In 2019, expect a lot of lives and egos to be shattered.

They may include a group of cyber troopers, self-proclaimed aviation experts, so called “mathematical geniuses”, some who committed suicide or were allegedly murdered, industry and certain governmental top guns, a cross-section of the media and sadly, even those having super good thoughts and conviction, some recycling old debris, others printing T-Shirts or cut and pasting all kinds of theories floating in the abyss of the cyber world on air tragedies?

Finally, we will get to hear from a certain group of eye witnesses in Malaysia who saw our aircraft hit the waters and sink!

Of course, they will be put through all the rigorous questions and answers drill, perhaps even a coded polygraph test, and whatsoever needed to ascertain that they saw what they now claim on record!

We will invite both the religious and security apparatus to be involved in the process to maintain and uphold integrity and authenticity at all times in the said process.

The IIT370 team is excited as well.

I just got off from another conference call, with most of them, including those who have been protecting us from harm’s way!

There is an air of excitement!

We worked on this for over four years but we never expected to meet, any eyewitnesses who saw the craft hit the waters, nor what came afterwards.

But now we have both!

The witnesses have passed earlier tests on authenticity.

I am personally financing this undertaking in the public interest!

It is a shoe string budget actually.

And I want to thank the intelligentsia, government and ministerial officials, media teams, several researchers, investigators, and diplomats who have contacted me wanting to be present to witness and participate in this event.

I have also briefed my dear friend the former Defense, Home & Transport Minister during the said tragedy!

It will be in the open, very transparent, accountable agenda put on the table!

The dossier is ready and that will be presented thereafter to the Prime Minister!

The objective is the open testimony of the witnesses and the exact location of the crash site and debris field exposed!

What comes after is entirely not in our hands!

As I stated our objective is:

1. To make public the exact location the aircraft hit the water.

2. To provide evidence to that effect.

3. To facilitate a governmental response and search in the said area to ascertain the authenticity of the claims of witnesses!

4. To facilitate recovery of what is left of MH370 (9M-MRO) & where the debris field is.

5. To urge the government to organize post recovery, a multi religious ceremony for those we lost in the mode of MH17!

6. That a memorial be built at an appropriate site, post consultation with all stakeholders.

7. That the government of Malaysia and appropriate bodies reward those who made it possible IF by the data, information, research and resources provided, we find what is left of an aircraft we lost in 2014!

May the Almighty help us all.



There is no doubt that the age old tactic by business entities licensed or others holding trust positions to spook consumers by threats of boycotts causing disruption of supplies whenever they are called to accountability or threatened by government review of laws and guidelines is not working any longer in the New Malaysia and under the new government!

This is indeed a great achievement and shows Malaysian consumers not being afraid neither cowed by service providers!

Instead we have warned the dealers that we intent to use the Control of Supplies Act 1961 to protect the rights, interests of all stakeholders!

And as such, the government will ensure that the supply of scheduled goods is always in the market and easily accessible to consumers at all times!

Any attempt to disrupt this will result in serious consequences!

CASSA proposes that any entity who disrupts suppliers immediately have their operating license suspended pending a review!

The government in the public interest must play their role and the suppliers theirs in the grand scheme of things.

I am glad that the motorists are not panicking and taking things very calmly.

This is indeed a warning that any attempt to undermine consumer interest and the Malaysian marketplace will have an equal forceful response.

CASSA urges motorists to report any attempts by petrol pump operators to close stations and if that happens to get the required Police permits and hold peaceful demonstrations at that site!

Viral on the social media these activities so that the government is updated and can take cognizance of the fact and respond therein the required action under the legislation without compromising!

It is time those expected to provide a function through licensing are made to account for that privilege!




Threats and more threats against public policy initiatives these days do not work with the new government and that is great news to Malaysian consumers!

In the past, when the government comes out with new approaches – either to install control speed mechanism on heavy vehicles, lorries, ban smoking in public places, initiating no drive zones in tourist streets or plain speed restrictions for the good and benefit of all Malaysians the lobby mafia from political parties and outside move in subtly to neutralize the efforts!

The usual ‘modus operanti’ is the call for a postponement!
And when that happens, change never comes!

A travesty of justice!

So after subtle threats and a stern warning from the government of withdrawal of operating licenses there is a retreat among players in today’s marketplace in the case where the Petrol dealers are allegedly holding a series of urgent meetings with the government over the proposed weekly float system in order to stop a possible national-level boycott by its members.

