Consumerist: ‘Wild Animals’ In Human Form Attack Egyptian Churches And Christian Owned Properties!

Dato Jacob George

‘Any act of attacking places of worship of innocent minorities is vulgar, horrendous and simply unacceptable in any religious, law abiding and civilized populace! This is a barbaric act nothing more nothing less and has no place in any religion or religious creed and in today’s modern global village!’ – Dr Jacob George

Consumerist: ‘Wild Animals’ In Human Form Attack Egyptian Churches And Christian Owned Properties!

It is a fact that Christians, make up around 10 percent of Egypt’s population and they have long complained of discrimination and periodic violent attacks by extremists.

However, since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi on July 3, the number of recorded sectarian incidents has dramatically increased.

Security forces moved to violently disperse two protest camps by supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi in Cairo on Wednesday morning, setting in motion a day of deadly violence that left at least 525 people dead in clashes across the country.

Amid the violence, alleged Morsi supporters carried out on dozens of attacks on churches and Christian-owned properties throughout the country.

Mina Thabet, an activist with Christian rights group the Maspero Youth Union, told Al Jazeera on Friday that at least 32 churches had been “completely destroyed, burned or looted” in eight different governorates over the previous two days.

The group also recorded dozens of other attacks on Christian-owned shops, businesses and schools around the country.

The Anglican church of St Saviour’s in the city of Suez was one of those attacked on Wednesday.

It is stated that the church was attacked with Molotov cocktails and stones, and the car of the priest was completely destroyed!

According to Egypt’s Anglican Bishop, Mouneer Annis – Two other churches in Suez were completely burned – and the thugs looted the churches afterwards. It’s a mixture between burning and looting we are told!

According to the Bishop, it has never happened before in history that such a big number of churches were attacked on one day though there were sporadic attacks once or twice a month!

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