Consumerist: Malaysia’s Pay TV – ASTRO – Reruns and Repeats Slammed By Consumers!

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I wrote this piece April 10th 2013 – has anything changed – certainly NO!

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Consumerist: Malaysia’s Pay TV – ASTRO – Reruns and Repeats Slammed By Consumers!

It is really embarrassing when our own commissions, our own so called ‘regulatory bodies and agencies’ are impotent to address and rectify consumer grouses as ‘business and politics’ in Malaysian are “partners” – an entrenched strange bedfellow at the expense of consumers!

Two results due to this symbiotic relationship!

First consumers are royally screwed by monopolies and business predators!

Secondly, the result is a business organization can levy any costs and not provide a service which is ‘value for money’ and not be penalized at all!

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We have ‘industry untouchables’ because they do a political favors for our political boys by surging their image even when it is tainted and shred by political misdemeanors and misdeeds?

In a more level playing field, based on international laws and convention, these ‘monopolies and tie ups will not survive public interest scrutiny and vigilance as was seen recently in Australia, the US or the UK, and other global markets where in a recent case, a Malaysian big business organization was hammered into submission and their corporate spin doctors had to go on overdrive to do damage control!

In another case – the US law makers are finally getting a hand in dealing with a high powered corruption scandal involving their navy!

We have many commissions in Malaysia all presumably set up to protect the Ali, Ah Kow and Arumugam?

So what happened?

So may I ask what are our ‘boys and gals’ at various ‘COMMISSIONS” doing?

Are they in proactive mode or just acting the narrative and script, or do undertake cosmetic duties to justify their high pay and perks – whack the small fries and claim breakthroughs as if we are all pretty stupid!

Strange to this date many such business entities are untouchables here!

The same goes to other so called service providers to whom we pay monthly fees and receive substandard service, interrupted service, reruns, and basically stupidity when we ask pertinent questions on issues on customer satisfaction, complaints, quality, accountability, governance and so forth!

So I am not the least surprised that ASTRO is again in the epic-center of another consumer frustration and anger despite all their recent propaganda on air!

So what do Malaysian consumers say and herewith we submit one such statement!

“ It is time for Astro subscribers to come together and form an association and sue those who run the ‘service provider!’

They continue:

“Astro is getting complacent, its service is getting from bad to worse with repeats and reruns!

Even newly emerging markets and countries like in Cambodia where satellite TV is still new, has more than 120 channels for all subscribers for less than RM20 per month without extra charges for extra features!

But look at Malaysia Boleh’s Astro now.

They are sucking our money (the subscribers) every month, making tonnes of profit on the back of highly imposed rates, advertisements, despicable services and full of outdated sitcoms and movie reruns!’

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