Let me remind all, that under the law, dealers had to supply fuel continuously or their licenses could be revoked for failing to provide fuel – simple!

That is a requirement under the Control of Supplies Act 1961 since June 1975.

And as such, the government will ensure that the supply of scheduled goods is always in the market and easily accessible to consumers at all times!

Any attempt to disrupt this will result in serious consequences!

As you are aware, I am a strong proponent of the weekly fuel float system, my then minister’s advocate and policy driver, which I believed facilitated benefits for consumers faster from reductions in the fuel prices but dealers fear they may lose money with the same?

In the present controversy, the operators are refusing to restock fuel for the next few days as they will probably have to sell it lower from Jan 1, after the weekly float for the RON95 petrol price is implemented.

This is in view of low global oil prices.

I do not disagree that there are legitimate issues to be addressed but operators need to know that they operate under a license duly given based on policy and it is not their right but a privilege!

It is a pity that in the present political climate, many have forgotten that many things they enjoy is not a right, but, a privilege but as always, the debate between right and privilege gets muddy and clouded when the cocktails of race and religion are embedded in the discourse?

My advice to the government is straight forward!
If there are shenanigans and rabble rousers out there immediately withdraw their licenses!

Send the message that there will be no room to threats or blackmail for this government means business!

Similarly – Malaysia will enforce a smoking ban at restaurants, coffee shops and hawker stalls nationwide from Jan 1!

This move is Malaysia’s commitment as a member state to the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and adheres to the guidelines under Article 8 of the World Health Organization!

The ban will cover all air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned restaurants, coffee shops, as well as open-air hawker centers and street stalls.

Those caught smoking at prohibited areas will be fined RM10,000 (S$3,321) and eateries found not enforcing the ban will be fined RM2,500.

The non-compromising Health Ministry was pushing to gazette all open-air restaurants as no-smoking areas which is fantastic and music to the anti-smoking campaign and advocates!

The move was to not only encourage smokers to kick the habit, but also to protect non-smokers from second-hand tobacco smoke.

There is enough material and data of the health risks and threats to nonsmokers herein!

Here there are attempts by operators and associations to again play the old game of demonstrations, lobby and seeking a reprieve which I am certain will not come with the kind of consumer consciousness and health first stance taken by our new health minister!

Thank you YB Minister!

If these associations persist, it is time to send in the enforcement squads to check each and all restaurant operators, on the requirements of the Immigration act, the food act, SSM and other legislation required under the law for an eatery to operate!

It is game on and the Malaysian government must exercise their role as the government and not be intimidated by the lobbyists and pressure groups to act against majority consumer interest!

Blessed New Year 2019 folks!



“Today we pride ourselves over the present system but what is the system that puts one through preschool, primary, secondary, university, post graduate but the end products are not able to speak and write English let alone be able to articulate and address a variety of public policy and social issues?”


We cannot deny that the joys and euphoria of May 9th is over and consumer sentiments of late hitting rock bottom.

One would be foolish to think that the dragging of individuals in and out of courts, charging them, facilitating huge bail payments is the answer to all present consumer predicament, grouses and challengers!

While justice issues should take its course unabated, public policy initiatives must also be realistic to present holistic change in the nation.

We cannot have repeated U-turns, dragging of decision making processes, when racist anti-change political groups spook the majority race, initiate demonstrations and pressure the government in maintaining a negative status quo that is unrealistic if Malaysia is to emerge as a developed nation!

Many mistakes have been made already, among them, the replacing of the GST with the SST!

Despite the GST being a fairer consumer tax if implemented accordingly, while the SST harbors, insulates, breeds and mushrooms the black market monopolies!

Today in this mix, we cannot also deny that voters are hurt at the engineered by-elections, vicious dirty party elections, policy claims and U-turns.

Much was promised but unfulfilled and sadness permeates with the perception of betrayal of those who sacrificed, risked all and made it a point to cast their votes in the last national elections, many traveling huge distances at great personal costs to save Malaysia!

One area of recent concern has been the proposal to again tinker with an educational system that already is in a state of “chaos and embarrassment” when compared with the education systems of leading nations in the world!

May we humbly ask whose idea was it to scrap exams in government lower primary schools?

Were there serious conversation’s with stakeholders, experts in the field and with those who first were the founding fathers of educational processes in the region, so that if change comes and to be implemented, it should be one workable not another political stunt manipulated with a strategic political agenda and discourse, where our children become the “guinea pigs” of someone’s wild aspirations?

