Consumerist: Dr M Told Fear Mongering Not The Recipe To Winning Elections!


Dato Jacob George

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Consumerist: Dr M Told Fear Mongering Not The Recipe To Winning Elections!

Malaysia’s super specialist at fear mongering should do all Malaysians a favor by really retiring from active politics and shutting up!

He is not helping those of us addressing many issues on the grassroots and damage limitation without any personal gain whatsoever!

And why?

It is all because we love the nation and feel duty bound to address present wrongs in a holistic manner and not selectively or cosmetically!

Voters have already made up their minds and in the next few weeks we will witness many politicians and sitting MPs, State Assemblymen from both political divides making all kinds of statements from that they are quitting, or joining the opposite fraction or worse claiming to retire from active politics!

Some may even make statements of how they were enticed by millions to crossover but stayed the political course to get re-nominated despite very poor performance!

While others may say that they are doing so because they are making way for “younger and more active candidates with potential to become a leader at division level.”

But there will be a small fraction who want to quit as they realize standing will end in an embarrassing defeat even if it was what was prior speculated to be a safe seat!

The political baggage that they carry is indefensible – period!

The plain truth is that many know that they are going to be replaced or dropped so they conduct what is a preemptive strike of resigning after making private beeline to the opposite fractions.

Ultimately in all moves it is primarily the selfish greed of wanting to continue in politics despite several terms spent enriching oneself and one’s close friends and relatives!

It is worse in Sabah where it all points not to serve the state better but of personal and private interest!

It is also obvious that opposition groupings are eying all the federal seats in east Malaysia’s Sabah and Sarawak where there are 57 federal constituencies, or 25 per cent of the 222 parliamentary seats available.

If you remember carefully in election 2008, BN retained power over Putrajaya largely due to wins in east Malaysia and Labuan, where it made a near-clean sweep, winning 55 seats against PR’s two but this time issues from colossal corruption, illegal immigrants and uncontrolled greed and abuse of power!

If one thought making proactive or feel good announcements is the answer to winning elections one is again wrong like the announcement of a royal commission of inquiry on illegal, economic and political immigrants what was known then perversely as ‘Project M’ then going silent on all fronts?

In the peninsula, recent observations show a very strong swing towards the opposition and unless the incumbents can come up with a surprise recipe of qualified clean candidates and a track record of independent focused thinking and service to the grassroots, holistic policy changes, the repeal of draconian legislation, zero tolerance of corruption and kick backs, instead of fear mongering, attacks against minority groups, racist statements, spins and fabrications, badgering of Malaysian Christians through mainstream media – one might as well start shredding documents now as political environment and power is about to change drastically!



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