Consumerist: Leave Najib Alone to do His Job!

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So my prayer is the political shenanigans and adventurers, should just leave Najib to do his job and if they cannot, then be ready to challenge in the next general elections, after all, we are a Parliamentary Democracy!

Till then, shut up and let him do his work!’

Consumerist: Leave Najib Alone to do His Job!

A pity that a day does not pass these days without some fabrication, some spin, some exaggeration, some lie being initiated and made viral by political operatives working on an agenda of destruction!

Even the body language, private moments between husband and wife, clothes, jewelry make-up and gestures put through massive spin and exaggeration by political voyeurs, who are devoid of a life!

But, why so much attention on Najib?

What has he really done wrong that there is this extended plan of action to bring down a man who has always propagated an open door policy, available for any discourse privately or officially and who makes time despite a tight and heavy schedule, and on the move to continue to make the Malaysian community one that is respected by a global community?

He is certainly not one unqualified, by any extend of any imagination, to take political office and leadership!

For the record, Najib was born into the family of politicians and was given a chance to lead the people quite early in life, when his father passed away.

If my memory serves me corrected, he was just 22, when he became the youngest member of the Malaysian parliament and the youngest Menteri Besar!

His rise in the political circle was mercurial and in all positions, that he served, he did it with professionalism and dedication!

He was always popular!

So when he was appointed as the Deputy Prime Minister, in 2004, which was exactly 47 years after his father had been appointed at the same post, I was not the least surprised!

As a political leader, he has addressed various issues from uplifting our youth, bringing development of rural areas under the concept of making available housing, investments and economic projects, in the modernization of our armed forces, and various transformation programs that will create a level playing field for our urban and rural communities and divide but make Malaysia a nation competitive, an international hub for all things from tourism, education, health, investment and growth hub!

With his leadership, the landscape is quickly changing making us a very attractive to all and sundry!

Our relationships with the growth and economic giants like India, China, the emerging economies, or military superpowers have also entered a new dimension of friendship, mutual respect, admiration, interfacing and development!

My recent discussion with ASEAN leaders only highlighted a great deal of admiration of Najib’s leadership!

This is despite the mountains of lies, deception, and viral fabrication that gores on air and in various unregulated online media with the malicious comments by agent provocateurs and trolls, making defamatory and malicious statements devoid of any truth!

Even as I write this piece, I am informed of the interest of several US based MNCs, desirous to meet him to confirm their interest in increasing their role, presence and investments in Malaysia!

I am entrusted to look into this by these MNCs!

I do not know about the political morons and idiots out there manipulating and distorting each and everything good being initiated but I know they are only hurting and harming our nation with each and every malicious lie that is uploaded!

All I know having known this man Najib, for such a long time – is that each and every time, I approach him for a consumer or social need or necessity or a community cause, he has never turned away, but has gone further to see that issues are addressed speedily and following up, if more needs to be done!

Is he a reformer?

Yes he is, in his own way, where his desire as he one’s shared with me, so long ago when I visited him at the Ministry of Defense, to address the flood situation in Shah Alam!

I still remember his words:

Dato, I just want to empower and to unshackle Malaysians from the past upbringing, to bring the nation of many people, races, religions, together – where people appreciate the meaning of the word freedom, a higher standard of living, unity despite our diversity, religious tolerance, goodwill and happiness, so that the global community will respect us!

Dato, my dream is that the government must not be a Jurassic government of the yore, a fascistic administration and suppressive regime but one in constant pro-active engagement!
I am sure you understand as a British trained Lawyer, to do so, we must have rules, legislation that we have to live by and abide, by to ensure multi-racial and multi-religious Malaysia will flourish.

I do not know what some political idiots obsessed of political power think, but, to me as the leading Consumer Advocate in Malaysia – Najib is a true gentleman, a good leader, listener, sensitive, caring, not flip flopping but yes, taking time to consider all things, as he should in a political context as Malaysia with its rich diversity!

Ultimately, the well being of our nation and its people matter to Najib and there is no two ways about it!

So my prayer is the political shenanigans and adventurers, should just leave Najib to do his job and if they cannot, then be ready to challenge in the next general elections, after all, we are a Parliamentary Democracy!

Till then, shut up and let him do his work!