In Malaysia, we are all well familiar with ‘political and NGO actors aplenty dressed accordingly, giving impressions of being holy men and women, religious, and of dead sharp conservatism!”

Like snake oil sales men and women, they are super smooth talkers, using religious phrases at every sentence, have absolutely no qualms using “race, religion, entrenched prejudices and ignorance” to fan demonstrations, protests, walk-a-bouts, trips to manipulate issues that they pick and choose to initiate headlines because seriously, what sells better than race and religion – the two very explosive cocktails for maximum effect in Malaysia!

It has worked for a very wide group!

Though, mega dangerous in a multi religious racial country like ours!

We cannot but wonder whether they are serious, or all this is an act that they need to continue to play up, from time to time, as a mantra, to keep up guises, perceptions, and as it provides them a livelihood and image?

Of course, it certainly opens doors to meet powerful people that walk many corridors of power, as well!

The people in power too love it as it shores up their religious credentials to be seen with such actors?

As a political and social scientist, I cannot but ask several pertinent questions on this?

Among them, whether they are consistent or selective after the mischievous calculation, what provides them better political and media mileage?

The irony is they do not seem to portray or share that same enthusiasm for those already here the poorer and disfranchised foreigners/refugees living among us!

On the policy level, our state actors seem unable to roll out a stream of policy initiatives of dos, don’t, and what’s on the table, responsibilities of both parties and a road map for vulnerable and poor foreigners/refugees living in our midst to go forward!

I wonder why?

Perhaps, it is better and politically fruitful, avoiding the ‘elephant in the room’ and expedient for the actors here to scream for justice and attack the US, the Europeans and not forgetting the United Nations over a problem in West Asia, the Palestinians, the Myanmar authorities rather than to address serious systemic and underlying weakness in policy initiatives to assist the housing, education, retraining, employment, healthcare, social mobilizations and integration of various groups of vulnerable foreigners/refugees in our midst?

So whether it is the forced marrying off a child of 11 years due to poverty, though a cultural norm for young Rohingya women to stop schooling once they reached puberty so that they could be married off but in Malaysia a violation of the Child Act 2001, or the lack of funds forcing many to beg in the cities and traffic stops, lack of employment opportunities, education, housing, or the overdue addressing what happened, whose behind it, and did someone attempt to cover it up, then who – the Malaysian killing fields of the notorious Wang Kelian camp in Perlis?

The answers to these questions will denote whether we are a community that is truly sensitive to injustice, pain, and alleged genocide and suffering or just a very deceptive, calculative group of political actors, pretending on the national and global stage!

I would certainly agree that what Malaysia needs is a climate of change for refugees and foreigners living among us!

Truly there is no point in hosting and staging demonstrations and shouting for Palestinian rights, when they are thousands of miles away from us, while right on our doorstep, Rohingyas and other foreigners are alleged to continue to be ignored and treated poorly!



Let us get one thing straight!

MH370 (9M-MRO) has been missing since March 8th 2014!

There has been claims, counter claims, narratives, official and unofficial reports, some so bizarre that only a lunatic can present but they are all on the table!

So it is true that the 5th anniversary is coming and we can continue repeating the same old stuff which basically is a ‘divide and rule’ philosophy much practiced by the super powerful who love to command and control all narratives and as long as we are all busy fighting each other and they can go on saying we have no “credible leads” – many super incompetence, fake narratives, versions and secrets are safe!

Basically what is the issue here?

We had a narrative that it is somewhere in the SIO but after two wide searches, we came back super empty!

Now others are indicating, let us look closer to both the Sumatran waters and the Andaman!

What is wrong with that?

There are enough eye witness accounts citing that area as an area of interest!

Why go on a frolic and maliciously continue the attacks when all my team and I are saying is – let us look at all options on the table!

Till today, no one but us is doing the heavy lifting, unless one considers the attacks and malicious traffic on those social platforms, as one?

We are putting ourselves daily in harm’s way, utilizing our own monies to keep the heat on those who want it gone – period!

Why is it difficult to believe that there was an “incident on board” (there are eye witnesses here) MH370 (9M-MRO) perhaps, in the cargo area whether from “external sources or internal” that totally damaged that aircraft and if it was any other commander in control, I would go as far as say it would have crashed much sooner and it would have been the end of the story!

Now screw you Boeing and others – big time – this was Malaysian Commander Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and one, who is no push over!

Skillful, competent, experienced, trained and a true professional his hallmarks!