Let us not forget – exams are indeed important because they measured outcomes.

Just because a cross section of disillusioned politicians, educationists, teachers, heads of schools, even parents are not up to the challenge, out of personal handicaps, do we nationally do away with examinations!

The same can be said of those who toyed with the Malaysia’s education system from 1975!

It is mischievous of current education Minister Maszlee Malik to state that the decision to scrap exams in lower primary schools was to restore the spirit and principles of the 2011 School-Based Assessment system, but when challenged – did not explain more.

Worst, when members of the educational elite themselves go on a frolic, trying to justify a exam do-away citing Finland!

We are of course aware of Finland’s achievements and their stellar education system!

But Malaysia is not Finland!

In Finland and in several other countries education is not polarized neither political with pressures and overtones of racial, religious quotas and repeated political tinkering!

And looking at the system, we have today in comparison with what we had prior to 1975, it is clear – we have failed!

But proud to not admit when challenged!

Today we pride ourselves over the present system but what is the system that puts one through preschool, primary, secondary, university, post graduate but the end products are not able to speak and write English!

They are not able to manage challengers, think outside the box having steeped into silos thinking for decades!

But they have their academic qualifications!

I have interviewed a great many graduates and post graduate candidates, supervised their masters and doctoral work but strictly speaking shocked at what we have produced!

Do not stop there but look at Malaysian politicians, civil servants, diplomats, corporate big-wigs, TV News and Airline crews reading, writing, speaking skills and those of managing!

They super struggle even reading a printed text or speech!

I am sure we have not forgotten the UN speech by our then deputy premier which sent shock waves across many countries!

As such, the idea of no exams is yet another death kill to an education system that currently struggling and does not work to prepare us for a global challenge or real world!

We should not forget that exams offer us valuable insights into a student’s progress in acquiring and evaluating knowledge.

Like all things in life – examinations positions a student to test oneself if one has the resources and skills to deal and survive in the real world!

Yes, the process is challenging and stressful!

That is not new and so are life’s challengers from cradle to grave!

And anyone trying to create anything other than this is doing a great disservice to not just education but to the rights, interests and future of Malaysians!




‘It is time we introduced ‘Operation Encounter” in Malaysia to deal with such criminals so that Malaysians and visitors can walk the streets without fear!’


Malaysia and the global village are advised to stop – ‘Victim Blaming’ when the victim of a crime or any wrongful act is held entirely or partially at fault for the harm that befell them.

It is about time that we mitigate the perception that victims as responsible.

In many countries, especially where wild extremists’ theologians and closet pedophiles exist and just bloom there is a greater tendency to blame victims of rape than victims of robbery if victims and perpetrators know each other.

Now looking at Malaysia and the increasing violence and robbery where women are the targets it is time for Malaysians of all walks of life come together in unity and address such cases instead of being spectators!

It is time the Civil Society take on these robbers when we see them carrying out an attack!

If we are in our cars we should chase and run them down using our cars as a weapon!

This is already done in the UK where police have released dramatic footage showing officers ramming cars into criminals riding mopeds and sending them tumbling into the road.

My friends at Scotland Yard shared that the newly adopted “tactical contact” strategy is in widespread use in London after a rise in robberies, phone snatches and acid attacks using scooters.

As a result, moped-enabled crime has plummeted by 36 per cent in the capital year-on-year since the methods were rolled out!

Another way in Malaysia is if we have protective gear in the car we should confront these rapid dogs to protect others.

If we can mobilize such civil action and response at the time of a happening instead of being a watcher or spectator this may act as a deterrent to and put fear in criminals!

Remember the next time it could be your loved one, a mother, wife, sister, daughter or grandmother!

Several years ago about 6.30am my wife, a Malaysian doctor was attending to her car at a Shell Petrol Station in Kayu Ara PJU 6A, where she was robbed of her handbag with monies and personal documents by two robbers on a motorbike!

Before 6.55am they had attempted to use her ATM card but failed at a bank close to the incident!

I was rather shocked that other patrons at the said Shell station never went to her aid!

That particular shell station has had several such incidences I am advised!

This sad and tragic incident was captured on Shell CCTV!

The two robbers had come into the station, done their observation, parked just below the CCTV and waited, watching this doctor attend to her car before moving from two sides to steal her personal belongings in the car!

The rather shocked and traumatized woman was in tears when I spoke to her!

