Consumerist: Authorities Told to Handle With Care New Police Custody Death In Penang!


Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Authorities Told to Handle With Care New Police Custody Death In Penang!

It is sad that a 36-year-old man died in police custody in Penang yesterday morning!

And naturally family, relatives and all Malaysians are equally shocked at this incident as many will construe this as – another controversial death while in Police custody – ala Teoh Beng Hock No:2!

The Police have indeed responded.

Georgetown OCPD Gan Kon Meng who I personally know as a ‘no nonsense tolerating’ officer truly professional had stated that an officer would be assigned to investigate the case, adding there would be “no cover up”.

Gan had rightly stated the various procedures involved investigating the death from multiple angles and finally that the investigation papers will be submitted to the AG’s Chambers with recommendations for an inquest and further instructions on how to proceed with the case.

We should now allow the Police to do their job!

Let us cut the spins and trial by media now!

I am sure the Ministry of Home Affairs is aware of public sentiments that since 2000, at least 147 people have died in police custody (unless otherwise stated, statistics are from PDRM – released during my learned friend’s P. Uthayakumar’s ongoing sedition trial).

There is already allegations of little accountability, transparency or any real investigations by the authorities responsible, namely the courts, the police, the Attorney General’s Chambers and the hospitals which provide medical assistance or conduct postmortems.

Many state that despite the obvious seriousness of any death in custody, these important state institutions in most, if not all of these cases, chose to gloss, downplay, cover up, ignore or even make outrageous claims over these deaths – causing these institutions to lose credibility and public confidence.

As a consumer advocate I can feel their pain and anxiety!

I too find it unacceptable.

It is undeniable that the numbers or statistics on ‘death in custody’ is rising and Malaysians want to see a comprehensive and detailed move by the authorities to arrest this issue.

The ordinary citizen on the street is furious and it is in the interest of the government to come with findings that makes legal sense all around!

It is time to position an independent select committee to conduct the investigations to uphold accountability, transparency and zero tolerance for any forms of fabrication and ‘cover up!’

In the meantime, my heartfelt prayers go to the family of the deceased.


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