“Perhaps, a technology that facilitates command and control of an aircraft, and even if for whatever reasons of strategic, national or security interest which even means in some situations of perceived hostility, even the dumping an aircraft where the sun shines not if what is on that aircraft is against US interest?“


Two crashes within the space of 6 months in Indonesia and Ethiopia both with huge loss of life!

The latest Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 plunged into farmland minutes after take-off from Addis Ababa for Nairobi!

The victims came from more than 30 countries, and the United Nations said they included 21 members of its staff.

But to the Washington hawks, their conduits and the industry that is perhaps collateral damage?

Of course, Boeing may face lawsuits from victims’ families in the United States, where legal compensation payments for people killed in plane crashes could run around US$2 million to US$3 million per person, depending on the law applied, compared to about US$200,000 in Ethiopia – again a classic injustice even in death?

Well done – China, Indonesia and Singapore are reported to have grounded their fleets!

CASSA MALAYSIA has appealed to Putrajaya to do likewise!

We cried out post the Indonesian tragedy!

In this tragedy, even before the 157 people’s bodies were recovered in totality, or an independent investigation commenced, we already have the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issuing a “continued airworthiness notification” to assure operators of the plane that it was safe to fly.

This is the kind of insensitive response and cold hearted narrative that continues to surge hatred for the Americans globally!

Perhaps industry captains, politicians and shareholders were more glued and concerned that Boeing Co shares lost billions of dollars off the market value of the world’s biggest plane maker?

When there is crisis there is always a diversionary tactics being mobilized!

I am certain this was not all as a diversionary response post Indonesia where we lost 189 passengers the response was a report that the FAA publicly detailed for the first time a series of design changes and training requirements mandated from Boeing on the MAX fleet!

And on the ball, we had an idiot who jumps in to say kudos – in the likes of one Dennis Tajer, a spokesman for the American Airlines pilot union and a 737 pilot because as he says it that was the perfect response and mother of all answers needed?

“Fools and idiots” – are seldom alone!

Boeing Chief Executive Dennis Muilenburg is reported to have gone on record saying that he was confident in the safety of the 737 MAX in an email to employees which was seen by Reuters.

Sadly, consumers the usual beggars to high stake corporate maneuvers and games were again shortchanged it was business as usual despite that Indonesian crash!

But there were also small victories when a response when Argentina’s Association of Airline Pilots ordered its members not to fly the MAX series.

Adding to the list was US Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein urged the FAA to ground Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 fleet.

I was uplifted at her statement when she stated quiet plainly that:

“Until the cause of the crash is known and it’s clear that similar risks aren’t present in the domestic fleet, I believe all Boeing 737 Max 8 series aircraft operating in the United States should be temporarily grounded.”

But that is not how corporate America works!

Even with the discovery of black box recorders means nothing, as first the recordings must not be damaged and typically it takes a year for a full detailed investigation to be completed and we all know what can happen in a year in corporate America!

I am certain whatever considerations and decision are made will certainly be motivated as there are over 350 of the new jets delivered to customers, with another 4,661 on order!

I am certain that the problem may not be that design changes are needed, more training of the pilots or the subtle mentioning of software changes but whether there is a great fear, and one of mammoth proportions among the manufacturers post 911 to make drastic changes to the technology of these new aircraft where the previous ‘command and control’ of the aircraft was with the pilots but today perhaps, that facilitation is taken away where all decisions are made or undermined by new technology making pilots actually redundant?

The issue here is not design but the inbuilt technology within, that overrides the pilot’s intervention to take control and the current technology prevents?

Perhaps, a technology that facilitates command and control of an aircraft, and even if for whatever reasons of strategic, national or security interest which even means in some situations of perceived hostility, even the dumping an aircraft where the sun shines not if what is on that aircraft is against US interest?

Sounds familiar to a tragedy closer to home!

It is a pity, 911 still haunts the Americans and the world of air travel consumers paying a price unless we change manufacturers?


‘That freedom of speech is not a key to defamation, vulgarity, personal attacks, threats, verbal terrorism, pitting one against the other, which threatens public order!’


I was delighted after recent shocks, shivers and sadness, in the manner hate speeches, and racial and religious undertones were being spiked by politicians, conduits, mercenary bloggers and cyber-troopers recent weeks, our beloved King waded in on this pertinent issue.

