventeen innocent people are dead and just kids mind you!

Here is a list of America’s deadliest mass shootings.

50 people, June 12, 2016 after a gunman opened fire at a prominent gay club in Orlando early on Sunday morning, 50 people were killed and 53 injured. Police killed the shooter after he held some locals in the club hostage.

32 people, April 17, 2007 A 23-year-old student at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia killed 32 people in shooting spree in two locations. The shooter, Seung-Hui Cho pre-recorded a video of him ranting about rich “brats” and complaining about being bullied. Cho killed himself on the scene.

27 people, December 14, 2012 20-year-0ld Adam Lanza gunned down 20 children between the ages of 6 and 7 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, as well as six adults and school staff before killing himself. Lanza committed suicide.

23 people, October 16, 1991 George Hennard crashed his pickup truck through the walls of Luby’s Cafeteria, a packed restaurant in Killeen, Texas. The 35-year-old then shot and killed 23 people before killing himself. A former roommate said he hated “blacks, Hispanics, gays” and said women were “snakes.”

21 people, July 18, 1984 A security guard fired from his job entered a McDonald’s in San Ysidro, California with a shotgun and killed 21 employees and customers, including children. The guard, 41-year-old James Huberty, was killed by a police sniper an hour after he started shooting.

18 people, August 1, 1966 A 25-year-old former marine, Charles Joseph Whitman, went to the top of a tower at the University of Texas at Austin shortly after killing his wife and mother, and shot and killed 16 people on the campus , wounding 30. He was then killed by a police officer.

14 people, December 2, 2015 Husband-and-wife couple Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik opened fire at an employee gathering in San Bernardino, California, killing 14 people. Both were radicalized in the United States and discussed jihad in private messages to each other.

14 people, August 20, 1986 A part-time mail carrier in Edmond Oklahoma, Patrick Henry Sherrill, armed with three handguns, kills 14 postal workers 10 minutes before killing himself.

13 people, November 5, 2009 Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 people and injured 32 in a shooting at Fort Hood, Texas during a shooting rampage. He was caught and sentenced to death.

13 people, April 20, 1999 Students at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 17, shot and kill 12 other students and a teacher. They committed suicide in the school’s library.

13 people, February 18, 1983 Three men robbed 14 people in a gambling club in Seattle, shooting each of them in the head and killing 13. Two of them were convicted of murder, while the third was convicted of robbery and second-degree assault and deported to Hong Kong in 2014.

13 people, September 25, 1982 40-year-old prison guard and army veteran George Banks killed 13 people in Wilkes-Barr, Pennsylvania, including five of his own children. He was sentenced to death but the ruling was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court after finding Banks mentally unfit.

13 killed, September 5, 1949 A 28-year-old World War II veteran named Howard Unruh killed 13 people on the street of Camden, New Jersey with a German Luger pistol. He was found insane sent to a mental institution.

12 people, September 16, 2013 James Holmes, a 24-year-old recent neuroscience PhD at the University of Colorado, killed 12 people and wounded 58 in a crowded movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. Holmes is serving life in prison without parole.

12 people, July 29, 1999 44-year-old Mark Barton of Atlanta killed his wife and two children at his Atlanta home, then opened fire in two separate stock brokerage houses, killing nine people and wounding 12.

12 people, September 16, 2013 Aaron Alexis, a 34-year-old former Navy officer shot and killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard.

In Las Vegas in 2017, more than 59 killed, 527 injured at Route 91 Harvest Festival.

As you can see this is a long litany of mass murders and after all the sad loss of lives and families lives ruined the carnage continues because as always the Americans failed to give up their guns or at best bring comprehensive, detailed, reforms at gun purchase and control!

And most importantly, ban all assault weapons from being purchased by civilians’ period!

Until and unless Americans are ready to take such stringent steps – it is just a matter of time before the next tragedy strikes!

I cannot but admit perhaps the USA has decided that at any costs its children are expendable because of the lobbying power of a single deadly industry.

This is criminal, a dereliction of duty and honestly rather super disgusting!

After every shooting murder there is expressed shock, then grief, then outburst of anger then nothing happens as the politicians all are in super denial mode!

In the meantime, my sincere prayers for those whose lives have been devastated and ruined by this latest tragedy in Florida!



“Like that script from the movie Gladiator – dictators, and those who betray their respective oaths and dignity of political and public office should take stock – “The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end……!”


As I sat watching former South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, attempt a spin and try to politically initiate more time for a dignified exit, many thoughts crossed my mind!

Now looking back, was his presidency based on a lie, which was initiated by an overturned court judgment?

If I am not mistaken, did not the then 2005 South Africa President Thabo Mbeki fire Zuma, from his job as deputy president in the wake of the conviction of his financial adviser, Schabir Shaik, on corruption and bribery charges?

