This is a letter we received this morning and in view of the public interest surrounding such cases I am uploading this complaint letter up my blog to alert other Malaysians who may be engaging ‘agents’ for migration to New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the US!

Yes we have the name and address of this Agent but will for the time being hold back as I check with my sources at the New Zealand Embassy and at Wellington! – Dr Jacob George

‘Dear Sir

I hired a migration agent for I was planning on obtaining a New Zealand business migration visa. My main aim for doing that was because I was going through separation from my husband and had 3 school/college going children whom I had to raise.

As a non working mum, I was dependent solely on my husband’s income in order not place myself in a helpless situation, I decided moving to New Zealand would be the best.

Right from the beginning I felt the migration agent were pushy in me signing up there and there.

I felt they made use of my situation at that time to do that but because I wanted my children to be involved in the whole process, I decided to come back at a later date, if I so decided to sign the agent up to process my visa.

In our first meeting, they told me that I should hurry up and sign up as otherwise I would not be able to include my second son who was soon approaching 21 years old.

After some thoughts, I signed up this agent to proceed with the visa paying them a first payment of  RM11,000.

A few days later a staff of this agent called up to say they can’t include my son into the visa as he was past 19 years old and that my daughter can be under my visa as she was 18 years old and that is for one year only.  It will take some two years of my living in NZ before my children can be included into my visa to be a permanent resident of NZ.  Though I felt cheated, I did not voice out my displeasure and disappointment very much to the agent.

Then came another shock that I would have to obtain a letter from my estranged husband to grant me 50% of the total matrimonial property as part of the documentation to proceed with the visa.

As my husband refused/made it difficult in co-operating, I felt the possibility of migration may not materialize and wanted to withdraw from this agent completely requesting a refund which of course they refuse sighting I have signed their no refund form.

I believe this agent did not act professionally and in my best interest to advise me of the complication that I may face and warn me before hand prior to signing me up as their client.

If I knew all these details and the know-how on migration procedures, I would have gone ahead and do the application on my own as it seems others have done that.  I hired an agent as I did not know all that there is to know for my application thus was willing to fork out some RM40,000 for them to do it for me.

There are not too many if not non Malaysian migration agents processes New Zealand visa as long as I searched.  I wished I did not choose this agent as they did not event reply my many emails and telephone request over the past few months.  Please advise.


Name/Address/Contact Number withheld’

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