Consumerist: Is MH370 Wreckage Off Aceh, Sumatra?

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Is MH370 Wreckage Off Aceh, Sumatra?

It has been months and I am absolutely pissed off with all those official zigzag versions of what actually happened!

I am also pissed off with the conspiracy theories.

Without going into the various theories let me answer the major question on everyone’s lips?

Where is what was once MH370?

I must fully agree with my learned friend Michael who has been with me on this journey and I fully concur with his views on this!

Here it is.

Forget the Inmarsat pings.

Look at the map above.

Look where the plane was heading between 18.28pm & 18.40pm.

Now look at the above image of my debris.

It’s a perfect match.

So now look at the data report.

At 18.26pm the plane registered a sudden deceleration in speed.

At 18.27pm was a swerve.

At 18.28pm was a sudden acceleration in speed.

Which again all fit the debris chart.

In the middle of all this the SDU rebooted.

Now as far as I am aware only 1 engine needs to power the electronics.

So on my images the 1st component appears to be an engine.

Which explains the sudden shut down then comes a short delay until power switched to the opposite engine followed by a reboot of the systems.

After this at 18.35pm came the 1st unanswered sat phone call.

Then all we had was the handshakes. They searched the area of the 18.28pm- 18.40pm heading so must have had a suspicion it was there.

However they found nothing. The reason for this is that they were looking in the wrong place.