It seriously undermines the very foundation and fabric of our nation’s sovereignty and place in the global community and as a member of the United Nations!

This must have also troubled our beloved King who always had his finger on the nation’s pulse!

Resulting in his Royal Address to the Dewan Rakyat when officiating the first meeting of the second session of the 14th Parliament this morning!

It was truly a vintage address which all peaceful, law abiding Malaysians would have welcomed!

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah strategically addressed three components in his address namely:

1. The need for genuine racial ties instead of mere slogans,
2. That the spirit and effort for unity must be genuinely cultivated with sincerity and appreciation, and thirdly,
3. The importance of upholding the Federal Constitution and to act against attempts to undermine unity and harmony in the country.

Our beloved King was right on cue!

All of the above three fundamentals that are critical and upheld by our founding fathers were indeed the foundation to position Malaysia, where she is today!

Our beloved King’s address was the perfect antidote to address recent attempts by not just local politicians with their hate speeches, but also, foreigners who have arrived here either on social, educational, employment visas or permanent residency, some from failed states and states in racial and religious conflicts but allegedly conduits sowing seeds of discord among religious and peace loving and laws abiding Malaysians!

I am certainly uplifted and delighted, as an attorney, that Sultan Abdullah also stressed the importance of upholding the Federal Constitution and to act against attempts to undermine unity and harmony.

The monarch was absolutely right when he stated that the position of Islam as the religion of the federation should be appreciated by all, regardless of race and religion.

That Islam is not exclusive to any particular group.

That it is a universal way of life that brings blessings to all.

I am certain as our King has stated all peace-loving, law abiding Malaysians will endorse and welcome our federal government’s efforts to promote the values and culture of Islam through the concept of ‘Rahmatan Lil Alamin’ (blessings for all) and ‘Maqasid Syariah’ (higher objectives of syariah) based on true Islam that is translated through the distinguished actions and character of Malaysians!

Our King did not stop there, but, strategically reminded all in strengthening Islam in Malaysia, other religions must also be respected.

Sadly, in recent years, due to the unregulated mushrooming of racist and extremist theological incubators, hate speeches and unregulated comments columns in the social media, there is a tsunami of animosity, hatred, rejection of unity in diversity narrative and moderation, we have all being spooked and in fear!

But with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong reminding social media users to act within the confines of the law, a warning is being also issued to those owners of these social media forums that they have a responsibility to regulate the comments columns!

Our King reminds us that openness and freedom of speech must be practiced within the constraints of the law of societal norms.

That freedom of speech is not a key to defamation, vulgarity, personal attacks, threats, verbal terrorism, pitting one against the other, which threatens public order!

I am glad HRH Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah reminded our security apparatus too namely enforcement agencies that they must act sternly against any circulation of material on social media that breaches the law!

Though the focus of the King’s address may have being unity and security issues, the former also took great pains to not just advice our politicos to address challenges faced by Malaysia’s bottom 40 percent (B40) income earners but also reminding the latter needs to be realistic, that intervention and change, need time to bring to fruition and the need to be patient and supportive in working holistically with the government, that the people should trust the government’s various efforts, even though its impact may not be felt immediately.

I pray that our King’s address is reflected by all of us and we play our rightful role in upholding the Federal Constitution and to act against any attempts to undermine unity and harmony in the country!

May the ALMIGHTY bless and protect our King!



From day one, they had a manifesto that did not make economic sense!

Then the unnecessary decision to withdraw the GST against qualified advice, which includes from this writer, to retain it but bring the percentage to just 2 per cent!

After all, it was a consumption tax and where it went wrong was in its administrative process end to end, and not, that concept itself!

Then it focused on those expected to be appointed to lead and again, there were mistakes made in the selection process which did not take into cognizance the fears on the ground, the manipulation and the political orchestrated intimidation by those defeated!

There were individuals appointed who made far too many administrative mistakes and gaffes, many of whom had no work and administrative experience prior and far too proud to ask assistance from us, when some of us reached out of a sense of responsibility and for good governance!

We were instead rebuked!

Initially, in all fairness, we explained it as a ‘learning curve time’ – to allow those new to federal power after being in the opposition benches for decades, an opportunity to learn and evolve but evolve they did, spooking and embarrassing us voters in one’s ministerial duties, the manner the appointments of special officials were made, the appointment of controversial individuals of the past into positions of power and influence and the slips began.