I believe he initiated a turn back and was planning an emergency landing at Penang International Airport which sadly was not to be!

Many say that the aircraft was on fire and so did British Katherine Tee, 41, who was on a sailing voyage to southern Thailand that night in March when she said she spotted what looked like a plane on fire with black smoke trailing behind it!

Another eyewitness!

Not some idiot or aviation lunatic on a media talk show talking rubbish after publishing his new book on the same!

For the intelligent and exposed, that statement from British Katherine Tee should blow away that suicide or highjack theory and narrative but we understand not all despite, claiming to be experienced pilots, aviation experts, crash analyst, and distinguished members of the industry and government officials, who includes, the pencil pushers are that bright, after all!

But they are strong, because they have now “command and control” and that is why, I appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday to neutralize that situation!

And I am told some phones are already ringing!

Coming back to that approach to land MH370 at Penang Airport – that did not materialize perhaps, by then either the aircraft was falling apart or both pilots were either dead or unconscious, as were the rest of those on that aircraft!

But if there was still one at the controls, with then I believe that aircraft was very low and low enough for a Telco to pick a mobile phone belonging to one of the pilots, it shows that may be that last attempt by one barely conscious but enough to assist the glide into the sea below, then the witnesses accounts at Sumatra, from many sources, then that of one Raja Dalelah, a 53-year-old woman from the Malaysian province of Johor, who was on a flight home from Mecca on March 8, when she saw something unusual in the ocean below which according to her words – “looked like an airplane” are all collaborations of a true tragic event and not the plot of allegedly “scammers!”

Interestingly all the Sumatran witnesses also put that aircraft there and so did many others who in the earlier stages were aligned to us but in recent years turned verbally violent against us?

Let me go on record this evening!

Until and unless, we all come together, putting away our prejudices and differences, position ourselves and pitch in, what we can, and take ‘command and control’ of the search and its investigations, starting in the Sumatran waters and the Andaman, nothing is going to change!




No would deny the fact that under President Vladimir Putin – Russia has managed to create a strong economy and industry.
Irrespective the fake news and propaganda from certain Western countries!

Addressing the socioeconomic conditions of that nation we cannot but state today thanks to his leadership, vision and professionalism Russians are far richer than any other European nation.

This can be easily and comprehensively seen in the presence of Russians investing and expanding their industry and corporate base and even as tourists visiting Asian, the West, and European and West Asian destinations and their investments!

If I am not wrong I think one of the very first calls of duty by Putin was restoring the Soviet Anthem with the new lyrics.

My diplomatic friends tell me that act was very symbolic for the whole nation, because the said anthem symbolized the greatness of Russia that Putin was going to bring back and he has!

As Russia’s leader Putin succeeded in overcoming the nation’s external debt as such their financial worth today is rock solid!

There is no need for the nation to indulge in any borrowing and in fact it is Russian who is providing international loans to needy nations!

Putin leadership also boosted the industrial development of the country.

Just for example, after 13 years of Putin’s administration and leadership – Russia has 25% of world’s gun market (the same 25% as the US, other countries share other 50%).

Russian industries are at the forefront of most modern technologies both for war and peace!

Their expertise, skills and development in designing anything from firearms, military soft and hardware is remarkable!

Their consumer index, performance and healthcare delivery system second to none as is their institutions of education!

On the other hand for consumer/civilian usage more than 80 percent of civilian cars in Russia are manufactured in Russia itself!

In the quest in space travel and exploration Russian is again in the forefront from designs, manufacturing and test launches.
President Putin has also destroyed all domestic threats from terrorism.

Recently he has led great thrusts in diplomacy international in the Middle East, West Asia, the European Union and Asia!

I noticed that President Putin’s Russia is a country of the traditional values.

The role of religions is very important where if I am not mistaken 75% of Russians are Russian Orthodox Christians but at the same juncture, other religions are also highly respected.

If one wants to look at the levels of oneness just visit the Russian city of Kazan which is the best example of Russian tolerance, where 50% of people there are Christians and another 50% being Muslims.

There are no conflicts and all demography respect the various traditions of one another unlike hypocrites elsewhere!

In fact, there is a very well-known Cathedral there as well.

Of late, Putin’s international leadership has addressed the hot spots in several countries bringing hope and peace.

Russia’s involvement in Syria being a classic example of that!

There is no doubt that it is President Vladimir Putin’s credentials as an international statesman with a vision at world peace that is now making the waves of proactive diplomacy the world over!

