Consumerist: I Am Fearful Of Whats Happening In Malaysia & My Classmate Pens It Head On!

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The politicians and others, can say what ever they want!

But middle and lower Malaysia are not stupid and feel the heat and pain!

The abuse and double speak has destroyed all that the founding fathers had intended for Malaysia, and even as I write this piece, we have an idiot telling us, that if my family and I are put at life’s risk. I should do nothing, to protect my family and and I?

This goes against every universal and international law and convention of self defense and that a home is a man’s castle!

No wonder, with these kinds of incompetence and idiots, we are at the bottom of the barrel!

The average fear is now capitulated in my classmate’s article that was earlier published in The Star Letters Column!

Here I reproduce it with his permission!

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“Overly racial and religious in Malaysia – The Star (May 27, 2014)

ON one of my recent flights overseas, I was seated beside a man from Tunisia who works in Malaysia and is married to a Malaysian.

During the 12-hour flight we became friends and talked on many topics, including tourism.

However, what he said about one month ago, still rings in my ear: “I have visited and worked in many countries but none is as good as Malaysia. But, these last few years Malaysia has somehow changed.

The racial situation looks like it is ready to explode, almost everyone seems to be more religious, mostly for the wrong reasons.”

Being away from Malaysia for about two weeks after that, I began to ponder and realised that what the foreigner said was quite true.

We have a mob gatecrashing into a state assembly, an elected representative cursing another political party and bigots spewing racist statements. These are but a few of the things that should not be happening in our country. What is happening to Malaysia?

If I was much younger, I will not think twice about migrating elsewhere. Not because I do not love this beautiful country but because I love it too much to sit and watch Malaysia follow the footsteps of other countries that are in turmoil and unrest.

Why are we behaving this way? Don’t we like to live in peace and harmony as we did 40 or 50 years ago?

It gives me the shivers to think what my grandchildren and their children will be facing in the future.

I just pray that I will not be around long enough to see any destruction of this beautiful nation.

Malaysians, please play your part to stop this rot before it is too late.


Shah Alam”