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Basically it is this!

The federal government can do no right and the opposition no wrong!

And that is a fallacy, myth and distortion which many of us have already exposed repeatedly.

But IF you attack the opposition – they claim you are bought already, you are a stooge, a BN dog, and other superlatives as I painfully found out!

The problem we admit is public anger on past gross mistakes of the BN and the reluctance to take morally right decisions to haul wrongdoers no matter who they are to face the legal consequences!

So the opposition is given extra leeway?

But does that also give readers and subscription holders the right to use a pseudo names and defame, libel and maliciously attack a messenger on a public forum which violates every law of the land?

Why attack the messenger rather than the message?

The answer simple – these commentators hiding under pseudo names are after all ‘attack dogs’ and cyber troopers and sometimes arm chair critics who think they know everything and only their perception is the right one is if you say the opposite, you are dammed as I found out!

I received several threats, nasty vulgar SMS attacking me personally, but there were also many more SMS and emails from communities very happy that I addressed these issues!

NONEI will now refer to one particular comment which is now a point of Police investigation – as it borders on defamation and criminal intimidation!

One ‘Raymond Tan’ had this statement on Malaysiakini comment’s column which is now a subject of possible legal action:

‘Raymond Tan 6dc Come on over to SJ & SA to find out how credible this JG is! More important how many people here knows him or have heard of CASSA! Or how many members CASSA has? Oh … this man is full of shit. BTW, why did you leave SJMC?????’


Now what did I ever do to this asshole?

Did I sleep with his wife, his daughter or run away with his mother?

Where does such hatred for me come?

And who the heck is Raymond Tan and what standing or locus has he to comment on me?

What is his beef and track record as matched with mine?

He even insinuates some form of scandal in me leaving Subang Jaya Medical Center (SJMC)!

That statement in itself shows his malicious intent to defame me and absolute stupidity!

But since he mentioned SJMC, let us discuss that allegation to show clearly that malicious intent and evil desire of this bastard to defame me!

SJMC carried out what they claimed was a ‘retrenchment exercise’ in 1999 and I was affected.

To exercise my right in law, I had lodged a complaint with the industrial court under Section 20 of the Industrial Court Act alleging constructive dismissal!

The matter went to court and in June 2011 after 12 years wait justice was served when the Court of Appeal upheld the Industrial Court decision unanimously upholding my case, vindicating me and I was compensated accordingly by SJMC!

The matter was settled!

There was no scandal as mischievously and maliciously twisted by ‘Raymond Tan!’

Now let us look at a SMS ‘presumably from a friend’ who also felt that there was nothing morally wrong with the above comment!

Strange comment from someone who claims to be a friend when a first year student of Law will state how defamatory that earlier statement is!

His SMS:

I read d post of Raymond Tan. I saw nothing defamatory. If u pursue this case it will look silly on you as u claim that CASSA is embarking on something big. Watch out for XXX who will drag out skeletons in your cupbd. Don’t be like you Hassan Ali now on a jual ubat roadshow. People are sick reading stories fr both sides. Tell us somethg we don’t know. We just want change.

My reply:

I am not surprised at yr answer. But will upload on my blog tmorrow especially yr comments on XXX and alleged skeletons. As there is none. The truth is tis is a silly threat. No beef an idle statement. I am ready. Are others? Raymond Tan will receive a notice and have the opt to ‘expose’ me. It’s easy to allege and whack ppl using psuedos and another doing it in a court of law!’

But what started this attack on me?

My exposure of rising discontent among several quarters in Penang recently and the media blitz it received!

As promised after we exposed the shortcomings of the garbage collection tenders of the Selangor state government and the story behind the theft of sand and other issues we initiated our ‘Nationwide Road Show on Zero Tolerance on Corruption’

Our studies and walkabout in Penang showed that the present Penang government placed the interests of investors above that of the people’s, and also that it does not hold adequate consultations with the public and NGOs.

I stated that the Penang government has not fulfilled the demands of Local Agenda 21, where state governments pledge to plan for sustainable development into the next century.

I stated that I will give it only less than four points out of 10 in rating!

And with whom did we mingle prior – hawkers, fishermen, bus commuters and other Penangites.

Were we picking and pitting against the opposition – certainly not!

We were in the midst of conducting road shows in all states to raise awareness among the people so that they can make “an informed choice” at the 13th general election, which may be called in June.

I shared my experience of addressing my grouses to the present incumbents and lamented that whenever NGOs questioned about the development in Penang, they will in turn be asked whether the problem was initiated by the present or previous government.

And flabbergasted I pointed out the obligation of the present administration to correct the wrongs and not to blame the previous administration!

Is Penang now a concrete jungle

We want to know whether public interests have been undermined by economic interests as it is disheartening to see those from the middle and poor classes displaced, marginalised and

I also questioned if Penang has become affordable only for the rich or foreigners, adding that the state has become a “concrete jungle” with too many high-density buildings coming up.

I stated that it was idiotic and stupid to say increasing the density would help reduce property prices. I asked for evidence whether this has really happened or whether the developer has manipulated the policy.

Our survey shows an apartment unit in Penang cost around RM300,000; a condominium unit, RM600,000 to RM800,000; landed property at about RM1.5 million; and mixed development properties at RM3 million to RM4 million.

If this remains the pattern, the ordinary people on the island will not be able to own houses or will have to go to Batu Kawan or other areas on the mainland.

I demanded to know why the state government cannot intervene to prohibit speculators from pushing up property prices.

I shared that people interviewed by us all felt their future is bleak and that they will soon ‘disappear’ from this island.

I asked does the state only listen to investors? But the amount of investment is not a parameter to evaluate the quality of life of Penangites. Penang will soon become like Hawaii or Christmas Island I stated!

Gov’t must listen to the people

In a related matter, Yes – I ticked off Lim for “insulting” Consumers Association of Penang president SM Mohamad Idris, who had questioned the state government about the lack in public consultations.

I followed up stating that the state government should adopt an open-door policy and listen more to the people, explaining that consultations do not only mean only briefing the press or certain NGOs.

That state officials should go down to the ground and meet the grassroots, adding that the the CM’s vision should match the needs of Penangites.

I spoke about Penang’s rich history of NGO presence where people fight for public interests as most NGOs had their beginnings here. However, there appears to be a group of people “trying to defeat the NGO movement.

I observed that now there is a culture of fear in Penang. However, some people have become so desperate that they complained to us in Selangor.

And when asked why I made an appearance in Penang when I head an NGO in Selangor, I stated quite rightly and legally that my work is not confined to any one state and when we receive complaints and invitations to address issues we do so!

Moreover I am a Penang born!

That is locus enough!

Politicians come and go, but NGOs continue to exist and work with the grassroots, asking pertinent questions which may offend certain quarters.

BEWARE OF IT CONMAN TVVS SWAMI@ SATYAM TADIKONDA (Photo Below) – IF you see him Alert the Malaysian Police/Immigration:


Our campaign against RACISM of all forms!

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