And it is in this quest, that I appeal to YOUR EXCELLENCY President Putin sir, to help my team and I to recover the debris of our aircraft MH370 (9M-MRO) which we tragically lost March 8th 2014 and bring closure to grieving families and relatives and my team and I!

This is my very humble appeal President Sir – please do help us!

May the ALMIGHTY continue to bless, protect and strengthen you, President Sir!

Best wishes,
Jacob George


“If you want change that means a departure from the past and how can an individual of no change, do not rock the boat syndrome, a specialist in apple polishing be that catalyst for holistic change?”


The strain of this disease is vastly difficult to eradicate!

This is no rocket science but over 40 years of consumer and human rights advocacy has helped me simply nod my head in disbelief why sitting governments reappoint failed politicians and civil servants to position of power requiring holistic change?

How can we recycle individuals who have just been seat warmers, occasionally using ghost writers to write press statements or letters whenever there is chaos or controversy in the corridors of public policy initiatives?

Their career path prior shows they are a failed personality!
Why do policymakers even governments extend deadwood in the name of change?

Perhaps, this should be the topic of my next dissertation in the summer of 2019 at The Hague!

I have always wondered why governments and decision makers love to recycle politicians, civil servants if what they want is change!

If you want change that means a departure from the past and how can an individual of no change, do not rock the boat syndrome, a specialist in apple polishing be that catalyst for holistic change?

If you were to write down all of the traits of a strong leader who you believe will bring about change – you could create quite an impressive list.

No matter what traits you write on that list, though, confidence needs to be at the very top of it.

We are all aware that communities crying out for change do not follow those who lack confidence.

History repeatedly showed that!

You can be the most technically competent individual in your respective field, but if you lack the confidence to back it up, you will not lead successfully.

Interestingly, people are willing to follow leaders who may not have all the required technical competence, as long as that leader has confidence.

Now I have stated so much but what are those top characteristics that set strong and confident leaders apart from average leaders, even the totally bankrupt ones except that they have the special skill to kiss ass:

Most importantly I believe confident leaders envision a positive outcome.

They believe that they have the skills needed to figure it out, find the resources, build a team, and consistently deliver the desired results and along caveated and entrenched timelines!

Confident leaders truly believe they can make a difference in the world, and their positive vision allows them to lead positive conversations.

Secondly, I have always noticed that leaders who have confidence are perfectly comfortable telling people that they do not have all the answers.

They are happy to tell others, “I don’t know the answer, or exactly what actions I should take, but I will find out.” Or, state, “I don’t know, but I know that we’ll be able to figure this out as a team.”

And not pass the blame; make excuses, as if it is always another’s fault or that one can rewrite the narrative avoiding blame?

In many of my visits abroad, I have always taken time to meet retired heads of states, members of the diplomatic community, civil society members, the media and certainly professionals.

And I have noticed among those accomplished that they say very little but are comprehensively listening and certainly making their own discourse of you!

My late grandfather an educationist and peer of the first two premiers of Malaysia always told me that talking too much is a common sign of lacking confidence.

Confident leaders are comfortable choosing their words carefully to make their point, and are equally comfortable listening to others.

That is not all.

He also urged me to ask more questions.

He used to tell us that asking questions is a great way to signal to others that:

1) You don’t assume you already know the answer and,
2) That you value the other person’s opinion.
3) By asking questions, you not only educate yourself further, but you encourage others to step up and contribute their knowledge and ideas.

Among other traits we must remember that individuals who lack confidence are not comfortable giving credit and recognition where it is due.

Confident leaders feel truly blessed with their life and find it easy to acknowledge the good work of others.

They also have the ability to lift others up when they need it.

I am certain members of my former team at flex would concur with what I am citing here!

And certainly when one does that you are open to risks or at least calculated risks.

I believe and it is in my foundation that strong leaders confidently forge into the unknown, and learn from their mistakes.

They are not safely mired on the sidelines, but, rather, spend their time in the thick of the play.

Confident leaders believe they can successfully accomplish their goals, and pursue them regardless of uncertainty.

And there is nothing wrong in accepting compliments either.

When confident leaders are complimented, they feel comfortable and worthy of accepting the compliment.
Instead of discounting the compliment, they simply say, “Thank you for taking the time to share that positive feedback with me.
It makes me feel good.”

Confident leaders know that if they do not feel worthy of praise, others will soon stop providing them with positive feedback.

But having said that, we have the other spectrum as well, where inexplicably, we can be motivated by negative people.

Let me explain this.

I have always welcomed challenges!

