It is inexplicable and strange for the Police to warn the people against speculating on the identities of the culprits who set off three home-made explosives near the Duta court complex on Monday, soon after the Sodomy II verdict was delivered.

Yes really, I find it strange that Kuala Lumpur police chief Mohmad Salleh took it upon himself to issue the warning today when asked about the front-page report in yesterday’s Utusan Malaysia.

What the Police Chief should have done is issue a warning to the Umno-owned daily and asking clarification actually who was that ‘unnamed police source’ who stated that the said ‘the explosives were brought in by the ‘901 Free Anwar’ rally participants.

Perhaps it was asking too much and it looked pretty silly when he stated that ‘it is mere media speculation,” when asked about the daily’s report.

But the truth remains and the vulgarity of it all what the media group did was continue its editorial lunacy which to date has not received a sanction like several others have for much smaller omissions!

Quoting unnamed police sources, Utusan featured this bit of news as its headliner two days after the acquittal of Anwar Ibrahim, so as to suggest the explosions were the fault of the opposition and not a third party far more dangerous!

Perhaps, it seems Utusan has a better trained bomb experts, investigative and forensic team than even the police.

After all, for the record what I understand from friends in Bukit Aman is the police investigation is still on-going and any statement by any party, including Utusan should be suspect though they give the impression that they know far more than the police.

Of course public interest would urge that Utusan should be taken to task for publishing a report that can jeopardize the police investigation and spread fear and anxiety not leaving out defamation when fingers are pointed at innocent groups in a political conspiracy and agenda!

What if a different story emerges from the police investigations? What if the explosives were set by forces other than those attending the 901 Rally?

The Police are quoted that the person (s) behind the making of that explosive was an expert and that certainly excludes the majority of Malaysia’s peace loving justice pursuing groupings who gathered there on that morning to see truth prevail and justice served!

So I cannot but ask what is the game that Utusan Malaysia is playing when they make front page statements that even when challenged and police reports made does not go away!

They are in the business of misleading public perception thinking Malaysian readers and voters are stupid plain and simple!

They are stroking racial and religious sentiments and sounding ‘war drums’ but on behalf whom?

The truth is they do not realize how bloody wrong and stupid they are!

Those who still read Utusan are not fooled, any more and such is the new awakening!

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