If any of us had thought that the season of making false Police reports was over, post GE14, we were wrong!

In fact, the number of such incidences seems to be gaining momentum, as police report making, has become a political tool and weapon to attack, undermine and defame one’s political, racial and religious opponent!

This is the sad state of affairs we experience domestically, while some of our politicos preach with hypocrisy on the rule of law and of human rights with a forked tongue abroad!

It would not be an error to say, that today police reports are being weaponised, to initiate criminal intimidation, fear and threat!

And as such, it is about time, action is taken against anyone initiating one, for such a purpose.

We do not deny that public interest encourages that a police report with regard to any crime that comes to his or her notice should be made.

And as a lead consumer activist and Attorney with over 41 years of track record and service, I am well aware that such a report is important to set any criminal investigations into motion so that any alleged crime may be investigated and the perpetrator be brought to justice through due process!

But here, there is a clear difference when political Police reports are made, immediately followed by a press conference and demonstration with banners outside the said Police station which is clearly an abuse of due process, and shows to the world at large the real intentions of those making the said reports as they viral the entire happening using social media even before the authenticity of the allegations are ascertained by the authorities!

And it is despicable, that despite provisions for prosecution for lodging a false report, under s.177, s.182 or s.203 of the Penal Code, it has yet to curtail such calculated and planned abuse.

Is this because action is not being undertaken against these mostly politicians and others masquerading as alleged NGOs?

A person who lodges a false police report, if charged in the first place, and if convicted, may face imprisonment up to six months or fine of RM2000.00 or both, which I state herein, should be increased in view current abuse!

But based on the manner it is abused, it is obvious, current penalties are not a deterrent!

Perhaps, it is also time that victims of such fake Police reports should initiate their own reports followed by legal proceedings!

After all, the political shenanigans who lodge such frivolous and politically-motivated reports do so at the expense of Malaysian taxpayers and undermine our stretched and hardworking Police force, whose resources are really needed to address spirally crime, law and order issues and terrorism, rather than be waylaid by fake reports!

Our men and women in blue, should be accorded due respect and not be abused and treated like a political tool and conduits to intimidate and frustrate one’s political opponents!

It is my humble appeal that in the weeks to come, our no nonsense Inspector General of Police, will address this issue of much public interest in a comprehensive manner.