1. The above is the photo fit of Malaysia’s pathological liar and conman Bala Devan A. Theaivendiram ‘Kannan’!

2. Read/See for yourself (below) these are just samples and there are more to come -  pathological liar and conman Bala Devan’s many different strokes in signing off contracts and undertaking letters after taking monies from his victims!


It is indeed a pity that so much ‘data’ is only now spurring out on the pathological liar and conman Bala Devan who hails from Scots Road, Brickfields and popularly known there as ‘Kannan’

The swine with an expensive taste for women, watches, fine clothes and a compulsive gambler!

To fuel and finance his passion he went on from engineering one fraud to another!

According to reliable sources he has dyed his hair, changed his mobile number for the hundred time thinking that he is off the radar- planning his next fraud!

According to allegations from victims – even his aged and ailing mother is not spared as he goes around asking people money to ‘buy medicines’ for his mother which is an abuse and a lie? How low will one go?

‘Kannan’ – Bala Devan – knows that he is being watched each and every moment, his calls monitored but only I know which day he will be picked up!

What with so many birds singing from every part of the country and even in India – we could not have asked for more!

Our intelligence network inform us that this pathological liar’s ‘friends’ in ‘high places’ in India and Singapore are avoiding him like the plaque!

My advice to him – enjoy the moment – it is just a matter of time before you will have to face justice!

Only when the Police arrest him can we find the answers for all of the above and these:

1. Who gave him that confidential letter of award between Malaysian and India?

2. How did he get control of the total specifications, drawings, pricing of the entire Seremban to Gemas project which he attempted to sell at RM5 Million at one time but had no takers?

3. Who gave him the two letters claimed to be Ministry of Railway’s Railway Board letters? (see Blog posting part 4 on this subject) Was that leak from the Ministry of Work? 

4. Who gave him that recent letter written by Ircon International Managing Director to Malaysia’s Transport Minister?

5. Who is A.P. Misra and what is his role in all these allegations? Is he also a victim or a player? Who were his link in Ministry of Railways India and IRCON if any? What was Tamil Nadu’s role in this?

6. Who were the other directors of Zen Bridge Sdn Bhd and Era Phoenix Sdn Bhd with Bala Devan s/o A. Theaivendiram?

I am certain in the course of police investigations both here and in India all these matters will be pursued and revealed leaving no stones unturned!

Delhi must do its part and seriously too if she does not want to lose out on future deliberations!

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