Those like me trained in the law, would have found the super courage and conviction shown by Judge Hilary Squires who did not mince his words, when he placed the then deputy president Jacob Zuma at the center of his verdict against Shaik and his fellow accused encouraging?

More so, when His honor stated quite plainly that:

“ …all the accused companies were used at one time or another to pay sums of money to Jacob Zuma in contravention of section 1(1)(a)(I) or (ii) of the Corruption Act and accused number one directed them to that end or made payments himself, all the accused are found guilty on the main charge on count 1.”

The then President Thabo Mbeki’s then went on and made a super cut saying:

“The circumstances dictate that in the interest of the honorable deputy president, the government, our young democratic system, and our country, it would be best to release the Hon Jacob Zuma from his responsibilities as deputy president of the republic and member of the Cabinet,”

At that juncture, Zuma was facing more than 700 counts of bribery, corruption and fraud according to reports.

And the record will show, he fought his way back to the summit of political power, which included an alleged rape charge and then he would dismantle the ability of the criminal justice system and the judiciary to act against him.

Even though he was found not guilty in the rape case, my learned friends, will remember South Africa high court judge WJ van der Merwe having strong words for Zuma, saying:

“Had Rudyard Kipling known of this case at the time he wrote his poem ‘If’ he might have added the following: ‘And if you can control your body and your sexual urges, then you are a man my son’.”

That did not shame him into retreating!

And to many of my dear friends who were political  analyst and attorneys monitoring the South Africa scene like me – we were disturbed that by mid-2007 it was clear that Jacob Zuma’s campaign was no ordinary political sideshow.

He immobilized the former President and went on to take power!

That was super checkmate!

All the former President could do was to congratulate Jacob Zuma on his victory at Polokwane in 2007!

With more than 700 counts of corruption and fraud hanging over him, one would have thought it was simply untenable for him to assume the presidency immediately.

But he proved everyone wrong!

Finally, Zuma was handed a gift — a court judgment that offered him a path to power.

Judge Chris Nicholson, citing Mbeki’s interference with the prosecution, ruled that the decision to prosecute Zuma was “invalid and is set aside”.

The prosecution service needed to make up its mind afresh on charging Zuma, he said.

The courtroom erupted in applause.

Zuma, in a dark pinstriped suit rose to celebrate.

Fast forward – once he was in power, he moved to dis-band South Africa’s Scorpions, the independent “FBI-style” unit that was responsible for dealing with high-profile corruption cases.

It was the first action taken to keep him out of jail.

One must remember that absolutely no incoming president had been dealt as powerful a hand as Zuma since the days of the apartheid overlords.

There were vacancies that had to be filled in all the key criminal justice institutions and others in the corridor of power and business.

He could appoint a new police chief; a new national director of prosecutions; a new head of the secret service; and the head of the new Hawks unit, which would replace the Scorpions.

To put in a nut shell, what Zuma did was undermine the independence of the police and prosecutors!

But as history has shown repeatedly about dictators and those who abuse democratic processes and practices, they will fall eventually!

It was just a matter of time!

Like that script from the movie Gladiator – dictators, and those who betray their respective oaths and dignity of political and public office should take stock – “The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end……!

Despite a last moment attempt to again subvert – Jacob Zuma finally succumbed to growing pressure from the African National Congress and resigned as South Africa’s president!

Once a hero of the resistance to apartheid, he may now be remembered for increasingly embroiled in sordid corruption scandals?

I have but just one question – why do politicians on coming to power succumb to the sordid lure of power’s perks, corruption and other unethical behavior.

One final word!

South Africa as I write this piece is a nation economically adrift and unable to achieve the economic equality promised at the end of white rule.

The bigger challenge is the national elections in 2019.

We must pray for South Africa!



‘As a former victim of a drawn-out constructive dismissal myself, the pain, shame, hurt and damage to the family, I cannot but shudder with fear wondering what comes next, for Malaysian employees and in this case, for a dear friend who has written to me!’




I received an email from an individual who had worked with me when I was senior administrator at a premier private hospital, before the same entity carried out a retrenchment of 1 staff and a senior one at that under the excuse of “redundancy” and the “economic downturn?”

Yes, it was I and this was in 1999!

Go read the notes of evidence and the judgment it is shocking, lessons were never learnt by the rich, powerful and connected?

For the record, there were several such cases before mine and after mine, as this particular employer seems to have such cases aplenty registered under Section 20 of the legislation and others?

Only I know how that affected not just me, my marriage, my family, my reputation, my finances and the next 12 years, I fought ‘tooth and nail’ for justice and received it at the Court of Appeal, which ordered my reinstatement and damages!

But, they were for just two years as the law was amended again heavily tilted to industry players?

When the justices read the judgment, I broke down in tears!

