President – Consumers Association of Subang & Shah Alam, Selangor (CASSA) Chairman, Selangor Consumer Council – (Appointment By YB Minister of KPDNHEP ( 5 Terms in Office)

Senior member of the Malaysian National Consumer Council (MPPN)

CHAIRMAN of the MPPN focus group on LAW & POLICY

Malaysia, ASEAN & APEC Lead Consumerist & Human Rights Expert.

Hon Special Adviser to YB Ministers

Skilled in addressing:

Corporate Communications & Crisis Management, Government Relations, Terrorism, Internal Border Security, Media, Legal and Corporate Affairs.

(Above with YB Minister of KPDNHEP – Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution)

Datuk Prof Dr. Jacob George (63) is a tireless Social Worker and  Malaysia, ASEAN, APEC Lead Consumer Advocate, Political, Public Policy Analyst & Human Rights Icon.

As a senior law graduate of over 30 years, he works with the Malaysian government, global, regional intelligentsia and past portfolios include at the Socio Economic Research Unit (SERU) at the Prime Minister’s Department, Centre of Policy Research (CPR) at Universiti Sains Malaysia, in the corporate sector, as Senior Administrator at Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), American Multi National Company, Flextronics (flex), and several non-governmental organizations in the domestic and international stage.

Among them, the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP), Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM), and as Legal Adviser to Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (FOMCA).

He is the Deputy Chairman of the Internationally recognized NUMAN FOUNDATION which address educational & scientific studies, human rights, development and social issues.

Dr George was a consultant with the US and Multi national company, Flextronics (flex) between 2014-2016 addressing their compliance, human resources, government relations, corporate and strategic challenges at the national and international level.

He is the founder and current President and Legal Adviser of the Consumers Association of Subang And Shah Alam, Selangor (CASSA) also known as CASSA MALAYSIA.

Dr George is a popular speaker at both national and international seminars, conferences, and television talk shows.

He is dedicated in shaping public opinion of both public and legal policy issues and a regular contributor to print and online media and the court of public opinion in Malaysia and the region.

His advocacy skills is phenomenon and passionate.

His strict no nonsense approach, integrity, comprehensive proactive comments and feedback are always a barometer assisting both Malaysian, ASEAN and APEC governments in reviewing and initiating amendments to statutes, new legislation, consumer and public policies in the region.

He is presently serving in his fifth term as Selangor’s Consumer Council Chairman, an appointment by the honorable Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives & Consumerism.

He is also a senior member of the federal government’s National Consumer Council at  Putrajaya.

Dr George is an authority on Government Relations, Diplomacy, Law, Human Resources and Public Policy deliberations.

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Jacob George Menon 4

Jacob George Menon 5

His studies and stints in several countries notably, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Holland, Germany, Vietnam, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, the United States and awards won and received there has equipped him to address a wide range of issues and portfolios along cross cultural/racial settings.

He speaks over 7 languages.

At the global stage, which includes ( ASEAN  and APEC fraternities) Dr George is committed to addressing various consumer, public policy and anti- trafficking, violation of human rights and terrorism initiatives!

Dr George is an expert in addressing modern day slavery and human trafficking issues and has a track record of destroying and dismantling manpower agents exploitative trades and violation of basic human rights in several countries.

Since 2014, he has also taken the lead of the International Intelligence Task force 370 (IIT370) a group of dedicated, passionate and men & women of integrity from the global community to investigate the inexplicable disappearance of the Malaysian Aircraft 9M-MRO (MH370).

Presently, looking out for new challenges and opportunities and editing the expected  publication of several of his writings.

  1. Food Safety & The Consumer
  2. Tips Pengguna
  3. The Civil Society & The Sea field School
  4. A Critical Review of Liver Transplants in Malaysia.
  5. Issues In Consumerism
  6. Medico Legal Issues In Hospital Administration
  7. CASSA’s CSI & Fair Price Outlets
  8. A critical Look At Ambulance Services In Malaysia.
  9. MH370 – Conspiracy Or A Mismanaged Tragedy?
  10. Terrorism – Barbarism At Our Gates!

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