Consumerist: Marital Rape Okay Says A Mad Man?

Dato Jacob George

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Consumerist: Marital Rape Okay Says A Mad Man?

There is a widespread debate going on the issue of forced sex or better put marital rape and in general on rape awareness in Malaysia.

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For the record the fact remains shamefully that while Section 376 of the Penal Code, states that whoever commits rape shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 20 years, and shall be liable to whipping, marital rape is not legally recognized in Malaysia!

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This is despite the new Section 375A which states that any husband causing fear of death or hurt to his wife in order to have sex shall be punished for a term which may extend to five years.

For me as a Consumer Advocate and Lawyer this section is shameless and is not satisfactory as it does not criminalize marital rape directly, but perhaps, just perhaps, the very least I must concur it does recognize that husbands do not have the right to force themselves on their wives.

And as such I cannot but be dismayed or flabbergasted that Malaysia’s version of that Mad Rasputins has gone on to shamelessly state that a woman must always have sex with her husband when asked to, even when they’re “riding on the back of the camel”, or “Even if it’s by force, it’s not sinful for him; the sin is on his wife.”

So that means at marriage according to these mad men women loss all control over their own bodies?


This inexplicably means that one is treating women as objects and properties of their husbands instead of human beings.

And to say that a husband has the license to rape his wife is incredibly shocking in this age and time!

These mad men do not realize or are mentally challenged that they do not understand that entering into a marriage does not mean that a woman’s body belongs to her husband and she is subject to his every whim and fancy.

What a pity – that these individuals still hold public office and therein by these silly and outdated archaic pronounces abuse and demean integrity and dignity of the positions they behold!