Consumerist: Waythamoorty Advised To Adopt 1Malaysia Virtues In Nation Building!

Dato Jacob George

Consumerist: Waythamoorty Advised To Adopt 1Malaysia Virtues In Nation Building!

This is 2012 and four eventful years have passed which saw the emergence of many new issues and the eclipse of others and the arrival of new political icons among them Bersih’s Ambiga Sreenevasan and other individuals who are bent on a Malaysian society where we are moving forward as 1Malaysian community – a unity despite religious, political, racial diversity!

Recent events have shown that any attempt to address Malaysian issues from a race based approach will fail as Malaysians are fed up with the attempt of any right wing fascist approach at governance or nation building.

New politics is about addressing issues comprehensively without prejudice, without racial and religious under or overtones, profiling, stereo-typing or politically marginalizing any groups from the mainstream of development and holistic progress!

That is how our founding fathers did so and we must return to that Political SOP, reference to the nation’s fundamental and supreme Constitution to address any departures by any quarter over another on issues and protocols already addressed and agreed upon!

IF there are still issues we can and will address them in a spirit of consultation, cordiality and conference as among friends and family!

And it is in this atmosphere that Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) chairperson P Waythamoorthy is returning to Malaysia after securing his passport via the Malaysian diplomatic mission in Singapore!

It is now solely in his hands how he decides to rejoin our democratic process whether as a statesman, a facilitator for good or he joins others who take a communal and fascist stance at issues which leads to confrontation in a multi racial and multi religious country like Malaysia!

I am overjoyed for many of us who had privately worked behind the scenes that the Malaysian government had fulfilled its obligation under the law as per his request for a passport to return home!

It is entirely in Waythamoorty’s hand how he rejoins the democratic space now!

I am certain that the Malaysian government has moved forward and is not out for revenge or having any plans to arrest him as being speculated by quarters who thrive in spins, creating turmoil, fabrication and confrontation for a private personal agenda.

But Waythamoorty is expected as a Malaysian citizen like all of us to play his rightful role in society, uphold the law, the federal constitution and not threaten the delicate political equilibrium and as far as he does so I think there is nothing to fear any reprisal from the security authorities!



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