Consumerist: Using The Murder Of Altantuya For A Political Agenda!

Dato Jacob George

‘Their political target is Najib Tun Razak and this they do to bring him down at any cost! This is not about ‘justice for Altantuya’ or public interest! This is about politics and blackmail using a dead woman as bait!’ – Dr Jacob George

Consumerist: Using The Murder Of Altantuya For A Political Agenda!

Alright, let us cut the crap of what is happening in town, where we have a ‘political circus and media trial’ being carried out despite the matter being still in court proceedings @ subjudice – in-view the appeals of the defendants!

It is been carried out by individuals who themselves were strictly not above reproach, dignity, nor decorum!

All have their vested interests some even claiming public interest?

That is hilarious of course!

Basically, allegations are that they were cheated by third parties, who promised them millions directly or indirectly through multi million ringgit projects and when those allegedly went sour – it was ‘payback time?’

And they suddenly had a ‘born again experience’ grew a conscience or even had a Genesis effect?

So, someone must be made to pay and pay, big time?

Criminal Defamation is not an option but a need and nothing short of heads rolling must suffice?

Never mind dragging the obviously murdered victim’s name around for good measure and to heighten thrill, which is despicable thrown in the Premier’s name, add on his wife’s name for added insurance, maybe the family cat (?),  throw in several other names, after all it raises high drama, interest, curiosity, intrigue, passion, suspicion and to law abiders a conviction internally to see that justice is done for the fallen!

But will it be through this module of political propaganda, spin, hearsay, town hall meetings prior to an expected General elections that justice will be achieved for Altantuya?

So far I see no photos nor recordings, any collaborating witnesses, anything new that will hasten a reopening of the case, or that will hold up in a court of law under examination, cross examination and re-examination?

No, none at all! Just allegations, more allegations, and still more allegations!

We have a ‘two man charade’ and a major political party on tow with its politicians all fiddlers on the political roof?

So now it is alleged that my dear friend political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda apparently regretted not paying the US$500,000 in commission due to slain Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribuu!

Was this mentioned during the said individuals’ witness statement during trial?


Even for argument’s sake, let us accept it as a possibility?

So what?

That is the common reaction of anyone in his place when one learns someone with whom he had a close relationship with was murdered!

That does not make him a murderer nor someone who aided, abetted and carried out that heinous crime!

In fact, that emotional feeling confirms he is innocent!

The fact is the exposure was just US$500,000 (RM1,550,750) and three air tickets to Mongolia and you are telling me that it could not be arranged in today’s political and business environment?

What with elected representatives been alleged to ‘jump ship’ for between RM3 to 5 Million?

Or did I not hear of another claiming he was offered RM5 Million to fabricate and break the law?

So with so much money out there and financial benefactors and business predators always ready to help in return for political and business favors we could not find a mere RM1,550,750.00 and three tickets to Mongolia?

Really? What, with the kind of political and financial resources available to those alleged to be involved?

Sounds rather bizarre and unintelligible?

In fact, it is stupid, plain and simple!

Someone’s reading far too many John Clancy novels?

Or lets add to the suspense with the politically planted, cultivated and mother of all lies, that she was pregnant?

So what?

I am sure IF and it’s a big IF knowing how much Razak loves children and he is no beast here either – but a loving and caring father of a young girl – there is no issue here either!

We have in this age and time something called ‘adoption’ or ‘ child maintenance’ – It could have been ‘worked out’ like many couples do in this form of ‘liaisons of the heart’ – all over the world!

So with this political funded and orchestrated drama unfolding are those been politically accused and damaged now wetting their pants or shivering in their shoes?

Are they suffering mental breakdowns and worst, seeking asylum in the West Bank, Somalia or Argentina?


The last time I checked, they are all going about with their lives, business, duties, responsibilities and doing what they can unperturbed by these financially well funded heinous conspiracy which in 3 months time will be consigned to the scrap heap making their pedlars, their financial supporters and handlers and others look pretty silly and stupid for abusing the trust of all Malaysians by using the name of a dead woman for a heinous political agenda and financial gratification?