If not for the love, prayers from many close friends, priests and my loving supporting children, who stood by me, those long 12 years and my tested faith in a powerful god I would have been totally shattered!

Those 12 years of adjustments and readjustments changes in lifestyle and spending patterns were challenging.

But we had a great provider and protector in the ALMIGHTY!

So I cannot but feel saddened and hurt to receive an email from a former colleague, which reads as this:

“Good afternoon Dato,

I have worked in XXXX since March 1996 until June 2017.

I was appointed as the Assistant Food & Beverage Manager upon employment.

In 1997 August, I was promoted to become the Food & Beverage Manager.

I was the F&B Manager until May 2011.

In June 2011, I was transferred to another department which was not my specialist.

And again in September 2015, I was transferred to the store department which I do not have any relevant experience, totally a new department.

I told my boss and also the CEO that I don’t have any experience in this department but they said it was the management decision.

Finally they put me in PIP (performance improvement plan) and terminated me on the ground of “Poor Performance” after working for 21 years in XXX.”

He sought my advice in going forward in this matter.

My larger question is – what do we do with employers or industry players, who have a reservoir of cases reported to the Human Resources ministry for arbitration under Section 20?

What do we do with individuals and people of power in industry whose administrative decisions and prejudices destroy the lives of employees?

This through evidence introduced in court proceedings and found true by the findings?

Why are these players or their conduits never punished by law?

Is it not time to set up a task force to examine these industry players and take them to task accordingly failing which, we will always have internal players and politicians using various tactics to terminate staff at their ‘whims and fancies?”

Should we not ‘blame and shame” such industry players, some of whom, have won accolades such as the Prime Ministers Award and MITI Quality Award but to what avail, if they really also have a notorious “mafia” within who destroy the lives and career of individuals who have served for decades with passion and dedication?

Worst so cold and with no people skills?

At the same time, are we now to burn the books on the code of conduct for industrial harmony when retrenching staff, as it seems to no longer be relevant to addressing industrial woes in Malaysia?

The 40-year-old code specifies the various steps when retrenching staff that causes the least disruption and inconvenience to both workers and employers – the operative word being disruption and inconvenience.

So if you thought that the duty of the government as a stakeholder in public interest as well as social and industrial justice is to ensure that the workers’ welfare is given top priority, as it is in most civilized countries, should this norm now be re-examined?

Is it time for a high powered government task force to criminalize such industry behavior?

As a former victim of a drawn-out constructive dismissal myself, the pain, shame, hurt and damage to the family, I cannot but shudder with fear wondering what comes next, for Malaysian employees and in this case, for a dear friend who has written to me!



“Elections – The pertinent question is therefore are we agents for holistic change and a change we can all believe in?”


The Election Commission (EC) in some countries are mere brainless stooges. They confirm it the moment they open their mouths and issue statements sounding like politicians rather than statesmen selected to uphold honor, independence, ethical behavior and justice.

Many are worse than parasites and simply the political hatchet men and women specially selected by the powers that be, for their long sustained benevolent and unflinching servitude to their political masters. Some may call them ‘mere running dogs’ but I will not be that vulgar and after all we are going into the year of the dog in lunar year in 2018!

But in some countries the ECs do justice to their selection and appointment and to the merits and tenets of democracy.

From my wide travels, inter-log with professionals, politicians, head of states, retired judges and members of the civil society I have been introduced to several models.

One such that caught my aspirations and inspired me is the Indian Election Commission.

I had witnessed them in action not only in the last 2011 election but also in 2004 and the manner in which they carried out their task was just superb despite the logistics nightmares.

Whether you know it or not there is a model code of conduct and its values are universal provided your intentions are noble, ethical and serving the free and fair election module.

And that code forbids rule by acts of betrayal, treason and worst, fraud. How does this code operate?

As an illustration, in 2004 Deputy Indian Prime Minister L K Advani flew in an Indian Air Force helicopter from Bangalore to Tumkur in Karnataka to address an election meeting.

By the time Advani had completed his speech, the EC had announced the dates for the general election and enforced the Model Code of Conduct for parties and candidates.

As such, Advani was thus compelled to send the helicopter back and return to Bangalore by car.

Such is the power of the Model Code of Conduct.

The Election Commission through its Code of Conduct monitors the behavior and actions of the political parties and their candidates in any elections.

  1. What is the Model Code of Conduct?

It is a set of guidelines laid down by the Election Commission to govern the conduct of political parties and candidates in the run-up to an election.

  1. What is the need for such a code of conduct?

It is intended to provide a level playing field for all political parties, to keep the campaign fair and healthy, avoid clashes and conflicts between parties, and ensure peace and order. Its main aim is to ensure that the ruling party, either at the federal level or at state level, does not misuse its official position to gain an unfair and vulgar advantage in an election.

That, there will be no institutionalized and systemic fraud, betrayal of trust or worst, treason.

