Consumerist: Custodial Deaths – Public Interest Demand Action not Rhetoric!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Custodial Deaths – Public Interest Demand Action not Rhetoric!

In any civilized country, governed by the rule of law, of statutes and the maxim – ‘innocent until found guilty’ assaulting a suspect or an accused to extract information is punishable under the law and in the light of today’s international laws and norms post 911 – it is universally rejected and frowned upon!

Sadly in the controversial death of Dharmendran and its initial circumstances, it is a fact now that the said pathologist report has confirmed that the injuries sustained by the diseased caused his death and the staples that were stapled to his body, only added to the cruel manner in which the assault and torture were carried.

As such, I cannot but concur with my learned friends that in any civilized jurisdiction those behind this case in point would have been immediately arrested, charged for murder and remanded pending investigations.

Unfortunately there seems to be a debate going on in the public sphere and my dear friend newly minted Home Minister been perceived to show inexplicable and unusual sympathy and sensitiveness towards the perpetrators of these alleged offenses rather than the victim and most importantly public interest?

I am certain educated Malaysians – all 27 million of them, which includes opportunists illegals masquerading as Malaysians are not pointing a finger at the entire Malaysian Police Force!

We have many fine, dedicated and honest officers of the law!

Many among them are my very close friends and they have carried themselves and their office with dignity, decorum and decency!

Like other Malaysians I am concerned about the few ‘bad apples’ who in the first place should never have been admitted in the force but now ‘part and parcel’ of the system, whose continued presence only hurts the image of the force and provides hurdles in clearing an em-battered image, an alleged image – of the police as official henchmen for the ‘underworld and crooked politicians!’

This is of course wrong and sad!

There is a vast difference between disciplining and demoralizing and the sooner we get that sorted out the faster public perception will change for the better!

Any action taken sooner will show our focused moral and professional judgement!

Let us stop patronizing, pampering and indulging in political rhetoric but instead initiate firm action where wrongdoers are punished and made an example of the rather high moral standards set for an officer of the law!

In the meantime, we may need to hire more cyber-troopers to spin as the international media has picked up this story on custodial deaths and it has now gone viral! Pun intended!

I am now ashamed – very ashamed – do not know about you though!