Consumerist: New Scams & Cons Over The Net!



‘Dear Sir

I wish to report a recent internet scam which I just experienced this morning. I sincerely hope something can be done to stop this so that others would not get coned as well.

This morning, whilst surfing the net, a prop-up says ” every Tuesday, several people are selected to compete and if he can answer all questions correctly he stands to win an IPad and that I am one of the few lucky ones” I ignored the pop up but it was very insistent – keep popping up. I saw photos of three people who had won before and their comments.

So I then answered, I was ask to give my handphone numbers and answer the questions via SMS to 33388.

There were about ten levels of boxes. As I answered each question right, a box is ticked. When the levels were full, I realised that there were another 10 small circles on a horizontal row on top of the boxes. As I was asked each question, an sms reply to charge RM 4.00 was received. I continued to answer the questions and the top row of small circles were colour-filled in red. I thought this is the end, but the questions continued and the coloured row of small circles were replaced by another colour. This continue and the charges of RM 4.00 also continues. I must have answered about 25 – 30 questions. Meanwhile, I receive message from Celcom saying there were charges of RM 200 debited to my bill.

Then I realised I have been had. I stop answering the questions and went off the internet. But the charges keeps coming. Celcom advise that my bill has now gone up to RM 400+, RM600+ and later RM 839 etc.

I call up Celcom to immediately stop the payments/debit from SMS 33388. The operator did stop it but I was informed they cannot reverse the charges already made.

This is obviously a scam and I hope something can be done to find out the operators and to stop them or perhaps even prosecute them for coning.

Dr T. H. Lim’



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