IF only I was there!

She had made a Police report in Petaling Jaya and later in the evening followed through with another report at Mutiara Damansara this time, having me by her side.

I had alerted my friends at the Home Ministry, the Selangor State Police Contingent and Bukit Aman and am thankful for their speedy response and support!

I had got the Shell petrol Station to download the incident and copied it providing a copy to the Police for the Forensic Team to comb it as I am certain these were serial robbers and targeting helpless women!

The incident is uploaded also in face book and You Tube so that members of the public can help Police with the identities of the two and at the same time be educated on the ‘do and donts’ by this incident!

Fast forward 2018 I wonder what ever happened to those Police reports and recording.

Were those two robbers ever caught or there ever a comprehensively track down on such players?

If we do then the robbers will know that society has said enough is enough and will take it upon them to confront a robber to save and protect the victim!

Are you aware that many countries have put up advisories on this situation to would be travelers to Malaysia especially women!

Among them:

You should be aware of the dangers of street crime, particularly bag snatching and pickpockets – and scams involving gambling or spiked drinks.

Incidents of bag snatching are common.

There have been many cases of bags being snatched by thieves on motorbikes.

When going out, avoid carrying valuables with you.

Bags with shoulder straps should either be carried with the bag towards the pavement rather than the road, or tucked under the arm.

Do not wrap the strap around your arm or shoulder and do not try to hold on to your bag.

Victims have been injured or killed by being pulled to the ground by their bag straps.

If your bag is snatched, make a police report as soon as possible

Always be aware of your surroundings.

Take particular care of your belongings especially your passport, as visitors’ passports have been stolen on aircraft, cafes, airport and railway terminals, and from hotel rooms.

Be careful if offered a drink by a stranger, even in a reputable bar or restaurant.

Such approaches can involve spiked drinks, and have resulted in cases of robbery and assault.

Do not open your hotel room door to strangers, even those wearing hotel uniform, and especially late at night.

This applies particularly to women traveling alone.

Credit card and ATM fraud is widespread.

Take great care when making payments by credit card and using ATMs.

There have been many instances where cards have been duplicated and skimming devices added to ATMs.

The situation as far as I am aware and from feedback is that we experience elevated levels of crime in densely-populated urban centers around-the-clock.

We cannot deny petty crime is the main driver; violent and more serious crimes are considerably less common.

The most common crimes committed against Malaysian women and foreigners are petty theft, particularly purse snatching, pick pocketing, smash-and-grab thefts from vehicles, and residential burglaries.

Snatching activity is most common in tourist and shopping districts.

It is no super-secret that in Malaysia most purse snatching incidents are perpetrated by thieves on motor scooters, who stalk the victim from behind, and snatch the victim’s purse, phone, or other valuables.

Some follow their targeted victim on motorbikes or cars to the homes of the victim and attack when they are unaware!

Many incidences where women are distracted by their children or on their mobile phones are most often targeted, but men are also frequently targeted.

Home and Hotel driveways and valet areas have become favorite sites for thieves, even in the early morning hours.

Then we have these days the smash-and-grab thieves most often target motorists stuck in traffic.

Typically, a pair of thieves on a motorcycle identifies a lone passenger and with valuables visible.

The thieves smash the window of the car with a crow bar, grab the bag, and speed off.

We can reduce one’s vulnerability by keeping valuables out of sight.

More recently, thieves carrying knives have slashed at and cut victims’ hands in order to shock them into releasing valuables. Increasingly, large groups of thugs have physically confronted victims.

These types of thefts can take place at all hours and often occur in front of large groups of witnesses, even in upscale neighborhoods frequented by expatriates.

We cannot deny as well that residential break-ins are common, and single-family homes are most-frequently targeted.

Thieves are generally non-confrontational and most often target properties while the tenants are away.

While uncommon, some burglars are undeterred by possible confrontations and will detain residents and threaten them with violence.

It is squarely for this purpose that I advise and appeal that we have a task force set up to look comprehensively at the perpetrators of these crimes, their financiers, middle men, and others aiding abetting them and others who have vital information on these criminals operations and modus operanti!

It is time we introduced ‘Operation Encounter” in Malaysia to deal with such criminals so that Malaysians and visitors can walk the streets without fear!

We have a great Police force and it is important that they be allowed to do their jobs without any political interference in breaking the cycle of robberies and violence perpetrated by criminals on motor-bikes and organized crimes!