‘The IGP has made a extremely fair statement asking all quarters to back off and allow some sanity to return and ‘hurt and angry’ voices to subside to facilitate a plan of action where the pertinent aspirations of all Malaysians can be addressed in a more conducive atmosphere!

There is no shame in ‘standing down’ as the point has been made and as far as I can gather, Malaysia’s GE13 is at the corner and Malaysian voters can choose which direction they want to take the nation from their vote at the ballot! – Dr Jacob George



At the time of this writing Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali who issued threats of violence and bloodshed still walks free!

I wonder seriously why?

So do the ‘partnership’ of certain Umno Youth’s leaders present at the site of the opposition party headquarters where they were alleged to have openly threatened to burn down the said building?

Inexplicable as all these stupidity unfolds here in a fascist and racist manner, we have Malaysians on a tour to bring changes to West Asia with high powered public relations stunts and political overtones!

They forget that charity and benevolence should start at home not hundreds of thousands of miles away in a complex unresolved issues which involves International Law and the UN!

Again how would they be looked upon when a ‘sea of yellow lobbyists’ for ‘Free and Fair Elections’ hold their rallies in several foreign countries and among them the US, UK, the European Union States, Germany, France, Greece, Scotland, Wales, Portugal, Spain and in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Korea and many others!

Padam Muka!

While these political charades continue and they must if political adventurers and pretenders need to survive – domestically we have a group of absolute idiots making  seditious statements in Penang island while another at mainland verbally abusing the families of detainees!

My sources in Penang tell me PAS has won great admiration and support from minority groups for coming to the assistance, defense and support of these families!

Worst, the alleged comments that are coming out of the mouth of those expected to protect, serve and act professionally equally disturbing and I will have a word on this with my dear friend the Penang CPO!

While the circus of making political statements have gone unaddressed and unabated I am also concerned whether the tenets of the Malaysian Constitution has been violated?

I am still wondering what ever happened to the perpetrator that sent SMS death threat to S Ambiga and the Bersih steering committee members.

The last time I checked the Penal Code it was an offense but what has been the progress if any of the said investigations?

What is the perception created on the ground as we await the dissolution of Parliament this year?

Are we telling Malaysian voters that demanding free and fair elections is seditious, while issuing threat of violence, bloodshed and arson is not? Ordinary citizens who are going to be the vary voter we are turning to soon – will find it very hard to understand what appears to be a pathological disapproval, or even fear, by the government to the clearly defined objectives to conduct a peaceful rally for promoting/protecting fair and equitable electoral processes in our nation’s democratic elections.

The heightened sense of warning and threats against the rally supporters and the detentions and questioning of legitimate organizers of the rally will not go down well with the silent majority of the people who are the electorate.

Whatever gains made by the Premier lately has eroded in the sea of such double standards, loose talk, fabrication and brute force unleashed by minorities with a hidden agenda!

What has happened to the promise of policy commitments to establishing a fair, equitable and progressive society and actions against brute racism, seditious statements and blatant use of threats by several groups against a noble exercise of fundamental rights enshrined in the Malaysian Federal Constitution?

My Professor of Constitutional Law always told us that it was not wise for any nation that seeks progress towards democratic maturity to engage the instruments of law and order indiscriminately for political purposes.

If they do then sooner than later – that is the beginning of the end of such regimes!

My advice contained herein is free!

I wonder what is the advice of local editors, journalists, friendly bloggers and highly paid US public relations outfits and spin masters on the same?

Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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