In an email written to me dated January 13 which I have given a copy to Police – Satyam Tadikonda @ TVVS Swami decides to threaten me obviously upset that he is being exposed for what he really is – a womanizer, a cheat, a fake professor, a molester of an underage girl, a fake CEO, CTO, Country Manager and a human trafficker!

He stated bravely that he will return to Malaysia and challenged me to stop him!

Why should I stop him after all there are many Police Reports and reports made to Malaysian Immigration and next week at Singapore as well and they will arrest him when he tries to come in with his old passport or a new one!

Yesterday MSC/MDEC also made a Police report on him and to Malaysian Immigration!

He threatens me possibly upset that I lead the onslaught and exposure on him being a conman and resulting there are more than 9 Police reports on him and several others to be made early next week and registered at the Indian High Commission by several Malaysian, Singaporean and Indian nationals!

Meanwhile we are urging Madam Bhanulatha Inturu Indian passport Number H9437131 of Guntur AP and Hyderabad to immediately contact us as she can help Malaysian Police in their investigations!

Now let us recap you on India’s latest conman who has a history in Singapore and now in Malaysia for the wrong reasons!

His name is ‘Satyam’ which means truth and he is supposed to be a ‘Ayer’ a religious caste but this incorrigible liar and conman Casanova is anything but a truthful and religious person!

So we are continuing with that incredible story of SATYAM TADIKONDA @TVVS SWAMI  – PROF (?), IT CONSULTANT (?) OR ANOTHER INDIA’S CONMAN IN MALAYSIA?

Traveling on Indian Passport number G3950628 from Macherla AP he is initiating several cheating, fraud, misrepresentation, alleged trafficking of workers and other criminal activities that has left trail of victims all over in Malaysia!

We are really shocked at the amount of documents that we were able to retrieve, calling cards, information, CVs, false tenancy agreements, official documents applying for expat professional visas for Pakistani and Indian nationals and other pertinent information much needed for the Malaysian and Indian government officials to investigate!

He claims to be a professor , a holder of several Indian degrees and salutations and positions in Malaysia, India and the United States of America!

He presented himself as a Professor and initiated a memorandum of understanding between a Malacca based higher learning institution and Hyderabad based Vishwa Bharathi Group of Institutions!

He is very active in face book and other sites spinning on his many stories positioning himself to be virtually another ‘IT Professional” but what he really is a Casanova, a liar, a conman and cheat who needs to be investigated.

Documents retrieved state he is also the country manager in Malaysia (?) of one Elogrix Software Pvt. Ltd which is supposed to be in Kolkata, India and Salt Lake City, in the US!

We have alerted MDEC and they are now doing their investigations alerting several other authorities both here and in India so that even Interpol can put this despicable character on its radar!

They will also conduct checks with Malaysian Immigration and other authorities assisting CASSA!

Should the Indian government not immediately also monitor his movements and check on his many academic claims after all you cannot have an Indian national holding an India passport committing violations abroad which smears the good name of Mahatma Gandhi’s India?

He is alleged to have cheated several companies promising them MSC status through his claims of high powered links there and has distributed calling cards with various designations and companies of Managing Director, CTO, Manager and even the title of Professor for India’s Vishwa Bharathi Group of Institutions in Hyderabad, India and having indulged a memorandum of understanding on that pretext with an educational body in Malacca!

The latest we heard is now he is in India trying to organize a transfer of onions to Malaysia together with another two Indian nationals who go by the name of ‘Vangala Praveen Kumar Reddy’ and ‘Ganugu’ and the former is also wanted by individuals in Malacca over certain illegal collection of monies and student visa issue?

I am expected to be in Singapore to meet the Singapore authorities on the same matter as there are allegations that some individuals and companies ‘across the border’ may also have been victims of this IT conman called Satyam Tadikonda @ TVVS Swami and ‘money laundering activities’ and IF you had a  dealing or two with him you are hereby advised to contact CASSA  Hotline at 0163261700!

Below are the photographs of SATYAM TADIKONDA @ TVVS SWAMI from India who has several Police reports lodged against him in Malaysia.

LOOK OUT FOR INDIAN IT CONMAN SATYAM TADIKONDA @TVVS Swami (Photos Below) and his many faces in Malaysia!

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