Dato Jacob George

‘It is embarrassing in Malaysia’s when its alleged ‘most developed state’ has a cocktail of politicians, businessmen, thugs and individuals of the underworld committing acts of crime right in broad daylight!

When relevant authorities are alleged to turn a blind eye at crimes against the people and state!

I am told that TTDI Development has made several police reports so what is next?

I will alert the Premier, the Home Minister, the IGP,the Selangor MB and the MACC Chief to look into these allegations!

Are we heading on a downward spiral, a free fall that governance and public interest is totally sacrificed at the altars of greed, profits and crime!’ – Dr Jacob George



It was not happening in the jungles of West or East Malaysia let alone in the rural outskirts but spot on at Jalan Monfort in Bandar Raya Shah Alam Selangor near TTDI Jaya at U2!

Unbelievable but true!

A group of organized criminals has been blatantly stealing sand and dumping lorry loads of rubbish at a plot of land in TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam belonging to TTDI Development.

Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam (CASSA) found out about the operations when they received several complaints and tip offs from residents and sources!

On the issue of river sand being stolen CASSA investigated for almost a year and found that this illegal activity is being carried out in broad daylight here along the Damansara river.

This shows their contempt for authorities!

Heavy machinery, including excavators and lorries, have been going in and out of the area daily.

The same well organized group had also broken into the fencing of an adjacent development owned by TTDI Development Sdn Bhd!

Here they were also stealing earth from that area and CASSA alerted the company of the trespass to their property.

CASSA investigations showed the group was regularly bringing in 15-20 lorries a day and had charged developers in the surrounding areas RM70-120 to cart away the rubbish.

They are also dumping rubbish into rivers after excavating river sand!

This is also taking place in many areas in Selangor according reliable sources which includes section 23 just around a Chinese cemetery overlooking a highway!

CASSA had alerted the police, the Shah Alam city council (MBSA) and several federal ministries!

We do not understand why neither MBSA or the home ministry has taken any action on the  well connected and organized culprits!

Who gave them license to do this? It looks like Selangor is lawless!

We are advised the group is well organized and believed that they are linked to gangsters and the underworld.

Their actions are causing river pollution and some residents are even threatening to take the law into their hands and destroy their machinery and this is a response that is unfortunate when one attempts to hunt with the  hounds andrun with the hares!

Yesterday in the middle of a press conference at the site CASSA President Dr Jacob George was threatened by the group who had  arrived with several lorry loads to dump at the site!

When they realized their futile attempts and the presence of journalists they handed over a mobile to him where the voice on the other end him attempted to bribe him and not to expose the illegal operations.

It was alleged in the conversation that they had “taken care” of the authorities, insinuating that they had been paid off to close an eye to their illegal business and why was the CASSA  Chief being so difficult!

CASSA is bringing this matter to the Home Minister, the MACC and the relevant authorities!

Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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