Consumerist: Malaysian Highways The Most Dangerous In The World!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Malaysian Highways The Most Dangerous In The World!

Malaysian highways the most dangerous in the world?

Perhaps, true as I found out this morning at about 6.45am returning through the NKVE and 20 meters from the Subang Jaya exit where a huge retreaded Tyre was on the fast lane!

There was a Plus van meters away but these bunch of Malaysian idiots – good for nothing – never removed the said foreign object and I and others smashed into it!

The damage to my car – the left fog lights smashed, the bumper and the undercarriage damaged!

But thank GOD it was a Mercedes and not a smaller car which could have gone out of control and resulted in fatalities!

I intend to whack these idiots who are managing NKVE as months ago a neighbor of mine ‘Uncle Salleh” smashed into a water tank – Yes!

A water tank on the fast lane! Must have dropped from a moving lorry and his car was a total wreck!

What to do when we have a bunch of absolute idiots running management of highway concessions in this country!

Do I have a case at redress?

Yes – as I paid to use the NKVE and they have a duty to make that highway safe for all users!

But do they do it?



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