Consumerist: Respect Earned Not Demanded!

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‘My generation of Malaysians – yes, each and every one of them, despite the years gone by, still are locked together in a relationship of oneness, a comradeship and many can learn from us!’

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Consumerist: Respect Earned Not Demanded!

My dear school mates, yes, from every race and religion, even those who have embraced a new religion, is met with admiration, respect, we chat, joke, mingle as one, despite sometimes our political differences!

But, we are all upset, at how today, we see our beloved nation being torn apart by political shenanigans and adventurers, following the precedent set by others following the same mantra of race and religious baiting which has brought them positions in political hierarchy and racist media exposure!

This cannot go on!

The world is a global village today!

Have some respect for yourself and your caring and loving parents who brought you into this world!

How can you respect any who does not respect themselves by their way of life and behavior?

How can you demand respect by breaking all the laws of the civilized world and expect respect?

How can you demand respect if you cannot address issues brought up and discussing them with rationality, dignity and decorum?

How can you demand respect if you shout and scream racist and fascist chants?

How can you demand respect if you at each and every corner threaten life and limb, at those you perceived with your own tunneled and silo vision as wrong or evil?

How can you demand respect if you at each and every utterances and action, make fabricated, frivolous and malicious reports with a rent a mob, who then put fear into other members of the civil society and constituents by thuggish and criminal behavior?

How can one demand respect if it is initiated with malicious and demeaning stances and utterances?

My generation of Malaysians – yes, each and every one of them, despite the years gone by, still are locked together in a relationship of oneness, a comradeship and many can learn from us!

We do not need slogans, we do not need seed money, hand-outs, huge contracts, we are not anyone’s “bitch”, we are all one, despite our heavy commitments, leading a simple but valued lifestyle and the best thing we have done to date is to make certain that our children follow our philosophy in life!

We meet regularly at eateries have a great time, updating each other and sharing each others successes and failures!

We are now also planning overseas trips together too!

Ours is no rocket science – just this:

1. Respect others. Because respect is a two-way street, by respecting others, you will find yourself respected. This is also known as the “Golden Rule” or the “Yellow Rule” of treating others as you wish to be treated.

2. Don’t “bad-mouth” other people. That means that if there is a problem, try addressing it directly with the person instead of talking behind their back.
See the opposing viewpoint. Trying to understand the other human’s views, or world view, even if it’s different from your own- it doesn’t mean you are agreeing with them, but
it shows respect for their opinion.

3. Respect yourself. If you do not respect yourself, others will sense this and treat you accordingly.
Take care of your appearance by being hygienic. Being poorly groomed (kurang ajar) usually sends a negative message to others about your self-worth.

4. Stand up for your beliefs. Expressing your true feelings- even when they run contrary to the social norm- shows a sense of confidence in yourself. This is difficult to do, but a human with the courage to stand apart from the crowd and think independently is often regarded with respect.

5. Do your best at every task. Even the difficult or menial ones. Establishing your competency or even mastery of a field will help others realize the value of your efforts.
Keep your word. A human who honors their promises is considered trustworthy.

6. If you cannot keep your word, gracefully communicate why you can’t.

7. Be a role model. Conduct yourself professionally, and hold yourself to high standards. After all, actions speak louder than words. And sometimes, actions can even inspire others.

8. Be the change you want to see in the world-consider volunteering. My generation got involved in holistic change and money was never the motive it was commitment and dedication! Most people wait until their retirement to consider what legacy they will build. Start making yours now.

9. Do not abuse and use race or religion, to uphold or justify what you know is wrong!

Got our drift?