Consumerist: BN Told Sabah Is For You To Lose! Act Therefore Now!

Dato Jacob George


Consumerist: Stop Pause, Think! BN Told Sabah Is For You To Lose! Act Therefore Now!

Whatever speculation is now purely an academic exercise as Wilfred Mojilip Bumburing and Lajim Ukin have started to distance themselves from the Barisan Nasional Government (BN)

I have just returned from Sabah and based on my findings it is highly debatable whether the withdrawal of both Wilfred and Lajim is an act of betrayal of the mandate given to them or just their way of saying that they have no confidence in the decision making processors and power holdings in the land below the wind?

I get the feeling that their move is more their disgust at the local leadership and murmurings which have long being going on that even a non partisan individual and out of the power circles individual like me was aware of the sentiments so why did not Putrajaya?

Perhaps, again it is all about political expediency or who they are talking and listening to?

Let me tell you that both Wilfred and Lajim are no mere candle holders as they are very senior BN leaders and the latter had a very colorful and sometimes ‘controversial’ political life?

This is why the ‘song and dance’ and the ‘war drums’ are being being beaten and I am afraid because it is my contention that these two are not political opportunists or ‘unwinnable candidates’ looking for a way to further their political ambitions by leaving BN, which is being perceived rightly or wrongly as a sinking ship but that they are looking at a Sabah of the future where one of them may be picked as the Sabah Chief Minister IF their political gamble works?

But I am saddened that they were not ‘damagingly’ very vocal long ago!

Those who know Lajim for one, is not a nobody as he is an UMNO supreme council member and likable!

Both Bumburing and Lajim had respectively won Tuaran and Beaufort seats in 2008 general election with a comfortable majority.

Both are seasoned duo and are expected to return still strong if fielded in the coming election despite an increasing support for the opposition.

Lajim, especially, is believed to be as strong as ever in Beaufort and especially in Klias state constituency which he had been serving and servicing well ever since he first won the seat in 1985.

More importantly how should BN respond?

So far the comments are muted at one end and at the other just silly childish statements nothing statesman like!

Most importantly can we accept mistakes were made and are still made but enough is enough, that one is ready to initiate an immediate action to address issues that have been of concern to Sabahans!

I care two hoots for what the gravy train peninsula based politicians, past and present, financially greased scribes and spin masters think!

The introduction of peninsula biased policies, the presence of illegal, political and economic immigrants and foreigners is not just the mother of all problems confined to in Sabah.

It is going to be the same mother of all problem in Peninsula Malaysia sooner than you think!

We are already seeing its impact in Sabah, and its impact in Peninsula Malaysia on our way of life, security, crime index, economy, housing, healthcare, education, employment, religion and religious tolerance, grants and resources!

There is time to address issues and plans of actions to stop the rot but it involves political will – a political will to accept we have failed to listen and act!

Perhaps we can start with four immediately:

1. Re-looking at the royalty issue comprehensively and political governance
2. Retiring ALL overstaying baggage filled political war lords from all political post, government appointments and nominations.
3. Addressing the Illegal’s issue without fear or favor and immediate deportation exercise to be initiated.
4. Addressing bread and butter issues



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