Consumerist: Mind Your Own Business Swiss Bruno Manser Fund Told!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Mind Your Own Business Swiss Bruno Manser Fund Told!

Who are the Swiss Human Rights group Bruno Manser Fund (BMF) to urge or even suggest that Sarawakian Olympic medalist Pandelela Rinong Pamg not to accept any rewards from Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, citing “political manipulation”?

“Political Manipulation” – my foot!

For the record – young wonder Pandelela should accept her well deserved reward.

This 19 year old has done all Malaysians proud and has created history for being the first athlete from East Malaysia to win an Olympic medal!

And if much respected Sarawak’s chief minister Taib Mahmud had indeed promised a gift shortly after she had won the bronze medal at the Women’s 10-metre diving event on Aug 10, making her the first Malaysian female Olympic medalist she should accept as it is our Malaysian way saluting our athletes for their accomplishments in the world stage!

In fact, the fund has no moral, legal or ethical legitimacy to make any statements on what is our internal deliberations and issues!

I am deeply saddened to read such disrespect of our customs and way of life by foreign groups with their own political agenda!

And as a consumer, environmental and human rights advocate of national and international standing, I am embarrassed that BMF has with malicious intent ventured into UN-chartered waters to ill-advice a young athlete who has just brought glory to her country!

Perhaps, the BMF is running out of issues to smear the Sarawak state government?

Perhaps, people have realized how manipulative and unethical they are?

But one thing is certain!

The self indulging and opinionated Swiss Bruno Manser Fund can learn a thing or two from this 19 year old lass who has won great admiration ad deep seated respected from all Malaysians with her simple, unassuming demeanor and her ease in handing public attention!

Has she not worked hard to serve this state recognition and award?

To vulgarly suggest she shun any awards from the Sarawak CM is indeed cruel!

My advice to the BMF is – Mind your own business!



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