And in the interest of public health, Health Minister dear friend, Khairy Jamaluddin had rightly put his foot down on all political activity that can surge both the infection and fatalities!

He has our undivided support!


There is a debate going on in Britain!

Their infection rate is surging and there are calls to look at how Europe has addressed the pandemic!

My colleagues in Germany tell me that for example in Frankfurt, you cannot simply go grab a burger inside a restaurant, go to an indoor pool or have a drink in an indoor bar.

If one plans to you have to present either certification of full vaccination or a negative test result from the last 24 hours.

Interestingly here dedication, competence, a political will, dedication is seen!

And to address various gaps and lacuna and to address this, testing centers are literally at every corner with results available within 10-15 minutes.

That is competent planning!

Wherever you are in shops and on public transport, masks are required – and not cloth masks.

Only surgical or FFP2 medical grade masks are permitted.

They are not bothered about hypocoristic cries about the economic, as Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world, was cancelled this year owing to limits on mass gatherings and international travel.

The result my dear friends in Munich Germany are managing to control their Covid epidemic and bring down the numbers of cases and deaths.

I am advised by contrasts, by both family and friends and relatives there that in England and the UK are seeing a sharp rise in cases.

Deaths are now on the increase too as this week’s daily reported toll was the highest since March.

While the UK government continues to ask people to be vigilant and keep calm and carry on, the clock is ticking.

Everyone is talking of a balance.

The mantra seems to be a formula urging minimal restriction aimed at keeping maximum economic and social activity while limiting the spread of the virus.

So I am rather disturbed that by contrast there seems to be protest by politicians in Malaysia as election fever builds up in Melaka!

I am upset at the obsession to without proper planning to lustfully open borders to outsiders.

Or to allow massive uncontrolled or not-monitored interstate travels just to please the recalcitrant communities and political base!
I am fully supportive of two recent calls made.

First Malaysia’s Health Ministry has issued a ban on political gatherings in the state from Monday (Oct 25) to Nov 27 over Covid-19 concerns.

Health Minister dear friend, Khairy Jamaluddin had rightly stated that while there will be standard operating procedures (SOP) for the state election, it will only take effect during the campaigning period from Nov 8.

And in the interest of public health, all political gatherings will now not be allowed in Melaka.

As far as I know the risk of transmission of Covid-19 remains high, especially with the transmission of the Delta variant in the community and the growing number of new cases reported, these political activities will only further increase the likelihood of more infection outbreaks.

This is criminal incompetent behavior and unfair to our exhausted, dedicated frontliners!

We have seen what political arrogance and stupidity did in Sabah and Sarawak and the infection and fatalities they brought!

For those with short memories, the  last statewide elections in Malaysia took place in Sabah in September last year, and caused a surge of Covid-19 cases that never really abated, undoing the country’s early success in containing the virus.

I was so upset for our frontliners and members of the Ministry of Health and support services!

My friends at the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) have also appealed for a common sense approach, where they have called for ban on physical campaigning to prevent new Covid-19 wave!

If we cannot listen to the experts and if we allow again our self-serving, selfish, arrogant politicians to decide otherwise we may be in for another upsurge and more fatalities!

Our politicians have now become an embarrassment to the nation as they are only serving their greed and political power lust!

They never cared for us!