This is not the first time I have addressed issues pertaining to Air Asia and certainly not the last!

It is embarrassing that the powers that be are so slow in addressing issues and grievances against this organization!

In fact – several months ago a MP at Parliament had also shared with me his anger and grievances but failed to give me the documentation that I asked for!

As a senior lawyer, he should know that documentation is important!

Today we publish another letter sent to Air Asia which has yet to be addressed in a consumer friendly manner!

As such the said consumer approaches me for assistance!

This is the said letter Tony Fernandez so that you can sack a few individuals in your organization who have failed to protect the rights, interests of consumers and at the same time watch over your global brand!

‘Dear Dr Jacob George,

I recently booked air tickets via Air Asia Online Booking. The correspondence with Air Asia is shown below.

Today I booked another air ticket via Air Asia Online Booking. I can now confirm that it was an error in the Online Booking System that cost me RM 270.00 to change my flight schedule in my earlier booking. Please see the screen shots in the attached file.

Air Asia refused to refund to me the RM270.00 for a mistake created by their Online Booking System.

Can you help me?

Thank you.


This is the original letter sent to Air Asia!

‘Dear Sir/Madam

Good morning and Happy New Year.

My name is WCM. I had booked online a return flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu for 3 persons between 12.30am and 1.00am this morning. The Booking Number is S2HJNL.

The first time I booked it, I realized after I have made the payment via Credit Card that the outbound date was 3rd April 2011 and not 30th April 2011 as intended.

So I quickly changed it to the 30th April 2011.

For this I was charged a total of RM270.00.

I was very sure that I selected 30th April 2011 because when I clicked on the Date of Departure, the Date Drop list appeared with the number 30 showing just above the Date field. How it changed to 3, I had no idea. Of course, I take responsibility for not reviewing the booking thoroughly before confirming the payment.

I can only appeal to your good office to reverse this service charge of RM270.00 or whatever amount deemed fit to cushion this unnecessary payment.

If it helps to say that I have also booked the same flight at an earlier date for 3 other persons. The booking number is F7UP8T.

I travel this route 2-3 times a year on Air Asia. I spent about 5 minutes with your Premium Customer Care Line this morning of which I had to pay RM10.00 for the call only to be advised to write in.

I hope to receive a favorable reply from you to start the New Year on the right note.

Thank you.


(Name & Details Withheld)’

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