Consumerist: Hate That Knows No Boundaries!

Dato Jacob George

‘While this is unfolding, in some countries, we only see political rhetoric or worst, denials despite the facts staring at their stupid faces!

They do not have the courage, the political will to address extremism for political expediency and think by issuing an elegant silence or denials will save their again, stupid hides!

But the world and the international community with the political and military hardware and arsenal is watching and today will never be again yesterday!

As that famous saying went post 911 – IF you are not with us – you are against us!

The spineless and ball less who have to date their stupid pride, their might against soft targets will now have to get their act together to join the international community or be left behind with perhaps, US drones making their advent into such boundaries to address international terrorism and extremism!

Consumerist: Hate That Knows No Boundaries!

It is a sad day!

It is a black day in France for loss of human life and — more important historically — a black day for democracy’s greatest gift to the world: the principle of freedom of speech.

Three masked Islamic terrorists, armed with Kalashnikov rifles and a rocket-propelled grenade, stormed the offices of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris, killing 12 and injuring about 20, four said to be in critical condition. There seems no doubt as to the motivation for the attack

France vowed to combat terrorism with “a cry for freedom” in a giant rally for unity today – Sunday after three days of bloodshed that horrified the world. Police searched for a woman linked to the three al-Qaida-inspired attackers, but a Turkish official said she appears to have already slipped into Syria.

The rally Sunday is also a huge security challenge for a nation on alert for more violence, after 17 people and three gunmen were killed over three days of attacks on a satirical newspaper, a kosher supermarket and on police that have left France a changed land.

That is not all as already hundreds of thousands of people marched Saturday in cities from Toulouse in the south to Rennes in the west to honor the victims, and Paris expects hundreds of thousands more at Sunday’s unity rally. More than 2,000 police are being deployed, in addition to tens of thousands already guarding synagogues, mosques, schools and other sites around France.

Unity against extremism is the overriding message for Sunday’s rally.

Among the expected attendees are the Israeli prime minister and the Palestinian president. The Ukrainian president and Russian foreign minister, And the leaders of Britain, Germany, NATO, the Arab League and African nations. And the French masses, from across the political and religious spectrum.

Top European and U.S. security officials are also holding a special emergency meeting in Paris about fighting terrorism.

It is game on!