A day did not pass where there was not a U-turn on some public policy initiatives; another walk back, and more gaffes, administrative blunders which raised issues of oversight and raised a sense of witnessing old die hard habits in new warm bodies!

The return of many recycled former political elites did not make any change and things are still moving at a snail’s pace!

Did someone wrongly advise the administration that all they needed to do is continue to make the former premier and his wife the center of sustained attacks and all will be well?

No one questions due process, but, when questions are raised on governance, and the day to day decision making processes to make our lives better in the challenge of escalating cost of living the answer should never be to initiate in overdrive – the blame game!

It worked in the beginning as certain demography wanted their ‘pound of flesh’ aided and abetted by cyber-troopers’, but this quickly became a double edged sword!

The presence now of spineless and untested ministers and appointments, some more interested in ‘selfies’ and uploading each and every move inside the social media maybe be politically sensational and a ‘syiok sendiri’ phenomenon but to the achieving goals it did not help – period!

Then their ministerial pronouncements and statements became contentious when they were made abroad bringing contempt and ridicule because some were factually wrong and may have impacted government to government initiatives!

If one thought this was a folly, you must imagine the contentious open warfare, party elections that were held soon after, where dirty linen was exhibited for all to see!

The manner and vicious attacks of one group on their rivals, the maneuvering of the election process to force a by-election, and the return to racial politics and intimidation shockingly convinced those of us who had made great sacrifices for a new Malaysia, that we were far too gullible making a huge mistake with our votes!

Since then, every day is another game of thrones, after two by-election defeats, with a possibility of a third, and more so, with distraction by the Umno-PAS alliance’s rhetoric and the unwanted response of certain government ministers on what was a private matter – basically none of their business!

What has happened to the new coalition’s ambition to bring to fruition to initiate and promote the agenda for holistic change, for reconciliation, harmony and uplifting the economic plight of the rakyat?

The fact is the new tenants in Putrajaya, who had the momentum pre-GE14 were currently, losing the perception war to those they defeated and replaced!

Aided and abetted by local and foreign based communication and psychological warfare barons – the conspiracy of making frivolous police reports, the current administration is under siege and giving a perception it is checkmated by thugs and political shenanigans?

Highly sensitive documents are leaked and circulating and uploaded on to the social media rising discomforting questions and unease!

Among them that troubling question whether our civil service were now politically compromised?

Let us find out!

And on the other sphere, patience running low and dissatisfaction growing on the ground with cries for tangible and vital institutional and systemic reforms!

As a legal, communication and psychological warfare baron myself, I would advise the government, to go on a three prong response, where one uses the media and all religious leaders in the country to drive home that message of unity in diversity!

In a multi-racial and religious country, there should be no let down on this!

Moderation and acceptance is the key forward!

Secondly, it is pertinent that we address the needs of our vulnerable groupings in the country, without racial and religious optics!

And finally, the government takes the fight to its accusers, whosoever and wherever they are, within or out there in cyber-space – which means initiating defamation proceedings, injunctions, arresting and detaining those making frivolous police reports, seditious utterances, which may jeopardize race relations, public order and the framework of the federal constitution and others manipulating religion for a political agenda!

The last thing we need is a group of political ‘cheer leaders and mercenaries’ tinkering and out to destroy the legal and political framework that saw Malaya getting its independence from the British in 1957 and later Sabah and Sarawak joining us under certain conditions and perimeters to make Malaysia!

Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad perhaps, should consider launching ‘Operation lalang 2.0’ to scoop up trouble makers threatening our sensitive political terrain so that the government can concentrate in doing what it should, initiating systemic reforms and uplifting the socioeconomic conditions of all Malaysians!



I find this despicable, an offense of the highest degree, even calls it treason, and in this case since, our food security situation in Malaysia is extremely vulnerable!

I was at the UN’s World Food Security Summit in Rome in the 90’s!

I had the opportunity to monitor, present opinions with the IGO and NGO communities and the government to government sessions face to face courtesy of our Malaysian ambassador to Italy during that period!

It was indeed a great experience.

To have first-hand view how power politics is positioned and played by over 185 countries and the EU, IGOs and NGOs!

The objective of the Summit was to renew global commitment at the highest political level to eliminating hunger and malnutrition and to the achievement of sustainable food security for all people
The high visibility of the Summit was to raise awareness among decision-makers in the public and private sectors, in the media and with the public at large.

