CONSUMERIST: Med-Negligence – Dr Azizah Says ‘Thank You JG!’

‘Medical negligence is increasing all over the world despite landmark legal sanctions and new legislation!

In Malaysia, it is no different with the number of allegations increasing.

In this case, a life was lost and the family suffers great hurt, pain and loss!

2011 Ramadan and Hari Raya will be different for a wife, her children, grandchildren and loved ones with one’s husband, father and grandfather not being able to be with them anymore!

It is truly sad!

From my over 35 years of consumer advocacy I have seen it all – and – something’s does not change – mindsets and tolerance for half measures and incompetence!

Morons and apple polishers leading and appointed for political expediency while those competent, sincere, dedicated and professional waylaid and leaving the service frustrated for greener and more level playing field elsewhere!

It is everywhere!

I have also being a victim of the same ‘prejudice, racism and bigotry!’

The brain drain continues!

There have been however sporadic breakthroughs when some have made a difference at least in this case with their no nonsense approach, zero tolerance for stupidity and lack of dedication and to these unsung heroes who addressed this complaint with professionalism and ethics, I say a great thank you!

They have requested anonymity and I give them their request!

I now pray that mindsets will change and consumer complaints will continue to be addressed with ‘speed and conviction’ like those shown by ‘our politicians passionately attacking each other!’.

There is also a need to revamp the Malaysian Medical Council!’ – Dr Jacob George  

CONSUMERIST – Medical Negligence Claim:  Dr Azizah ‘Thank You JG!’



The letter dated 2/12/10 – that started it all!

‘Dear Dr Jacob,

I am a medical doctor cum teaching staff in a teaching hospital in the country.

Recently my father passed away in Tengku Ampuan Rahimah General Hospital in Klang following an episode of upper gastrointestinal bleed secondary to bleeding esophageal varices.

In my opinion, the said condition warranted an emergency endoscopy for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. However the treating doctors kept on delaying the endoscopy which should have been done as soon as possible. As a result, my father was left bleeding to death in the ward with no active intervention.

Being a medical doctor myself, I noticed that my father was badly treated in the hospital.

I am planning to lodge a complaint with the Ministry of Health and the Malaysian Medical Council.

From your professional opinion as a Lawyer and the nation’s leading Consumer Advocate is there anything else that I can do to make sure that my complaint is taken seriously by both MOH and Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)?

I heard that MMC tends to be biased and slow in their investigations – is this true?

I wish to go public with this matter to make certain this does not happen again to another and your assistance in this matter is highly anticipated and appreciated.

I really hope to get an expert opinion from you regarding this matter.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Dr  Azizah

Immediately I alerted the then Director General Tan Sri Dato Dr Ismail Merican  and an official complaint was forwarded to the DG by the complainant and I personally!

The DG immediately set a high powered task force to investigate the claims informing the said committee and I that he wanted the full facts and nothing but the full facts no matter how bitter a pill one has to follow. There will be NO SWEEPING the issue under any carpet he told us!

Though the dedicated and no nonsense tolerating Dr Ismail Merican is no longer at the MOH I am thankful to him and the said committee and today pleased to inform that the committee has addressed the said issue and briefed the complainant and me.

The matter has been brought to a close at lest as far as this complaint is concerned!

Dr Azizah has responded with another note 30/07/2011 which says:

‘Dear Dr Jacob George,

You came to my aid unplanned and expecting nothing in return and demand.

But I want you to understand that I am thankful for your helping hand.

What more can I say, really, except Thank You for your generosity!

Thank you for your assistance, May God Bless You Always.

Take care.

Sincerely Dr Azizah & Family.’

For the record – for all my work and contribution all these 35 years, I have received nothing from any quarter, let alone from the government of Malaysia!

So what keeps me going on Dr Azizah asked?

‘It is a dangerous and thankless job you are doing’ she remarked!

I told Dr Azizah and her family that it is this kind of deep seated sincere gratitude, the smile and tears of joy that comes from hurting consumers for whom you have fought an issue that has kept me fighting on!

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