‘We are receiving disturbing feed backs about corrupt and unethical practices at our hospital and wonder if indeed they are true and if so how widespread is this practice?

Talking about corruption and unethical practices – I wonder what happened to that Specialist who had diverted hospital supplies contract to his own company? Did he go see some VVIP somewhere and get off from being prosecuted?

Or others diverting various hospital contracts to companies with whom they have a symbiotic relationship?’ – Dr Jacob George

Read a portion of the said letter we received:

‘Dear Jacob,

As discussed earlier this week, some of the issues that my clients have faced in XXXX Hospital are :-

1.  Doctors insisting that orthopaedic implants be obtained from  a specified supplier . No optional supplier can be counter proposed. These implants all come at a high cost.

2.  If a patient refuses to use the particular supplier proposed by the doctor, the doctor threatens not to perform the operation.

3.  Agents for the Suppliers who are stationed at the hospital , will similarly harass the patient saying that if the orthopaedic implants are not sourced from them the said operation will not proceed.

4.  XXXX Hospital seems to have a high operation rate compared to other government hospitals which are prepared to attempt conservative / non invasive treatment for the minor injuries / fractures.

5.  Despite the alleged good quality implants said to be used , it is surprising to see the number of recurring procedures due to implant infections.  We suspect that the implants are recycled.

I am not sure how you are going to highlight the above when I have no concrete proof . But I have experienced 1,2, and 3 above.

For most patients and their families, they want affordable and quick treatment to alleviate the pain and suffering – the above only add to their misery, more so since many of those admitted to XXX hospital are from humble backgrounds!

We trust you would be able to address these issues speedily!

Thanking you.


Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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