Consumerist: Enough Lip Service On Corruption – Lets Act!

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Corruption – Can we initiate these 10 ground rules immediately?

1. Reduce the discretionary powers of the government officials and political leaders for the usage of public funds.
2. Equal social justice system.
3. Rule of law will be on the top priority in the country.
4. Introduction of Toll Free hot line for Whistle Blowers.
5. Judicial Reforms i.e. appointment of more judges and creation of new courts on emergency basis in the country to speed up the judicial process and creation of monitoring and inspection department in the judiciary to monitor and eliminate the ever increasing corruption.
6. The role of public accounts committee (PAC) ,anti corruption unit should be more strengthened with the members in these committees being picked from the civil society and being politically free individuals with a track record of anti corruption drives!
7. The Land record system must be immediately computerized in whole of the country to reduce the chances of corruption and changing in the record of land.
8. At least one national status consumer court and price control committee should be established to deal with the issues relating to consumer crimes, over pricing. Members here again from the category cited in No 6 above!
9. Full democratic value system prioritizing accountability, good governance and transparency been entrenched!
10. Poverty and unemployment should be minimized without reference to gender, race, religion, wealth or status.