You will never believe how calm, cool, collected this Macherla AP, India  born Satyam Tadikonda @ TVVS Swami, Indian Passport Number G3950628  carried himself in our less than 3 minutes of mobile phone connection before he switched off!

His performance was just academy winning where in that few minutes he attempted to state that he did no wrong and even went to great length to state another Indian born individual was the course of the entire scandal!

He showed no fear when I told him that Police reports were already made against him here in Malaysia and in India!

He never asked me how I managed to get his mobile number! But the cracks in his voice showed he was having fear and anxiety!

But He went to great lengths to place the blame on everybody else but at his doorstep!

1.   He denied ever producing numerous calling cards with major designations.

2.   He denied falsifying important documents and criminal intention misleading government officials and others to believe that he was the owner, CEO, CTO, Professor, and whatever designations he listed on that piece of paper we call ‘calling card!’

3.   He denies telling a staff at certain ‘Yayasan’ that he is charging Indian students RM15,000.00 to get into Malaysia masquerading as students and then allow them to run off!

4.   He denies preparing documentation and trafficking into Malaysia 16 Pakistanis and Indians purportedly for IT work under false and misleading documents prepared by him and charging RM15k to RM20K from them!

5.   He denies preparing false Tenancy Agreement for another Malaysian registered company positing them in I-City and manipulating that to traffic in foreigners!

6.   He denies fathering an underage Malaysian lass with a child!

7.   He denies borrowing RM15K from a MIS Director!

8.   He denies he is on the run!

Basically he was a monument of denials!

But he was cool ice cold calm all traits of serial conman who are pathological liars having indulged in it for decades having no sense or remorse at the trail of destruction they leave behind or who they hurt!

He has no remorse that he forced a Malaysian single mother of three children to borrow RM2000.00 from an Ah Long and give him for which she is paying interests after faking his love for her and abusing her trust!

He tells me he has no fear of placing his hand on his only daughter and promising that he has done no wrong when deep down he is a master conman and artist!

Nothing is sacred to this animal of greed and pure unadulterated lust!

He has no problems of playing on the religious sentiments of women while manipulating them for an eventual sexual kill!

This son of Sri Rama Murthy Tadikonda and Malleswary Tadikonda of D No 13 9 11 WARD No 26, Naravari Veedhi Bapatla, Guntur 522101 AP is a hardcore criminal and vows he will come back to Malaysia as our officials are corrupt and can be bought before the line went dead!

Attempts to get him on that same number failed on numerous occasions afterwards!

He will now certainly change his number again – another traits of a pathological liar and conman par excellence!

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