It was to capture and set the political, conceptual and technical blueprint for an ongoing effort to eradicate hunger in all countries with an immediate view to reducing to half the number of undernourished people by no later than the year 2015.

There were follows ups to this summit but today 2019 we know that did not materialize!

But my concern is today not at the global optics but to ascertain where Malaysia’s food security is benched at.

It is no secret that we import our food!

There is no secret that once a food producer is no more today!

And in this diabolical scheme of things there are many adventures, agencies formed, positioned, financed and one wonders despite all the schemes its subsidies and processes what is the state of food security in Malaysia?

Stakeholders tell me that there are basically two groups in this sector!

One was given vast plot of land fully provided with basic requirement, with subsidies, fertilizers, professional advice and assistance!

That basically, the government had to literally beg them to work it out properly, but most of the land were left idle or was never farmed out professionally!

The other group was those passionate, had green finger and farmed properly despite the land not being theirs and hence it is defined as being “illegal farmland!”

The demography here have been working very hard on those illegal farmland without any support from the government for decades contributing to the food security of the nation and their families and foreign exchange when they export their produce to neighboring countries!

But their existence is opened to all forms of abuse, challenges and rough house tactics allegedly by state actors and in some cases criminal cartels operating!

So I find it rather cruel and full of idiocy reading that there are attempts to clear out unlicensed farms in the country despite appeals?

The area in question seems vast and the excuse pollution as if farming is to only source of pollution and not criminal industry and destruction of vast tracks of forest for their timber concession?

I do not support illegal activities of any nature but one has to strike a balance between environment and agricultural issues and if mismatched or mishandled – its impact on food security of the nation and the affected and marginalized farmers.
State actors should not behave as if they are saints!

If a RCI is initiated on this matter and allowed its course without adverse influence and interference the results would be embarrassing and shocking!

There is a need for a balance and any enforcement without addressing the real felt needs of the affected communities is truly an injustice!

I appeal to the state and federal actors to please address these issues with a humanitarian mindset and not that of politics!

I find this despicable, an offense of the highest degree, even calls it treason, and in this case since, our food security situation in Malaysia is extremely vulnerable!





There is a group of politicians and their conduits who since post GE14 defeat been orchestrating and fanning religious and racial suspicion and hatred among us!

Sadly to get the ground heated and in chaos, nothing is sacred and sensitivities are been triggered with acute calculation to cause maximum damage!

Their narrative seems to be swaying from crying wolf, and being victims to an overdrive of extremist politics of race supremacy and religion!

Two very destruction and combustible cocktails that have destroyed more mature and older democracies than ours!

There seems to be a series of acts, omissions to politically spin basically fake stories that will spook and create suspicion, disharmony, hatred, fear, anxiety, which will pit our multi-racial and religious Malaysian cultures and political spreads against one another, creating chaos and destroying the seeds sown by our founding fathers of oneness, unity in diversity, moderation and accepting our differences!

It is that news that is making the rounds and sadly the monopoly of in the social media followed by the rather racist comments uploaded therein, all forms of police reports, demonstrations, hate speeches and configurations of political pacts.

In intelligent and by-partisan groups questions are being raised whether these are to build or undermine and destroy the sensitive and fragile race relations in Malaysia.

And based on similar process that we have seen in several once peaceful nations, once peace lost it becomes a haven for chaos with state and international actors and terror groups to fill in the gaps and take control resulting in either civil war or worst.

There are no winners then only chaos!

With the UN security council moving fast in response of our neighboring countries fears of spillovers of the then conflict!

So far with the dedication, commitment and professionalism of our security apparatus and their preemptive strikes they have kept our nation safe!

But the fear lingers with the crackdown in Pakistan and India and several ASEAN groupings on terror groups many hunted will attempt to arrive in Malaysia or neighboring countries under various pretenses and undetected!

Let us pray as a Malaysian family that peace loving moderate Malaysians will never allow our multi-faced politicians with their strands and versions of politics, religion, race relations, and supremacy ideologies to infiltrate and destroy all that we have built since independence in 1957!

There seems to be some well financed hidden hands attempting to trigger events from their playbook of ‘chaos, suspicion and destruction’ which they hope will assist their cause and about time our security apparatus respond in kind!

We cannot but pray that the few good men and women in our corridors of power will make certain that this new form of political and religious terrorism does not come to fruition in Malaysia!