Consumerist: Indian Politicians/Media Told – Represent Matriculation Students Or Be Voted Out!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Indian Politicians/Media Told – Represent Matriculation Students Or Be Voted Out!

I am upset and usually I do not address these issues but the plight of many qualified Malaysian Indians on the sidelines forces me to stand up and address this precarious issue that is been manipulated about and some playing politics instead of helping!

I am first of all advising Malaysian vernacular media both print, electronic and radio to be extremely sensitive to Malaysian Indian dignity!

It is utterly saddening to read or hear from Malaysian media the manner they trot on the dignity of Malaysian Indians!

Our politicians supposedly representing us are no better and it is super entrenched that they are there not to protect the community’s interest but that of their own agenda and political survival!

Is the agenda then to keep Malaysian Indians in bondage so that a few in silk suits, fancy ties, luxury cars and properties and returns from political patronage and  tweets and put on flamboyance can continue to pick off from where past politicians left the community in shambles and plight?

Let us for an example take today’s newspapers!

One newspaper wrote about an Indian students, aged 16, from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan who attempted to commit suicide!

You must read Malaysian Namban to get the full story!

Then let us analyse the content and direction of the print among others how much space they all give to news from the India!

The first page has news on a robbery by alleged Indian gangs, then you have the story about a 27 year old lady burnt to death near her apartment, then news of a ‘small argument’ resulting in one death and in Sri kembangan an Indian father was shot to death at gun point!

In other words, what is the message to the community from these prints?

No positive message, no ideas on growth, opportunities, how to move forward, encouragement and news of strategic possibilities and alliances to uplift the downtrodden community?

Is this the way to treat Malaysian Indians?

At the other end – we hear of heart breaking news of the continued plight of Malaysian Indian students and matriculation seats.

Young PC – NRIC Number 940616106533 is reported to have asked Malaysian leaders and politicians who claim and scream 1Malaysia and other political beatitudes exactly what is his future in this land of Malaysia where his father and forefathers toiled to make what it is today!

He says:

On 21st March he received his SPM result and found out he had 9As n 2Bs.

After which he attended many seminars of Higher Education Guidance Includes Vetripadigal Organised by the MIC.

There he claims to have heard from the Pegawai Matrikulasi that an extra 1000 Places are allocated for Malaysian Indians and he was happy.

He thought he will be successful. In the first intake he was rejected!

Before second Intake there was a lot announcements that all the seats will be fulfilled!

The second announcement was made and he got rejected again!

And his dream to pursue his studies through matriculation was shattered!

His family economic situation is not healthy as his father is a Lorry driver and his mother an housewife!

His father’s salary was RM1159.00 and thus he pleads to our politicians, community leaders, the MIC and other political parties that claim that they serve the Indian community for a chance to pursue his studies through matriculation!

He has no money to enroll in private colleges, and his dream to become a chemical engineer hangs in the balance!

So Indian big boys in politics and the corporate and business world – come on and show how effective you are in helping this lad and others like him to realize their educational dreams!

IF you cannot, then shut the @@@@ up and RESIGN – period!



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