Consumerist: Are We Too Afraid To Address Racism In Malaysia?

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Consumerist: Are We Too Afraid To Address Racism In Malaysia?

Are we Malaysians now pure unadulterated racists and members of a new form of apartheid?

A Malaysian chapter of Racist International or Ku Klux Klan?

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Are we really racist, because when wrongs are done, by domestic terrorists of all forms and creed, most times in our name, the interests of our race or religion, we remain silent with no courage to speak out or articulate that this or that, is a wrong?

Racism is when you draw conclusions about people based on racial stereotypes and believe that some races are better than others.

Some racist people use hateful slurs or even act violently toward members of a race they do not like or jealous about!

But the truth is racism is not always so easily perceptible.

Even if you think you would never hurt someone of a different race, deeply embedded racist beliefs can have a subconscious effect on the way you treat people.

As such, to me the best way to combat racists and racism, is to bring to light this devious and unpalatable behavior as to put a stop to it.

To begin with – the belief that some races are superior while others are inferior is the foundation of racism.

If you believe deep down that the race you belong to (or one you don’t belong to) has qualities that make it better than other races, that is racist thinking.

Be honest with yourself!

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Do you stereotype people based on their race?

For example, it is racist to believe that all members of a certain race are untrustworthy, lazy, free loaders, bad or stupid!.

It is equally racist to believe that all members of a certain race are smart.

Applying any one stereotype to all members of a race is racist thinking.

Same with racial and religious profiling!

Many people who practice this type of racism believe that it is harmless.

For example, they might think assuming a person from a certain race is smarter than average is a compliment. However, since this assumption is based on a racial stereotype, it is not a compliment: it is racist.

In worst case scenarios, judging people based on stereotypes can be extremely dangerous.

For in some countries like the US – innocent people usually blacks and nonwhites – are frequently targeted as criminals due to the color of their skin, even when they have not committed any crime.

The same in citing a certain race or from certain background are all terrorist?

How can we go forward, each in our own countries to say – NO – to all forms, strands and hybrids forms of racism or apartheid?

Can we be brave enough to have a conversation on these things so that we pave the way forward towards a better tomorrow for future Malaysians?

If we do this, we will be strictly following what our founding fathers would have done, if, they were still around today!