Confident people love to be told, “You cannot do that,” or “It would not work in this context.”

But I am certain as well when confident people hear those words; it triggers the “Watch me!” response.

Many confident people readily admit that they are where they are today because someone told them something could not be done.

My flex team would remember my repeated ‘mantra’ to them where they are urged to be calm or what I call – “the peace be still syndrome!”

This when dealing with challenging, stressful situations!

In difficult or stressful situations, confident people have a knack for combining their positive vision with talking less and asking more questions.

This is the exact opposite of what a leader lacking confidence does.

At some point, we all have experiences where as a leader who “lost it” in a difficult situation and said or yelled something that they later wish they had not done.

Asking questions and listening before you provide direction tends to have a calming effect in difficult situations, and is a whole lot more productive than yelling.

Finally are we leaders taking action even though it may be unpopular but required in the grand scheme of things or are we just holding fort – the status quo?

After all when the month comes your salary is assured work or no work!

That is the difference in the final audit!

Confident people believe they “can,” they set more goals, take decisive action, and get more things done. They do not sit around wasting time second guessing themselves and others or giving excuses!

So truly leadership is hard.

It is just about impossible; however, if you do not have the confidence to carry you through the tough decisions and circumstances leaders are faced with on a regular basis.

If you do not believe in yourself, why should the people who follow you do so?

When people feel your confidence radiate, they are naturally inclined to trust you, and will more willingly invest their time, energy and loyalty to ensure that you and your team succeed.

This is why I appeal to those who when reappointed to vital government and other positions, please be brave and true to yourself and the nation and please stand down if you really do not have these traits!

Your track record prior is clearly there for all to see whether you are an agent for holistic change or apple polishers, more a kiss ass specialists, just serving yourself at the public expense!

As for those making the decisions, reemploying – rejects and failures – please remember your constitutional oath of office!

The nation deserves the best not rejects!



One would not be wrong to believe that among the issues confronting and damaging Malaysia’s healthcare delivery system is the need for professional, visionary leaders with foresight and zero tolerance for racism!

But the reality is there is strong undercurrents of politics and fiefdoms that have been created with the strong breeze of fanaticism, racism and power politics which has hurt the once fine image of MOH!

I should know as I have walking the corridors of power and writing on these issues since 1980!

If one remembers, more than 30 years ago there were just about 3 medical schools producing about 400 doctors a year!

Fast forward from just 3 we then had more than 30 medical schools in the country or more!

Then the inevitable happened where more than 4000 new doctors started horsemanship at the Ministry of Health.

And since that day it has been shockingly increasing!

I remember then been advised by the then policymakers that the 2010 goal of one doctor per 600 population had already been exceeded in Kuala Lumpur, where the ratio now stood at more than one per 400.

This is where issues arise.

There is over supply everywhere except the places of dire need in East Malaysia and the rural heartland!

This is strange since we are allegedly having more than nine public and nine private local institutions, alongside foreign accredited ones, producing between 1,500 and 2,000 medical graduates every year.

But then again I must admit that the real issues may not just be the numbers but the quality of students at the point of admission, the professionalism and standards of teaching in that educational incubator!

Of course, the same can be said of our incubators with its various strains of race quotas, religious profiling and caveats!

Which looked upon is detrimental to the Malaysian healthcare delivery system when combined with the power racial religious politics end to end!

Where fear exists among peers, when, competence and professionalism stares them in their eyes and many realize they are there not because of merit?

But this can be a point of discussion another day.

For now – I am more concerned about the more than 5000 medical doctors who have since returned and jobless!

I am surprised our super globally trained administrators of the Malaysian healthcare system have yet to address this issue.

Can I humbly suggest a remedy?

Is it not time that we absorb these numbers into the systems not as doctors, until the situation improves, but for training, research, development programs like internships but within the hospital setting!

I am certain the very professional and imagination filled Finance Minister working across with his colleagues in the cabinet can find the financial resources to sustain such a project?

We can facilitate an allowance of say RM1000.00 to cover expenses to facilitate the said endeavor?

The government gets extra qualified hands in the field to assist in areas which I have cited, the candidate are positioned in a hospital setting where they are experiencing in-house training and gathering further knowledge which will come in handy when the situation improves and they get called in to be doctors?

I pray that the MOH may seriously look at my humble suggestion and even perhaps, invite me over for a cup of coffee to expand on this!

Failing which, we super pious Malaysians should be ready to expect that the next grab driver we engage may just be a medically trained doctor without a job!