  1. When does it come into force?

The Model Code of Conduct comes into force the moment an election is announced and remains in force till the results are declared.

In 2000, in India there was a tug of war between the central government and the Election Commission on the Model Code of Conduct.

The government went to the Supreme Court against the Commission’s ruling that the code of conduct comes into force the moment elections are announced. The government insisted it should be enforced only from the date of formal notification of each phase of election.

The Election Commission called an all-party meeting to settle the row. Eventually all parties, including the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, agreed unanimously to support its stand on the Model Code of Conduct.

That was democracy, people-power, and statesmanship in action.

  1. To whom does the code apply?

It applies to all political parties, their candidates and polling agents, the government in power, and all government employees.

  1. So what does the Model Code of Conduct mean for a ruling party?

In 2004 in India’s ministers, including Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, were not allowed to combine their official visits with electioneering work.

They also could not use official/government machinery or personnel for electioneering work.

Public places for holding election rallies and helipads for flights in connection with elections are to be made available to all parties on the same terms and conditions on which they are used by the party in power.

Government institutions and enforcement agencies were expected and played a neutral role and not as active participants and conduits for the incumbents as in some countries.

  1. Can ministries sanction grants out of the government’s discretionary funds during election time?

No. Ministers and other authorities cannot sanction grants and payments out of discretionary funds from the moment the elections are announced.

  1. Can the government run an advertising campaign in the mass media?

Advertisements at the cost of the public exchequer or in some countries using the Ministry of Finance and misuse of official mass media for partisan coverage during an election have to be scrupulously avoided.

  1. What are the other guidelines for ministers and other government officials?

Ministers and other government authorities should not announce or promise any financial grants to the people; they should not lay foundation stones for or inaugurate any projects; they should not promise public facilities like roads; and they should not make any ad hoc government appointments.

  1. How do candidates and parties campaign when the code of conduct is in force?

Parties can issue their manifesto detailing the programmes they wish to implement if elected to government, the strengths of their leaders, and the failures of parties and leaders opposing them.

They can use slogans to popularize and identify parties and issues, and they can distribute pamphlets and posters to the electorate.

They can hold rallies and meetings where candidates can persuade, cajole and encourage these supporters, and criticize opponents. Candidates can travel the length and breadth of the constituency to try to influence as many potential supporters as possible.

  1. Can parties/candidates hold meetings wherever they want?

Yes, but the party or candidate has to inform the local police authorities of the venue and time of any proposed meeting well in advance to enable them to make necessary arrangements for controlling traffic and maintaining order.

Certain hired or outsourced political thugs out to provoke, intimidate and create a confrontation would not be allowed without fear or favor – strictly by the book!

Those expected to carry out their duties do so without fear of the executive or any political feudalistic tendencies!

  1. Can parties call for votes on communal or religious and racial lines?

No. The Model Code of Conduct strictly prohibits parties and candidates from making any appeals to caste or communal feelings, on race, religion, or pitting communities’ one against another aided by a racist vernacular media as in some countries for securing votes.

Mosques, churches, temples, and other places of worship also cannot be used for election propaganda.

No party or candidate can indulge in any activity that may aggravate existing differences or create mutual hatred or cause tension among different castes, communities, religious or linguistic groups.

  1. Can parties criticize their opponents?

Yes, but the criticism of other political parties should be confined to their policies and programmes, past record and work. Parties and candidates should refrain from criticism of all aspects of private life not connected with the public activities of the leaders or workers of other parties. Criticism of other parties or their workers based on unverified allegations or distortions should be avoided.

Worst they should not use third parties to orchestrate all forms of allegations and gutter politicking.

  1. What happens if a candidate or party does not obey the Model Code of Conduct?

The Election Commission has warned that any breach will be dealt with sternly.

The Commission has the power to disqualify a candidate if he/she refuses to follow the Model Code of Conduct.

I salute the Indian Election Commission again for their commitment to democracy, fair play, accountability, good governance, transparency and zero tolerance for corruption and corrupt practices and not succumbing to direct and indirect attempts by the powers that be to manipulate and taint them.

From my extensive work and observation in these many jurisdiction, they are unlike others ‘hunting with the hounds and running with the hares’- milking all the business advantages and perks from the incumbents domestically, then inexplicably they trade the shades in other forums putting on the face of reformers, which is the height of hypocrisy.

But despite these fine examples there are many nations where their political Czars, gravy train supporters, cronies and inhabitants of the shadowy corners where politics and billion ringgit business meet is a case to mention as they glide in this late hour from the dark ages of gutter politics making predictions and perhaps hoping against hope that the ‘status quo’ will be retained and they continue to rob the nation’s silver to no avail!

And several are spared culpability for the many misdeeds they are alleged to have their hands in?

The pertinent question is therefore are we agents for holistic change and a change we can all believe in?