Consumerist: TBH Case – Utusan Does What It Does Best Spur Idiocy!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: TBH Case – Utusan Does What It Does Best Spur Idiocy!

Just two days after the Court of Appeal overturned a coroner’s court finding that Teoh Beng Hock had committed suicide and ordered a re-investigation, Utusan Malaysia is at it again with their flawed and warped logic that the political aide’s graft case should likewise be probed again.

For the record, the Court of Appeal had ruled that Teoh’s passing was a case of custodial death at the hands of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) and suggested the graft buster’s officers be charged with criminal negligence.

In reply as if there are no other issues in Malaysia to address – the paper in its editorial column went on to state rather stupidly that the police and MACC should also focus on the real issue, which was the allegation that a few Selangor exco members had misused public funds to which Beng Hock was a witness in its Sunday edition, Mingguan Malaysia!

My response:

This is a shameless and recalcitrant media outlet devoid of any ethics, principles,dignity,decorum or even decency! Worst, unrepentant despite losing several defamation suits continuing to do what they do best – provoking,peddling racist, religious bigotry and arguments that is devious, and smarts of perverse vulgar logic!I cannot but wonder how they can justify all these their actions before their CREATOR GOD when called to account in time?